EHX Micro Pog — any better alternatives? POG/POG2 are top of the heap. It's the standard for sure and Kurt Rosenwinkel certainly has no problem getting great tones with it, but I know some people find it to sound artificial or doesn't track as well as it could, sounds like it's sitting on top of the tone and not a part of it, etc. Artificial sound and imperfect tracking are things that are true of every pitch shifter out there, unfortunately. Bonus, it's such a well-loved pedal that you can pick one up cheapish and move it on if you don't like it very easily. But, for my ears, the POGs are the best for my clean octaves. With the phone app, you can toggle through a bunch of artist pre-sets, they all sound killer and really different from one another. 15th September 2011 #2. JavaScript is disabled. And I don't think anyone can seriously say that the Klones aren't a real alternative if they're being objective. I’ve never had a POG, but I’ve been highly satisfied with my Walrus Luminary. Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Sim. The one I have actually belongs to a buddy who left it at my place a while back. They have a cool glitchy quality to them if you're into that. Any recommendations for alternatives? I've heard you can put a compressor before it to get longer sustains, but I haven't tried that. It does not sound exactly like the POG, but it still tacks very well and sounds very nice. The POG can do it, especially with controlled detuning - or even make it sound like an 18 string. What bridges the gap between a Strat and a Les Paul. Aber, gerade Spielereien mit dem POG und den Positionen sind sehr toll, mit Gainpedalen vor und danach. Pitchfork would be my choice for sure. First the Micro, then the even smaller Nano POG brought the core POG tones to those with less pedalboard space, or indeed those that were simply after the bread-and-butter octave modes. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. Thank you. This is "the" guitar FX plugin if you're looking for an all-in-one I tend to use pedals, myself. There's a latency effect that allows the modulated signal to sort of bloom after the clean effect, and when you crank that effect up with swells and some reverb, IMO it … Vll gewinnt gubjek nächste Woche im Lotto und kauft sich einfach sogar zwei "uni-bässe"! It's simple to use with great sound quality. T Rex Quint is pretty cool and sounds really good to me. The pedal's "Choir" control is the key to getting the big, room-filling, organ tones coming out of your guitar amp. 225 € 81 . In the box usually I'm … Jetzt kennt er viele Meinungen und alternativen. 212 € 12 . This 2 Octaves Up + 2 Octaves down pedal is another POG competitor - this time with dials really rather than sliders. Easily generate the sound of a drawbar organ. Electro Harmonix Micro POG. There's a billion SD1, TS9 and Klon clones. 5 Alternate Chord Voicings for Electric Guitar ... 6 unexpected tones from a POG 2 - Duration: 7:13. Das kann man aber auch lösen, wenn ein TS oder ähnliches nach dem Epitome an ist musst du einfach den Holy Grail aus lassen. Sounds like digital pitch shifting just might not be your thing. 185 € 71 . The EHX pedals have their faults but in my experience they still have the best tracking, particularly polyphonically, and the sound is on par with the Digitech Whammy range which as far as I'm concerned is the only peer to the POG/HOG/Pitch Fork family. pintspiller Frets: 918 . Edit: Thank you for the recommendations so far! 210 € 42 . Compose Your Own Worship Electric Guitar Parts - … Press J to jump to the feed. It tracks better than any other pedal I've ever used, the Boss PS-5, Digitech Whammy Pedals, everything." For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any recommendations are welcome! Kiwi. On the one hand I like how the Micro Pog has a distinct sound, but on the other hand I want something that sounds a bit more organic. One of them might do, depending on what you want the POG2 to do - EHX pitchfork, digitech droptune or mosaic, maybe another I can't recall at the moment. The place for all things related to guitar pedals. Check out some YT vids of this thing in action, I think it might surprise and delight you. I've got a pitch fork that works pretty well, can't mix the low and high independently though. Sub'n"Up Mini with a good homemade Toneprint. TC Sub 'n Up tracks perfectly and with USB connection you can eq before and after the processing, AND apply modulation, distortion, delay (i think) to your octave down, up and/or dry signal. 7:13 . To open the full video playlist in YouTube, click here. I have a POG2 and for me it’s still the king. 1 Review written. With the POG2 you get some additional functionality which is nice (but you may not need). The microsynth sounds good, but the biggest problem with it is that it cuts your signal if you hold notes for longer than like 3 seconds. It is a fun pedal and I like the way it sounds, but I can't see myself spending the kind of money it goes for and not being able to do longer sustains, especially running it into a fuzz. Maybe it’s just the way I have everything gain-staged right now, but it seems related to the pedal. It's a little bit expensive, but it has a Pog as well as some other pitch shifting options. What sounds are you trying to achieve? Make your guitar sound like a bass guitar. Specifically, POG/POG 2 alternatives. Pitch Fork, too, if you'd rather have more interval options than control over individual levels. For years I’ve used the EHX Micro Pog, went without it for a few years, and just got one again a couple weeks ago. Now that I’m playing it with a fresh ear, I’m on the fence about it; it sounds too bright and synthy coming after the overdrive, but sounds too boxy and stale coming before it. Cheaper alternative to: Buying several pedals on our best reverb pedals post since it can be an emulation of all of them Video Video related to mooer mbd2 blues mood overdrive effects pedal … The EQD Organizer is great for swells. I am looking to make some simple keyboard sounds thicker and more interesting sounding. I’ll check all these out. Does anyone know if there is a plugin that achieves similar effects to the Electro Harmonix POG pedal? There's not many actual alternatives to the POG. I feel like its such a major flaw and I still can't believe they produced that pedal knowing it had that problem. question more than anything else I have ever owned. I have a POG2 and the low-pass filter helps tame that digital "shrill" quality a little bit. The Pitchfork tracks about as well as the Micro Pog, sounds better (in my opinion, might depend what you are going for) and does more than just octaves. The POG is another one right now, now that EHX has sued those that have used the algorithms. Boss, Mr. Black, Eventide all have a jittery, shuddering sound. My son ran into Rev. A bunch of smaller, simpler, cheaper octave/pitch pedals hit the market recently. Something much wilder, but the Meris Hedra seems like the king daddy of pedal pitch shifters. 194 € 53 . Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder. The Hont 24,248 views. To suggest a video, send email to: From the Blog . Alternatives like the EHX Pitchfork or Digitech Ricochet are pretty much in the same neighborhood The Boss PS-series pitch shifters and harmonist models usually offer clean octave sounds and harmonies with other options like delay, chorus and maybe an expression input. 255 € Matthews Effects The Chemist v2 Modulator. Electro Harmonix Nano POG. Electro Harmonix Microsynth. Joe Satriani talks about the EHX POG. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Es gibt auch noch von Tortuga super Fuzz/ Zerr Pedale. Registered User . Share Quote. ;), I mean there’s always the whammy family but they sound more digital to my ears, I like the pitchfork the best, it does everything the nano pog can do except for having both octaves at different volume levels at the same time, It’s also got a momentary option so you can use it like a whammy or in the middle of riffs.

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