Larvae feed from late June to early August. Hymenoptera Symphyta. These larvae will lift their abdomen off the plant in a group as a defensive posture when disturbed. Strategy 2: Mechanical Control, Egg Removal - If the needles containing overwintered eggs can be found before they hatch, they can be pulled off the plants and destroyed. They may also dig tunnels or form pupal chambers throughout the oak. Female sawflies emit a sex pheromone that helps the male locate females for mating purposes. The adults emerge in late August through September to mate and lay eggs. Strategy 6: General Insecticide Spraying This sawfly rarely infests large acreages unless controls have not been used for several seasons. The first instar larvae (the ones hatching from the egg) can only eat the needle surface which causes the needles to turn brown and wilt, appearing straw-like. The caterpillar-like larvae are grayish-green and have a light stripe down the back, a light stripe along each side followed by a dark green stripe. Colonies can also be knocked off by sharply striking the infested branch. Appearance What Do They Look Like? They feed on older mature leaves, leaving the emerging needle alone. These usually work well when the sawfly larvae are small and thorough coverage of the colony can be achieved. The European pine sawfly, Neodiprion sertifer (Geoffroy), is the most common sawfly found infesting pines in landscapes, ornamental nurseries and Christmas tree plantations. The larvae hatch after a few weeks and feed in groups on the needles. Crush the larvae or knock into a pail of soapy water. Strategy 3: Mechanical Control - Colonies of larvae can be easily removed by clipping off the infested branch. Copyright 2020, Sign up for our newsletter to receive special offers and promotions. Life cycle: Adult females lay eggs in needles in the spring. Pine sawfly adults are active in spring and the females lay eggs in slits they make with an egg laying organ (ovipositer) in the needles. Management. The larvae feed in groups or colonies, often with three or four feeding together on a single needle. Large populations of species such as the pine sawfly can cause substantial damage to economic forestry, while others such as the iris sawfly are major pests in horticulture. The egg laying scars can also be seen by inspecting the needles in late winter. As the larvae grow, they remain together and feed from the tip of a needle to the base. Rodents often eat the pupae in the soil. Larvae will often migrate to new trees if the needles on their current host have been devoured. Strategy 5: Spot Sprays of Insecticides - Many aerosol or hose end sprayable insecticides are available for spraying of colonies. Information provided by Colorado State University Extension Service, USA: 1051 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY 14206, All Prices in USD. It feeds on mugo pines as well as many other pines. Care for your own trees with our 3-step do-it-yourself maintenance kit. Sawfly larvae look like caterpillars but they are the larvae of primitive wasp-like insects. That is, all the old needles are missing and only the current year's needles are present. However it readily attacks Scotch, red, Jack, and Japanese pines. The larvae feed on older foliage and move from branch to branch as they strip the needles. The introduced pine sawfly (Diprion similis) larva is about an inch in length, yellowish green with two black stripes down the back with mottled sides, and a black head. See Bulletin 504 for a list of currently registered insecticides. Sawflies can be controlled through the use of insecticides, natural predators and parasites, or mechanical methods.

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