National Flower of Sri Lanka; Right to Information Act - Contact details ; Clean Air 2025; Environment and Social Management Framework-ESMF of GCF funded project on Strengthening Climate Resilience of Subsistence Farmers and Agricultural Plantation Communities residing in the vulnerable river-basins, watershed areas and downstream of the Knuckles Mountain Range Catchment of Sri Lanka There are three types of Authentic Water Lilies in Sri Lanka such as Olu, the Nil Manel and the Nelum. Similar Images . There is a yellow … Refine. General Knowledge MCQs. 2581 0 > 0 Likes Like Add Commments 2581 Views Uploaded on November 1st, 2016. In year 2016, the national flower had been officially announced as the Water Lily, more commonly known as the Manel flower. It's believed that … Water Lily is the National flower of Sri Lanka. Similar Images . Today, we are going to talk in detail about The National Flower of Sri … Image Preview. The Nil Manel (Nymphaea stellata) Blue Water Lily was chosen as the national flower of Sri Lanka in February 1986. (2008). It is known as the lotus of love, compassion, … National Science Foundation, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. However, a whole-genome molecular study rather show that Sri Lankan junglefowl and grey junglefowl are … Sign in to join mission. It belongs to Nymphaeaceae family, which consists of 70 species that is divided with 8 genera. Travel Destinations. Several other symbols do not have official acknowledgment as national symbols but are considered national symbols at the local level. Add to Likebox #89988444 - Water lily in a beautiful flowerpot in a luxury house in the.. It is believed that roar of a lion can heard from a distance of even 8 KMs. The beautiful water lily was declared the national flower of Sri Lanka on the 26 th of February 1986. The Blue Water Lily of exquisite beauty is a common sight throughout the island. Tags. Results per Page. Flora and Fauna in Sri Lanka. & J. There are large number of flowers in Sri Lanka. Sort Results by. Scientific name of Water Lily is Nymphaea nouchali. . The national symbols of Sri Lanka are the national anthem, flag, emblem, flower, tree, bird, butterfly, gemstone and sport. Petals arranged like a star and the flat round waterproof leaves are bright green. Mcq Added by: Rashid Mehmood. National flower of Sri Lanka - Nil manel ( Blue Lotus) Next Photo Previous. The national animal of Sri Lanka is the king of jungle lion. It features a golden lion in the center, surrounded by petals of gold representing the Blue Lotus flower. The Sri Lankan junglefowl (Gallus lafayettii), also known as the Ceylon junglefowl, is a member of the Galliformes bird order which is endemic to Sri Lanka, where it is the national bird.It is closely related to the red junglefowl (G. gallus), the wild junglefowl from which the chicken was domesticated. The Sri Lanka flag is also known as the Lion flag because of the Lion on it. The national bird of Srilanka is Ceylon Jungle fowl born free and roaming free in scrub jungles of primarily the central, southern and eastern parts the island, the Ceylon Junglefowl (Gallus lafayettii), commonly known as Wali Kukula in Sinhalese, has a reputation for resilience. National Flower Nil Manel or blue water lily or Nymphaea stellata. Colombo Photo: Lotus flower, the national flower of Sri Lanka Filter photos by All (50399) Photos (50380) Videos (19) Hotels (64) Attractions (3750) Sporting Events (4) Views (307) Landmarks (212) Restaurants / Food (27) Other (35584) The flower is connected to the Buddhist culture too. Sri Lankans authority selected the Blue water lily … This beautiful flower grows abundantly in many parts of the island. Coat of Arms: The national emblem of Sri Lanka was adopted in 1972. Tweet. 7. Sri Lanka’s national animal, Lion, the “King of Jungle” is distinctive among cats as they live together in brawny social groups. National Flower of Sri Lanka . The declaration of a national butterfly is aimed at raising public concern on butterfly conservation. They roar to notify off interlopers. Birds There is a crimson background with four leaves in each corner. de Vlas, J. It is firmly identified with the red junglefowl (G. gallus), the wild junglefowl from which the chicken was tamed. Back Page of 19 Next. National Tree NA (iron wood) or (Mesua Ferrea) This rain forest tree grows to about 30 m high and indigenous to the lower wet Zone of Sri Lanka. Similar Images . Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Found all the part of Sri Lanka and grows in the shallow water. #101037263 - Sri Lanka national flowers - the white Wathusudu Flower or Jasmin.. Dilan Chathuranga. Pinterest. Previous article Famous News Agencies in Hindi – देश और उनकी समाचार एजेंसी. This flower is regarded as a symbol of truth, discipline and purity. Add to Likebox #115990072 - Hand Drawn Symbols Of Sri Lanka. For instance white lotus flowers are said to represent a state of spiritual perfection and total mental purification while the red lotus signifies the original nature and purity of heart. More than 2000 years ago, in the 3rd century BC, a region in north central Sri Lanka was set aside by royal decree to be free of all hunting. 15. The arrogance is made up of 5-15 allied females with cubs along single male. They represent the country and its people within Sri Lanka and abroad as well as traditions, culture, history and geography.

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