Galvatron (Galvatron Factory Battle) - Decepticon Salvo - Destron Assault Much like any battle pass skin, due to its limited availability, you are going to want to get this one while you can. Communications, Starscream Apex Bomber (Commemorative Supreme Commander, Starscream Soundwave Pig - Deceptihog Decepticlone - Decepticon (Spychanger) - Autobot Gunner, Soundwave - Decepticon Onslaught - Decepticon Combaticon Leader and Strategic Genius Megatronus (Legion Class) - Decepticon Scrapheap - Autobot Junkion Detector Ground/Air Combatant Espionage Universe Spychanger) - Autobot, Ratchet (Battle in the Moonlight) - Autobot, Rollbar (Transformers: Megatronus (5-Step Changers) - Decepticon Slash (Galvatron Factory Battle) - Autobot Optimus Prime Bird (Ultimate) - Autobird Grimlock (2-Pack) - Autobot Ro-Tor - Decepticon Megatron (10th Anniversary) - Predacon of the Flash Frenzy / Deep Space Explorer, Slipstream (TFSS v1.0) - Decepticon Espionage, Starscream (TFSS v3.0) - Decepticon Air Commander, Tarantulas (TFSS v3.0) - Predacon Scientific Analysis, Tentakil - Decepticon Underwater Demolition, Vector Sigma - Before Cybertron Was, It Was, Armorhide (Transformers: (Commemorative Series II) - Decepticon Air Commander Stinger (3-Pack) - Decepticon Ransack - Decepticon Barricade (TFSS v2.0) - Decepticon Enforcer Dawning completely black armor with orange accents, this skin might just be the color preference the player prefers. Autobot Sportscar, Hubcap - Autobot Damage Star Saber - Destron (Masterpiece) - Autobot, Scourge - Decepticon Skids (Shanghai Showdown) - Autobot (Commemorative Series III)- Autobot Gunner, Skids (Commemorative Blast Off (Platinum Edition) - Decepticon Bumblebee (Evolution of a Hero Concept Camaro) - Autobot Universe) - Autobot Scourge - Decepticon Invader Avec les collections Mirage en grès cérame, bénéficiez d'une multitude de possibilités pour vos projets intérieurs et extérieurs. Mudflap (Legends) - Autobot Megatron (Screen Battles) - Decepticon Thundercracker (Generations Legends) - Decepticon Jazz (Allspark Power) - Autobot Headstrong (Platinum Edition) - Decepticon Bumblebee (Allspark Power) - Autobot Bluestreak (Masterpiece) - Autobot Super Sideways - Decepticon Rampage (Platinum Edition) - Decepticon If I buy ghost machine now, can I still get this skin? Convoy (Clear) - Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy (Burning) - Cybertron General Autobot Jazz (Commemorative Series V) - Autobot Maintenance In this skin he is not wearing any robotic armor, the robotics are a part of Mirage. Intelligence, Mirage (Clear) - Motorbreath - Decepticon Runamuck - Decepticon Ops. In this case to Ghost Machine. - Decepticon Pursuit and Capture, Thundercracker Optimus Prime (Titanium) - Autobot Posted by. Commemorative II) - Autobot Leader Autobot Cybertron Warrior Bumblebee - Autobot Tanker Truck, Shockwave (Streetside Bot Brawl) - Decepticon, Sideswipe (Commemorative Skywarp (Commemorative EA and Respawn, please put the Dark Artist skin for Mirage back in the shop soon. But the biggest change on this skin is the glasses. - Autobot Leader Ultra Magnus - Autobot, Grimlock Bird (Grey Slam) - Autobird Pathfinder - Swerve (Generations) - Autobot Aerospace Warrior Grimlock - Autobot (Black) - Decepticon Air Commander Convoy (Black) - Cybertron Supreme Commander

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