Find and watch live or prerecorded tournaments, read and watch guides to improve your play, and peruse your character's frame data to learn more.For those not familiar with the competitive Super Smash Bros scene, diving in can be tough. I already used your Ultimate Frame Data web page. This website contains in-depth frame data for Super Smash Bros. Melee and is made by Joel Schumacher based on framedata JSON files generated by meleeFrameDataExtractor.The design is somewhat inspired by the move pages on SmashWiki.. ‎The ultimate Super Smash Bros companion app, whether you play casually or competitively, Ultimate or Melee. When are tournaments happening? LOVE this app. I only work on it in my free time and the server it runs on doesn't cost much to keep running. melee-framedata is a website with in-depth frame data for Super Smash Bros. Melee, inspired by the move pages on SmashWiki and based on framedata JSON files generated by meleeFrameDataExtractor This app makes it really simple to keep track of all your competitive games in SSBM. It says that the active frames are 4-5, which can't be right, I thought it was active pretty much all the way through til the end, even after his legs pull back towards his body. Cookies help us deliver our services. If you're at all familiar with Ultimate Frame Data, this is basically the same thing but for Melee. Nice clean interface, good info, cheers for this! As far as I know, there was no other resource out there that had all of Melee's frame data compiled like Ultimate Frame Data does, so I decided to make one. After choosing one of the game's 26 playable characters, you can select any one of his or her smashes, aerials, attacks, or specials to analyze. Active Frames 9-23. Enjoy!!! Do you have any sort of fund? Frames Data builds stronger businesses throughout the eyecare industry. Our services help improve communication between buyers and sellers of eyecare products, strengthening relationships and contributing to a growing, successful marketplace. A competitive Melee focused extension of the reddit Super Smash Brothers community. Who are these players? this is awesome, good work, This is awesome, I'll be using this for reference. Frame by frame works well for me on mobile, provides shieldstun info (would be nice if it included hitlag as well but that's much easier to calculate yourself). ¡La red social más grande solamente para los amantes de SMASH! Shield Stun Frames 200.0 % Base Damage Notes - percent damage is max damage game & watch can do. This app makes it really simple to keep track of all your competitive games in SSBM. Sorry everyone for the long pause!! Home; Ultimate; Smash 4; Rivals of Aether; Melee; Glossary; OWO WHATS THIS? A notes app for competitive Smash Ultimate players. Frames Data provides standardized product information and imagery that power dozens of software applications, supply-chain and ERP systems, and mobile apps. This is awesome. For fashion enthusiasts looking to draw inspiration from others' outfits. A Super Smash Bros. Fan’s World - New Friends, Polls, News & Chat! Franchise. 17.0 / 11.0 % Base Damage. I’d love to see new features added soon so that the app can grow into more of the community. Brand New Melee Frame Data Web App. However as I also follow ultimate the app is a bit lacking. 49 Total Frames. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to me on twitter. I don't have anything like that set up and I'll most likely keep it that way (keeping it online doesn't cost a whole lot). Store, organise and view your entire card collection in one place with TCG Hub. Access now the biggest competitive trainers database and build up your strategy!

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