Services for the Self-Service Portal (SSP) feature are disabled by default on AHV hosts on which the Controller VM has less than 24 GB of memory. Hopefully, today you have learned something new and interesting topic. How to Kill Nutanix Stuck, Hung Task via Command, How to Re-configure Nutanix CVM Memory in Nutanix AHV Cluster through Command Line, How Nutanix Protects from Bit-rot Data silent corruption, Nutanix Cluster Software Upgrade Order – Best Practice, Nutanix BIOS Uncorrectable Memory Errors Solution, Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol – Explained, Nutanix Frame Supported Browsers, Devices, How to Get Nutanix Block Node Serial Number, VMware vSphere 7 Released with Exciting New Features – You Should Know, Nutanix CMDlet Powershell Commands Cheat sheet, Nutanix Metro Availability Troubleshooting. nutanix@cvm$ acli In this post, we are going to see about the steps involved in shutdown and start-up of Nutanix Cluster. Ensure that the “Data resiliency” status of the target cluster is normal and there is no active critical alerts present. Shut down the User VMs present in Nutanix provided Datastore. root@ahv# virsh start cvm_name. 3 node cluster, 2 of the nodes upgraded however the 3rd node is stuck on "Enter Maintenance Mode"/Moving VMs. therefore it is recommended to upgrade Nutanix NCC and LCM framework version to latest available version. Wait for 5 Minutes to boot-up the Nutanix CVM and services. NTNX-12AM2K470031-D-CVM running. Now you can bring down all the CVMs associated to that cluster from vSphere client (or) webclient gracefully [Using Shutdown guest option]. Read also: Nutanix Prism web console is slow, not working, hanging issues troubleshooting. Attempted an upgrade to 2018.05.01 last night. You can check the same by running the command “. OR Step 4.2: You can put your host in maintenance mode and then reboot node. OR Step 4.2 : You can put your host in maintenance mode and then reboot node, Read more: Enable Nutanix CVM, AHV Maintenance mode, Read more: How to Shutdown / Reboot Nutanix AHV Host and Nutanix CVM. Once all the CVMs brought up, log in to any one of them via SSH. Sorry, we're still checking this file's contents to make sure it's safe to download. Nutanix cluster / CVM services are down like CIM, Acropolis, apols, genesis, Cassandra, Prism, LCM, SSP service.. Power-ON the CVMs, wait for some time to complete boot-up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In general, we will not be in a scenario very often to bring down Nutanix Cluster. Resolution: Need to restart the Nutanix Console services on the host, which is Prism leader. For vSphere, you have to shutdown the controller VM temporarily to put the host in maintenance mode. root# virsh start Wait for 5 Minutes to boot-up the Nutanix CVM and services. It means xx.xx.xx.10 CVM is the Prism Leader. Make sure DNS server is reachable before putting DNS IP address / host name. Power-ON the CVMs, wait for some time to complete boot-up. Step to Step troubleshooting. At this point it’s still an active part of the Nutanix storage cluster. Resolution: To resolve SSP: Enabling Self-Service Portal Services – Need to enable the SSP service on all Nutanix CVM. Resolution: check the Nutanix CVM / Cluster services status and restart them. Once the host is removed from vCenter, take it out of maintenance mode and power the CVM back on, then wait for the cluster to hit steady state again before you proceed. Replace cvm_name with the name of the Controller VM that you found from the preceding command. Note: Above command will not impact your production running VMs. I always have USB … ( Log Out /  Let’s troubleshoot the common Nutanix cluster / CVM services down issues to resolve it and turn Nutanix cluster / CVM health back to green. Post executing the above command, ensure all the services came up by running the command “. Ensure all the services came down except Zeus and Scavenger in all the CVMs post executing above command. Maybe isn't configured at that time. Now you can place the ESXi hosts in maintenance mode. ( Log Out /  All the Nutanix provided datastores will come back accessible to ESXi hosts, now you can power-on the required User VMs. Step 1: check the Nutanix CVM Memory allocation that must be at least 24 GB or greater would be fine.

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