The soft medium and soft broad are quite smooth and enjoyable to write with, though the line variation is less noticeable on these nib sizes than the finer nibs. Q: Namiki presents contented and sophisticated Red Falcon writing instrument with semi-flexible 14-karat gold nib. In stock and usually ships within 1 to 3 business days. For the collector and connoisseur, Namiki is a revelation. Close. That’s just happened to me. PILOT FALCON: The Falcon is a classic fountain pen that features a resin barrel, your choice of gold or rhodium-plated accents, & a … Try posting the cap and holding it further back if necessary. Refillable with either a cartridge or the Pilot CON-50 converter. And, in the spirit of a ‘sketcher’s view’, here is a comparison of the lines you get from this pen compared to something you might know, the Sakura Micron 01 and 05. Send an electronic gift card by email to a fellow pen junkie! Ever since I started sketching I’ve dreamed of owning a Namiki Falcon. JetPens is accepting and shipping orders. Page 1/1. The nib yield smoothly to the user's writing pressure and angle … Pen Type: It produces nice variation in line thicknesses depending on how heavy of light you push down. Resin fountain pens with a soft 14kt gold nib and cartridge/converter filler. Pilot Falcon Fountain Pens. Elegant gift box included. Have you ever had a dream for a long time and then, when the dream is realized, things aren’t what you dreamed them to be? Extra Fine . |ct_1318|ct_214|ct_2561|ct_3958|ct_2661|ct_4000|ct_1673|. Categories: Art, Pen & Paper, Sketching - Tags: Pilot/Namiki Falcon, Platinum Carbon Black. The nib on this pen even produces a finer line than the Pilot Falcon or Custom 74 soft-fine. The soft-fine has quite a lot of line variation, as well, with a noticeably smoother feel than the soft extra-fine so it's ideal as an 'everyday' pen. Wet & smooth. This is a more simple view of the pen – a sketcher’s view. If you'd like an elegant pen with a custom, soft-nib expereience; you can purchase the Pilot Custom 912 Fountain Pen along with the specific nib you like (Extra Fine, Falcon, or Soft Fine). Pilot Namiki Falcon Collection Fountain Pen, Black with Gold Accents, Soft Fine Nib (60152) 4.3 out of 5 stars 305. ... SEF (Soft Extra-Fine), SF (Soft Fine) and SM (Soft Medium). Fantastic pen! At this point I’ve done a dozen sketches with the pen and I like it very much. Fountain Pen. The pen feels lightweight in the hand, and has a very precise writing The Falcon has a lacquered steel barrel and a 14-Karat gold rhodium-plated nib, available in 4 nib sizes: soft extra fine, soft fine, soft medium and … The screw-on cap has the typical Pilot insert that helps keep the nib wet and evaporation down. PILOT Falcon Elabo Resin Fountain Pen - Black ... $110.00 USD $120.00 USD 8% off Buy Now-- SPECIAL PRICE -- PILOT Custom Heritage 91 New Design Fountain Pen - … The Pilot Falcon comes with a 14 carat gold rhodium plated nib. It’s a  small thing but not insignificant. $152.00. Tack on some shipping and the investment is significant. Now, to that “sketcher’s view.”  People who evaluate pens for writing generally look at extra fine nibs and react with ‘it’s scratchy’, because their fine tips tend to be during the upstroke while writing cursively. This is why I’m thrilled with this pen. If anything, it's grown. It posts well and the pen is very light and balanced when posted. Let me start with why it’s taken so long for me to get one of these pens. This test was done with Platinum Carbon Black on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper (cold-pressed). Includes a converter, one blue ink cartridge, and a black gift box. Stroke Width. Pilot Falcon Collection Fountain Pen, Red with Rhodium Accents, Blue Ink, Soft Extra Fine Nib (71620) 4.3 out of 5 stars 55. Pilot Falcon nibs range from soft extra-fine to soft broad, allowing for a wonderfully gentle writing experience. I’ve already shown you several here and here. It comes in a gift box, with the unique Pilot Converter-70 inside the pen and a black IC-50 ink cartridge. A couple secondary things I like about this pen. I mention this because the opposite is true with my TWSBI Mini, which is also filled with PCB. through three of them. Pilot Falcon flexible nib fountain pen in gloss black lacquer over steel, with rhodium-plated 14K gold nib and rhodium-plated trim. 111. Suits Pilot IC-50 ink cartridges. It is most famous for its 14k gold soft nib, which provides line variation when you change your writing pressure. When writing Western calligraphy and cursive, we recommend writing slowly with this pen to prevent skipping. Now I do, but now it’s called a Pilot Falcon. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. w/ 14K Soft Fine Nib - for Parts - Please read entire description below! At first, I didn't really "get" the appeal, but having used both the soft-fine and soft extra-fine, I thoroughly enjoy using them now. This item comes with a 1-year warranty from Pilot Corporation of America. The springiness in the nib produces the right amount of feedback that any and all skill levels will appreciate. The only problem is that they are easy to lose -- I've gone 17062円 万年筆 ペン 筆記具 文房具・オフィス用品 Extra Fine Nib Black Rhodium - Pilot Namiki Falcon Collection Fountain Pen with Accents Soft 60740 For the valued client, friend or family member, it will be the gift of a lifetime. The Pilot Falcon is one of very few fountain pens I can whole-heartedly recommend to people looking to spend more than $100. $152.00. Details. The Soft Fine nib on the Namiki Falcon fountain pen is definitely smoother than the extra fine. The second reason is that, until recently, you could not get this pen with an extra-fine nib. It is available as a fountain pen with a 14 karat gold nib in soft extra fine, fine, medium or broad. "Yes" indicates that this pen can be converted into an eyedropper pen, which is filled by putting ink directly into the barrel. Mmmm, I’m drooling. Black resin, rhodium trim, 14K soft fine nib . Skip to content. Thanks for the sketcher’s review! The Elabo is imported by JetPens, but you can expect it to look like and perform like a Falcon. Notes: When writing Western calligraphy and cursive, we recommend writing slowly with this pen to prevent skipping. Pilot Elabo Fountain Pen - Black - Soft Extra Fine Nib, Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen - White Ink, Platinum Carbon Pen Ink Cartridge - Pack of 4 - Black, TRAVELER'S COMPANY TRAVELER'S notebook Refill 005 - Regular Size - Free Daily Planner Grid. T he Pilot Falcon is presented in an elegant gift box . I really enjoy using these nibs. Most fountain pen reviews are about how it writes, not how it draws. The Falcon comes with the Pilot Con-70 push button converter, and optional Pilot cartridge The major strength of this writing instrument is its nib – an extraordinary softness. Fine nibs from the western brands like, Montblanc (extra-fine), Pelikan (fine), Waterman (fine), and Sheaffer (fine), are all as broad, or broader, than a Japanese medium, or even broad nib, like that of the medium-fine Sailor 1911S. Pilot Falcon. Very informative. The Pilot (Namiki) Falcon Soft Fine is a fantastic drawing pen. Platinum Carbon Black ink doesn’t stick to the sides of the CON-50 converter in this pen, allowing me to see how much ink is left. This is not a review of the Falcon. It borders on being too bumpy for fine nib fountain pens. It's in the same ranks as Pilot Falcon nibs range from soft extra-fine to soft broad, allowing for a gentle hand that yields excellent results. Soft Medium Nib. It features a 14k soft nib reminiscent of vintage nibs that are capable of a slight flex. Its soft, semi-flexible "hooded" design is notably dependable and reduces railroading. Rhodium-plated 14k gold soft extra fine nib that creates moderate line variation with changes in writing pressure. There are plenty of those, a very good one is by Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens but there are others on YouTube.

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