[ADA Stds. Specialties: A Forbes Travel Guide 4-star hotel, Mt. Three courses are included for $62 per person (exclusive of tax & gratuity), as well as fresh juice, soft drinks and coffee, and your choice of champagne, mimosa, wine or beer. 4.21.6], k. Is the gap between the wall and the inside face of each grab bar exactly 1 1/2" to accommodate persons with disabilities who rest their forearms on the bars for stabilization so the arm cannot accidentally pass between the grab bar and wall especially if a fall occurs? Is there an adjustable height hand-held shower wand with at least a 60" long hose provided so persons who bathe from a seated position may wash and rinse with the directional spray? 4.8.4], c. are the exterior ramps at least 36" wide between the two handrails to allow for convenient wheelchair travel? 9.1.3], C. Are the proper number of the following elements provided for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing in each accessible guestroom/suite, each accessible guestroom/suite required to have a roll-in shower and each additional room for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing required in table 9.1.3: [ADA Stds. [ADA Stds. [ADA Stds. [ADA Standards 4.21.3], c. Is there a 36" wide by 48" long clear floor space directly outside the shower for persons who use wheelchairs to approach and use the shower as shown in Figure 35(a) above? : slopes tilting side to side) less than 1:50 (critical dimension of ´" or less) so persons who use wheelchairs can conveniently negotiate the routes? without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist? an "area of rescue assistance" linked to the primary entry by intercom) at each required exit (i.e. 4.9], ...are all stair treads the same depth (at least 11" deep), measured riser to riser, to prevent tripping hazards for persons with disabilities? ...the lobby and the public and employee restrooms? 4.4.2], E. Elevators - If the facility has more than 2 stories, including any basement levels, is there a full size passenger elevator serving each level of the hotel, including the basement for persons with disabilities who cannot use stairs? B. 4.23.8;4.20.2], 2. usable with one hand, without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist, since many persons with disabilities may not have high manual dexterity or use of both hands? 4.1.3(5)]. Book two nights and receive your third night complimentary. [ADA Stds. [ADA Stds. 5.1], B. [ADA Stds. [28 CFR 36.302(a)], 14. 4.1.3(17)]. Staying here gives you a feeling of what it was like to be a member of the Wrigley family. [ADA Stds. Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees. [ADA Stds. We were provided with all the free drinks, cookies, snacks...we could want. Visual notification device for door knocks and phone calls (Cannot be same strobe as the fire alarm strobe unit)? [ADA Stds. 4.22.4]. 4.21.8], i. 4.5.4]. 4.3.7; 4.8], ...are the interior ramps at least 36" wide between the two handrails to allow for convenient wheelchair travel? [ADA Stds. [ADA Stds. 4.13.7], D. Is each accessible toilet centered 18" from the adjacent side wall, which is the distance that will permit a person with a mobility impairment to use the grab bars? [ADA Stds. The former home of William Wrigley Jr. and his wife Ada, this unique retreat offers six en suite guest rooms, each beautifully appointed to reflect the elegance and charm of a … 4.1.3(16); 4.30.5], A. 4.21.5], f. Is there a horizontal grab bar on the wall alongside the shower seat (but not behind the shower seat) for stabilization and to aid in transfer from a wheelchair to the folding shower seat as shown in Figure 37(a) below? You’ll be treated like royalty in this Forbes Travel Guide 4-star property, which offers six en suite guest rooms, each beautifully appointed to reflect a bygone era. : in the direction of travel) that are no greater than 1:20 (1 1/4" critical dimension or less)? [ADA Stds. [ADA Stds. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Catalina’s only Forbes Travel Guide 4-star hotel, Mt Ada commands the best views in Avalon from its majestic perch high above the bay. : diagonal or side approaches)? 4.10.13], ...are all of the elevators equipped with audible tones/bells or verbal annunciators that designate the direction of the elevator called - one tone for "up" and two tones for "down"? Are there two horizontal grab bars (one high/one low) along the side of the tub that are at least 24" long for stabilization and aid in transfer from a wheelchair to the fixed tub seat - see Figure 34 below? ), D. Have the required accessible guestrooms been distributed among the various types of rooms, such as those listed below, to provide persons with disabilities the same or similar choice as other persons... [ADA Stds. 4.7.3], 5. Cookies are used for measurement and optimization. : levers, wrist blades, single arm, etc.) D. Are the food, drink, condiments and tableware dispensers (juice, coffee, cereal units, condiments, forks, knives, etc.) Visual smoke alarm device, if audible smoke alarms are provided in the guestrooms? (Note: accessible rooms with roll-in showers must be provided in addition to standard accessible guestrooms/suites.) [ADA Stds. J. 4.22.6; 4.19.2], ... drains and hot water pipes that are insulated or otherwise configured to protect against contact? [ADA Stds. Ada was for my birthday and we just loved it. Our room had an amazing view of the ocean and harbor with sunshine morning to night. [ADA Stds. [28 CFR 36.303], 11. 4.16.2; 4.17.3], E. Does each accessible toilet have a horizontal grab bar on the adjacent side wall that is at least 40" long and between 33"-36" above the floor for stabilization and assistance during transfer from a wheelchair? 7.2], A. : levers, wrist blades, single arm, etc.) [ADA Stds. The bedroom was Mr. Wrigley’s and has a fireplace, queen bed, large writing desk, full bath and overlooks the former site of Cubs Spring Traning facility in Avalon Canyon. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. [28 CFR 36.302], 2. 4.23.8; 4.20.4], ADA Stds. Are fire-safety information, maximum room rate information, telephone and television information cards, guest services guides, restaurant menus, room service menus, and all other printed materials provided for use by guests also available in alternate formats so that blind persons and persons with low vision can read them? [ADA Stds. Susie, Michael, and their staff were wonderful, they made you feel like family!! : installing bathtub seats, lowering adjustable shower wands, placing folding seats in transfer showers in the down position, installing auxiliary fire alarm strobes into the building alarm system, activating the television's closed captioning system)? 4.17.3], K. If there are more than 5 stalls in any restroom, is there one stall in addition to the large accessible stall, that is 36" wide, has 2 parallel grab bars at 33"-36" off the floor and has an out-swinging door for persons with mobility impairments who can walk? [28 CFR 36.302], 4. 9.1.4], F. Do all entry doors to accessible guestrooms and other interior doors (except doors on shallow closets) allow at least 32" of clear passage width to accommodate persons who use wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers?

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