The Mighty-Mite was developed by Mid-America Research Corp., but was perfected and produced by American Motors from 1959-63. Otherwise complete. M422 & M422a1 Mighty Mites for sale... Do you have a mighty mite for sale? COLLECTORS NOTE: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN USMC HISTORY THEY HAD A SAY IN SPECIALIZED VEHICLE DESIGN WHICH CULMINATED IN THE "MIGHTY-"MITE. MB GPW Engine; MB GPW Clutch; ... MB GPW Brakes; MB GPW Wheels; MB GPW Steering; MB GPW Frame; MB GPW Springs Shocks; MB GPW Body and Misc; CJ2A Parts. Engine does not run. The AMC Mighty Mite also had available for it deep-water fording equipment. Shipping available anywhere for additional cost CJ2A Engine; CJ2A Clutch; CJ2A Fuel; CJ2A Exhaust; CJ2A Cooling; CJ2A Electrical; CJ2A Transmission ... On Sale Now: $29.50. Contact me for more info/pictures on any vehicles on this page For Sale. Covers for Jeep. in.) 09:00 am October 28, 2014. 08:59 am March 12, 2011. Back . Tag: M422 Mighty Mite. Best Selling in Other Parts. The M422 had a tiny 65-inch (1,700 mm) wheelbase. 11/7/19 1961 AMC Mighty Mite M422a1 Serial Number 1354 Located in Idaho, USA. $15.50. Shop NowCategory. That engine was sufficient to enable the AMC M422 to achieve 65mph highway speed although its military rating was for 55mph. The initial 1,250 were the 107-inch-long M422, like this example for sale in our classifieds, while the rest were M422A1s—a virtually identical variant that was 6 inches longer … Early windshieldThe storage behind the seats is complete and unmodified. this may be a good place to post a few pictures. Mike McNessor Author. The aluminum air cooled engine was a AMC AV-108-4 V4 1.8 liter (107.8 cu. Military vehicles Hemmings Find of the Day - 1962 M-422 Mighty Mite Daniel Strohl Author. MB GPW Parts. unit developing 52 bhp and 90 lb/ft of torque. Mighty Mites are relatively rare today, since only 3,922 were reportedly built. M422 Mighty Mite. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. The first Mighty Mites to have the 71" wheelbase were an experimental model fashioned from an M422. HMN blog Hemmings Find of the Day - 1961 AMC M422 Mighty Mite Daniel Strohl Author. item 8 Access Panel for Rear fender Fits AMC Mighty Mite M422 M422A1 jeep 8 - Access Panel for Rear fender Fits AMC Mighty Mite M422 M422A1 jeep. After production of 1,045 units, the Mighty Mite evolved into the M422A1, six inches (152 mm) longer in both wheelbase and length, and 80 pounds (36 kg) heavier. The M422 was designed for the U.S. Marine Corps to fill the requirement of a small, lightweight, low profile, highly maneuverable vehicle.What the Marines got was a vehicle that did just that, and gave incredible off-road performance as well. Complete Engines for Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

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