Distance Between Patiala and Ludhiana Punjab is . It departs from Patiala railway station(PTA) at 23:57 and arrives at Patiala railway station(LDH) at 02:47, covering the distance in just 1 day 2 hrs 50 mins .While looking for an early morning train from Patiala to Ludhiana, you can choose to travel via Amritsar exp. Shortest Rail Distance: 111 km. Several buses from PEPSU now operate in the northern states like Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh etc. It also hosts a Centralized Database of Indian Railways Trains & Stations, and provides crowd-sourced IRCTC Train Enquiry Services. flight distance = 51 miles The straight line distance between Ludhiana and Patiala is 119 kilometers. This functionality provides specific road driving map displaying route from Patiala to Ludhiana Punjab for any given city/town within the region of India. Calculating the travel time to Ludhiana is as important as knowing how to get there. It covers total distance of 111 kilometer in 02h 23m. So take a look at the ixigo trip planner finds the best modes of transport for your Patiala to Ludhiana trip. Patiala to Ludhiana by Car. You can also use our real-time Patiala to Ludhiana Punjab timing. This page displays the distance of Patiala, Punjab - India to Ludhiana, Punjab - India.Here you will meet the distance in km and in miles, straight-line distance and travel time. The full form of PEPSU is Patiala and East Punjab States Union and their bus services came into the picture in the year 1956 connecting all the princely states of the Punjab area. See the distance between Ludhiana and Patiala with map locating shortest roads and directions from Ludhiana to Patiala. India Rail Info is a Busy Junction for Travellers & Rail Enthusiasts. Get the distance of Ludhiana from Patiala by road in km. Patiala - Delhi ISBT Airport (T3) Service You may take small halts whenever you feel to further add to the comfort of your journey. New services on the routes Faridkot - Delhi, Faridkot - Chandigarh, Ludhiana - Delhi have been added, please book your seat in advance for a hassle free journey. The distance from Patiala to Ludhiana is about 92 km and takes around 1.3 hours by cab. This is equivalent to 83 kilometers or 45 nautical miles.. Distance from Patiala, India to Ludhiana, India. Simply put in Patiala and Ludhiana Punjab into the respective text box given, and click to the 'Show Direction’ button. Or maybe you'd like to see a more detailed driving directions map? Ludhiana Patiala Trains: As listed in above table there are total 2 direct trains between LUDHIANA JN (LDH) and PATIALA (PTA). One is available which provides satellite imagery on the road map from Patiala to Ludhiana. See the chart which displays detailed distance from Patiala to Ludhiana. Take Patiala to Ludhiana cabs for a hassle-free trip and to have maximum enjoyment during the journey. Its arrival time at PATIALA is 06:28. Your trip begins in Patiala… The total driving distance from Patiala, India to Ludhiana, India is 74 miles or 119 kilometers.. The distance by car is 119 km. Departure time of 14502 JAT-BTI EXPRESS at LUDHIANA JN is 04:05. Get driving directions from Ludhiana to Patiala. Can still browse the map from Patiala to Ludhiana. Origin City: Patiala Destination City: Ludhiana Punjab Travel Time From Patiala to Ludhiana Punjab is Driving Direction From Patiala to Ludhiana Punjab is The total straight line flight distance from Patiala, India to Ludhiana, India is 51 miles..

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