It seems like an obvious and simple place to start; if you’re looking to move to the West Country, do you know exactly what it is you’re looking for? This is really just to give us a starting point to begin our research, as we are pretty clueless to be honest! “If the live scene exists next year, we could do a special show to celebrate it in some way. A lot of them said they couldn’t get it, so I’m wondering if we should just make a bunch more. PS – We’d keep the flat, no question, and rent first before using some of the equity to possibly buy a house down there. Best 10 Devon Removals Reviews 2020 . We live in East Devon because it is cheaper than Exeter, not as cheap as North Devon but more convenient for us. Contact Us Chat with other parents about travelling with children to short-haul destinations, and get their recommendations for family-friendly holidays, hotels, apartments and villas. Beer and Sidmouth are also nice, and also about 30mins from Exeter, lovely beaches and comfortably within your budget. My main question is, do you have any advice on whereabouts in Devon would fit our criteria? NEWSLETTER Service stations and laybys on the M5 and A30 were full with caravans, as tourists dashed to the coast. I live in Tavistock and commute across the moors to Totnes. This page has been designed to provide updated information, guidance and advice with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Muse have never done that in the 20-odd years we’ve been going.”, Muse’s Matt Bellamy. Meant to say earlier -Where are you thinking? If you are happy to / can afford a commute, then you are pretty much midway between Plymouth and Exeter, 20mins drive from Totnes or Newton Abbott and ABLE TO RIDE FROM THE DOOR TO RAD MOORLAND TRAILS. I do drive so would be willing to travel to work. We had (and still have) relatively little, but my children have grown up around mountains and rivers, in a place where crime barely happens, with superb schools and good friends. I don't live in Devon, but have recently moved to Cornwall with my family. For example, you need a four-bedroom house, something with a little land and open space for the kids, something that’s rural, but still has local amenities and facilities on your doorstep. They bought a 3 bed house in Braunton and a holiday bungalow in woolacombe which they let out. Thanks, yes, I was hoping someone would say this. But, as well as … Have you given thought as to what you’re looking to achieve from your land, the scale on which you’re looking to do that, and also whether you currently have the knowledge to implement your ideas? MPs will vote on these measures later this week. (At the risk of being too honest) I’d stand to earn +-40k and having spoken to recruitment consultants in the area that’s reasonable/good for the role. as a resident of west devon, its not cheap cheap but I’m guessing its cheaper than surrey. :lol: Nin80hmf Keyword: Username: Filter: Page: 1. Its the start of that South Hams weekend home bubble. The problem is simply that the salary is 10k less than my current, and we just break even at the moment. So not a no brainer at all. It is quite close to Exeter, so good for jobs. It has a few primary schools and a secondary school. Log in Register . Is there anyone on here who’s made a similar move? Our hand isn’t being forced, and we have the luxury of choice – but it’s crippling. However, having said that, if you can balance the books and aren’t too fused about proximity to airports, big city facilities etc, then I think you’d generally live a better lifestyle, although personally I don’t think we’d go back.

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