j. Colourless gas with rotten egg smell is evolved. A combination reaction is the reverse of a decomposition reaction. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. during a reaction, it is said to be oxidised. observations, ii. The substance gains hydrogen or loses oxygen during a reaction, it is said to be …, 5. PRACTICE PAPERClass XCHEMISTRY  (2020)  CHEMICAL REACTIONS & EQUATION, ___________________________________________________________________________________, 1. Name the chemical phenomenon responsible for this process. Give balanced chemical equations for the change. The balanced chemical equation is as follows : 2Pb(NO3)2 + heat = 2PbO+4NO2+O ( also an example of THERMAL DECOMPOSITION reaction.) If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. state one example giving a balanced chemical equation for the reaction? Answer the following questions on the basis of observations made by the student: Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction involved. Why respiration considered an exothermic reaction? of electrons. Grapes hanging on the plant do not ferment, but after being plucked from the plant can be fermented. Name the salts that are used in black and white photography. d. During a chemical reaction, there is a breaking of bonds between atoms of the reacting molecules to give …….... e. A ……….. reactive element displaces less reactive element from its aqueous salt solution. (i) Write a balanced chemical equation of the reaction involved. Write the chemical name of one of the products obtained. (c) Balance the following chemical equation. • ZnO + C → Zn + CO. A decomposition reaction required energy in the form of heat or electricity. When food containing fat or oil is not used and left for a long time they smell and taste changes. (iii) On adding dilute hydrochloric acid to the reaction mixture, white precipitate disappears. chemical reaction can be observed with the help of any of the following (j) A colourless gas which on coming in contact with air, forms a reddish-brown gas. Give the characteristics test for the following gases, What happens when zinc granules are treated with a dilute solution of H. On adding a drop of Barium Chloride solution to an aqueous solution of sodium sulphate, a white precipitate is obtained. (ii) Sodium Nitrite and Ammonium Chloride. aluminium exposure to air, gets coated with a protective layer of, A I. Aqueous solution of sodium sulphate and barium Chloride reacts as follows :ZnSO. Ans . hydrogen is known as an reducing agent. Copyright © 2019 Sawaal.com | All Rights Reserved. Corrosion in case of Iron is known as …..….. k. When iron reacts with oxygen and moisture forms a red substance called …….... l. Layer of ……………. What is redox reaction? Define the type of chemical reactions taking place. Why? I. In (a) Why do you apply Paint on Iron articles? A substance X which is an oxide of a group 2 element, is used intensively in the cement industry. Identify endothermic or exothermic reactions. , name the type of reaction and write the balanced chemical equation. Pb(NO3)2 + KI2 -> PbI2 + KNO3. (b) What is the colour of the precipitate? I. (b)Translate the above statement into a chemical equation. Write a chemical equation. State two observation which helps us to determine that a chemical reaction has taken place. Also, give a balanced chemical equation for the reaction stating the states of the reactions and the products formed. When is a chemical reaction categorized precipitation reaction? Thermal decomposition of a substance with cracking sound is called decrepitation. hand side with a minus sign between them. Answer (i) Alkalis reacts with ammonium salts on heating to liberate ammonia gas. (ii) Dissolution of sodium hydroxide in water. protects the aluminium metal from further corrosion and damage. Aqueous (2)A yellow Solid Residue of lead oxide(PbO)remains in the test tube. Citric acid. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Identify in the following reaction, the substance oxidised and the substance reduced. Describe an activity to show a decomposition reaction in which light is used to decompose reactants. (i) zinc metal is added to copper sulphate solution. is called a chemical equation. A brown substance X on heating in the air forms a substance Y. List 4 observations that help us to determine whether a chemical reaction has taken place: What is meant by a precipitation reaction? Identify the type of chemical reactions from the following equations: Displacement reaction, Combination. Under what conditions do these grapes ferment? Write the name of brown coloured gas that evolves when lead nitrate crystals are heated in a dry test tube. takes place. f. In reductio reaction addition of ………. d. If heat is evolved during a reaction, then such a State the reason, aluminum is more reactive than iron, yet its corrosion is less that of iron. c. The reactants are written on the right a. 2. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. 2g of Lead Nitrate powder is taken in a boiling tube. • On heating which of the following substances i.e. solution of two ionic compounds react by exchange of their ions is called. Write one chemical equation each for this reaction. (a) What is an oxidation and reduction reaction? is heated in the absence of air? If a aluminium exposure to air, gets coated with a protective layer of, 7. State the meaning of oxidation in a chemical reaction. reaction is known as endothermic reaction. (a) name the substances X and Y. which reactions, addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen or loss of electron View Answer Write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions: (a) Dilute sulphuric acid reacts with Aluminium powder. (ii) Chlorine gas is passed in an aqueous potassium iodide solution. g.  An acid and a base react together to form ……….and ……….. h. An oxidising agent gets ………. Class 9: Solution of Is Matter Around Us Pure? In the following. or gain of electrons takes place. (ii) Write a balanced chemical equation when X is dissolved in water. Is the burning of a candle wax a physical change or chemical change? Why should the magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air? The symbolic representation of a chemical reaction b. Write two observations that you will make when an iron nail is kept in an aqueous solution of copper sulphate. reaction in which two or more reactants combine to form a single product is Which species is a conjugate acid of OH- ? Write a balanced chemical equation for a chemical combination reaction. Write the balanced chemical equations and complete the following reaction and identify the type of reaction. When takes place. Identify the substance oxidized and the substance reduced in the reaction. 4. How can this black coating be converted into brown copper? C a (O H) 2 + 2 N H 4 C l → C a C l 2 + 2 N H 3 + H 2 O (ii) When sodium nitrite reats with ammonium chloride nitrogen gas is liberated. Differentiate between a combination reaction and a decomposition reaction. Name the process which is responsible for this change. Write the skeletal equation for the following reactions. MnO, CLASS 12 PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS OF PHYSICS. (a) Hydrogen sulphide reacts with Sulpher dioxide to form Sulpher and water. This element is present in bones also.

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