Business Spanish and Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam Preparation, Habría jugado en el partido de fútbol si no me. Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish: Explained For Beginners, Lo in Spanish: 5 Different Meanings for 5 Different Scenarios, Si Clauses in Spanish: 5 minute Guide to The Hypothetical. Our handy Language Resources section is here to help! * Keep in mind from the lesson on the imperfect subjunctive that there are two sets of conjugations, which means that the past perfect subjunctive also has two sets of conjugations. Si _____ _____ , no estaríamos preocupados por el exámen, (If we had studied, we would not be worried about the exam), Nos _____ _____ a la playa contigo, pero  teníamos que trabajar, (We would have gone to the beach with you, but we had to work), Me _____ _____  probar esa torta de chocolate, ( I would have liked to taste that chocolate cake), (What would you have done differently in your life?). The subjunctive mood is used when the speaker wants to indicate uncertainty. After that, it’s just $149/mo for unlimited one-on-one tutoring. imperfect subjunctive of haber + past participle. Verb Conjugation in Spanish Pluperfect Subjunctive To conjugate verbs in the pluperfect subjunctive, we use imperfect subjunctive forms of the verb haber + past pasrticiple. More specifically, the past perfect subjunctive is used when we want to speak about regrets or hindsight, in relation to an action that should have been done – but never was. "If" Clauses. Me hubiera/hubiese gustado probar esa torta de chocolate. Need a review of the other perfect tenses? The past perfect subjunctive Spanish or pluperfect subjunctive (el pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo) is a mood that us native speakers use to talk about hypothetical situations that are related to the past. 7. Learn more here. Si (yo - … It was possible that he had arrived late – Era posible que él, You wouldn’t have so many problems if you had told the truth – No tendrías tantos problemas si, I don’t think you would have traveled with me last year – No creo que, If I had had a million dollars, I would have bought that mansion last year – Si. The past perfect subjunctive is commonly used to talk about past hypotheticals, conditionals, and past actions preceding other past actions. No creo que hubieras/hubieses hecho algo así, 9. The past perfect subjunctive, or pluperfect subjunctive (el pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo), is used to talk about hypothetical situations in the past, past conditionals, and past actions that preceded other past actions. ), _____ _____  reservar con tiempo una mesa en el restaurante, (You could have set aside a table in the restaurant in time), (I do not think you would have done something like that), Yo hubiera ido al concierto, pero no tenía dinero, (I would have gone to the concert, but I had no money). ¿Qué hubieras/hubieses hecho diferente en tu vida? Test your understanding of the Past Perfect Subjunctive by adding the correct conjugation to the below sentences. I wish I had studied more – Ojalá hubiera / hubiese estudiado más. © 2015-2020 BaseLang®, LLC. This is what you’ll login in with. Yo hubiera/hubiese ido al concierto, pero no tenía dinero, 10. The past perfect is used along with the simple past or imperfect to talk about a past action that preceded a second past action. In English, this construction would translate to something along the lines of "If this had happened, then that would have happened ". Si no te hubieras/hubieses graduado de veterinaria, ¿qué estarías haciendo? The good news is that both mean the exact same thing, and so you use them interchangeably without changing the meaning. Once you use this haber conjugation, simply add the past participle of the action verb. Zero to conversational in a month. Construction: You could be talking to a teacher in just 5 minutes! All rights reserved. An example might help: The Spanish past perfect subjunctive is a compound verb that combines the imperfect subjunctive of the helping verb haber with the past participle of the main verb. Si hubiéramos/hubiésemos estudiado, no estaríamos preocupados por el exámen, 3. The imperfect subjunctive of haber can be conjugated in two different ways.

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