Take a look at one of the most unique and cool gloves of the year with this Marucci C-Mod glove! This glove … Its 11.75" size is designed for fast catch-and-release performance when you're going for multiple outs, and the unusually deep pocket gives you an advantage when it comes to securing the ball. Marucci Cypress Series 13.00" First Base Mitt: MFGCY39S1 Hone your defensive skills at first with this Marucci Cypress Series 13" baseball glove, specially designed for first basemen. Its Two Bar Post web provides structure and stability for holding onto screaming throws, and its deep pocket keeps balls where they should be for recording sure outs. Bat Digest 42,514 views Marucci Cypress Series 11.75" Baseball Glove: MFGCY54A4 Bring a superior glove to the infield with this Marucci Cypress Series baseball glove. 2020 Marucci Cat USA Bat Review: Exit Speeds, Cage Side Hitting and Comparisons - Duration: 8:21.

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