Assign the students to small groups of two or three, and then give them a particular listening activity to accomplish. Pedagogy as a science has existed in ancient Greece yet, so teachers have been refining teaching methods for not one century already. Keywords: Teaching techniques, university, education, evolution 1 INTRODUCTION The current method of teaching has succumbed to some tremendous changes in the past 100 years, which makes us reconsider the model of teaching and the typology of the classroom, among others, as well as how to reproduce and display … Self-learning: Curiosity is the main driver of learning. It is an application of scientific knowledge in industrial methods (Deacon 2011). The student centered approach is a teaching method where both the teacher and the student play active roles in the learning process. Consequently, teachers are to keep up with all the novelties including innovative methods of teaching and development of new skills. Of course, it is impossible to gather learners of the same type in one class, but a teacher can take this fact into account presenting information. With the development of society, teaching methods have been also changing. Moreover, without some additional knowledge of psychology or methodology, for example, you will not be able to cope with teaching at all. Telling Method (Lecture method, storytelling method, discussion method, etc) Activity method (Project method, problems solving method, etc.) Using this innovative method, students get the most of schooling and inspiration for further development. Several centuries ago only those people could become teachers, who could prove a deep knowledge of the certain subject. All students were given a questionnaire related to constructivist learning theory and participatory teaching methods. The main goal of a teacher-centered method is to teach and … 4 Lecture, demonstration, discussion, questions, and cooperative learning 50 UNIT. ... are as well motivated to operate modern teaching equipment like the microcomputer, the overhead … Modern Methods Of Teaching Chemistry. This software is a service application that helps collaborating from email inboxes. Download it Modern Methods Of Teaching Chemistry books also available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi Format for read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Of course, there are numerous arguments about advantages and disadvantages of various devices in education, but still, their benefit makes them useful for the lessons. Each student will percept his amount of new information, while the others will have a chance to repeat what they have already learned. The teacher is one of the most difficult professions as their representatives can’t lose interest as without constant engagement it is impossible to perform your work efficiently. When deciding what teaching method to use, a teacher needs to consider students’ background, knowledge, environment, and learning goals. Social Networking. Henson (2008) states, that ^strategies represent a complex approach to teaching which often contains a mixture of teaching methods, utilizing a number of techniques with each method _ •Language teaching methodology, or teaching in this sense, is a set of methods based on the same Even the tiniest details from the surrounding world can draw students’ attention and then it is much easier to hold it during the lesson if you accompany rules with funny life examples, isn’t it? Modern teachers prefer such new methods as: 1. One effective and nonthreatening way for students to develop stronger listening skills is through interpersonal activities, such as mock interviews and storytelling. Contextual learning They enhance the learning system making it developed and contemporary. Modern Teaching Techniques educate children well and make them understand clearly. Visual Method (Textbook method, demonstration method, etc.) The old-fashioned way of teaching was all about recitation, for example students would sit in silence, while one student after another would take it in turns to recite the lesson, until each one had been called up… In our project we studied some of these methods, for example problem – based learning, didactic games, methods “how to express the idea with a pencil“(mind maps, tasks), … The modern school has little in common with traditional lectures that were considered the main kind of lesson in the past. Unit Plans 21. For example, there is a powerful software tool called Hiver. They cannot be active and participate in the lesson, ask questions as they are passive listeners. Formulating the statement in a completely different way teacher shows his students how they can benefit from the content of the lesson and as a result students’ desire to listen to the teacher increases.

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