I let it simmer for about an hour while my brown rice cooked. Thank you!! Instead of tomato paste I used some ketchup and replaced coconut sugar with a little brown sugar. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Janice! Thanks so much amazing, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Diane. Loved it. Such a hit with my family! I’ve cooked it with eggs, next time I will do it with chickpeas, I can already imagine how nice it will be. It sounds super simple to make and have all the ingredients in my pantry right now :) From the name, I thought it would be more complicated – but I need to make room in my weekly meal plan for this <3. Served atop cooked farro. We’re glad you and your husband enjoyed it! Family friendly, it makes an easy vegetarian dinner recipe or a wonderful addition to your next weekend brunch with friends. I love shakshuka, and this turned out much better than my typical recipe! I left out the cayenne so our toddler could eat it and added it to my own dish. Will make again for sure ❤️ I did add a little extra of each spicy to give it more kick and put in two full cans of chickpeas since, well, what am I going to do with one half can of chickpeas? Hi, I haven’t made this dish yet, but I would like to kknow how you went about making it with eggs? Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! Everyone I make it for absolutely loves it, even if they are not vegan. This recipe is amazing. Comfort food, but healthy. I don’t like excessively sweet foods and used 2/3 of the amount of sweetener called for (I used date syrup since I don’t use sugar) and next time I think I’ll cut back to 1/2 the recommended sweetener. Might give away the rest of the dish as these particular flavors didn’t work for my palette. The tomato was the most pronounced, but it wasn’t overpowerung. We have a lot of curries etc that use the same spices, so I’m always surprised when I put almost the same ingredients in but get a totally different flavour. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Nicola! Even if I ate eggs, I think I’d prefer the soft-tofu. Family of 4 (some of us omni) & everyone loved it – even my 9 & 12 yr old. He thought we could do without the sugar and the cinnamon. Minimalist Baker is the BOMB! But, this made it very spicy. I usually make a chickpea dish with sautéed onions , fresh chopped tomatoes, chickpeas, salt and pepper and about 5 cans of water. I just finished making it, and I’m having it for dinner, and all I can think of is, if it tastes this good now, how amazing will it be tomorrow?? Thanks for your phenomenal recipes! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Super-unbelievably-speedy, smoky, sweet and delicious. This was 5 stars for me and my daughter. Our Carb Conscious recipes have 42g or less of net carbohydrates (total carbohydrates minus dietary fiber) per serving, a 25% reduction in net carbs compared to the average Blue Apron recipe served in 2019. Doubled all of the spices (including the garlic) and added them with the onions and peppers. We have been trying to reduce our consumption of meat products for both health and environment issues. This passed the boyfriend test who said it was “really good” and scraped his bowl clean. I just can’t get enough. Made the recipe as written except to include both kalmata and green olives. This dish is A-MAZING. That looks absolutely amazing! Thanks so much! Spicy and warm, my taste buds are singing!! We had it over rice but then ran out of rice so we put it in a pita bread. It was super yummy! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. I subbed cannellini beans and mushrooms for the chickpeas, and it turned out great!! Added double the chickpeas and a whole green capsicum. I usually make chickpea curry but wanted to try something else with chickpeas and this did not disappoint! :). I toyed with the spices as suggested and the flavor profile was rich and complex. When I was an omnivore, never liked the taste of sugar with flesh. I’ve also extended the recipe by using two cans of chickpeas, a large can of crushed tomatoes, two whole peppers, and a whole lot more olives too. It had an oddly sweet taste. This was delicious and easy to put together. The 600 calorie cap equates to 30% of total 2000 calories per day based on 3 meals per day with 200 calories remaining for snack or beverage. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Katie! Thanks. I worked at Medina for over 2 years ‘Proud moment’ I picked up so many great ideas working there. I let the ingredients cook down until the water is almost gone. I didn’t blend mine to keep this chickpea ‘crunchiness’. Let us know how it goes! I have never heard of this recipe….and initially i felt overwhelmed by the amount of cinnamon.. Add the onion and garlic and cook, stirring, until softened, about 5 minutes. Great idea for making it vegan! Thank you for posting it. So lovely! I used one can each of drained and rinsed chickpeas and one of red kidney beans. I enjoy the bit of texture. I had it with a brown rice mix, but I’ll have it with pasta to see if it taste any better. Didn’t have an onion so I used some onion powder and it still turned out great! I went through all your entrees, favoriting what sounded good to me (I’ve been vegan for about 3 months, so don’t yet have a repertoire of recipes established). Using the back of a spoon, create 4 to 6 evenly spaced wells for the eggs, then carefully crack 1 egg into each, keeping the yolks intact. I don’t like olives so I put them on the Super easy and satisfying recipe, thank you! This recipe is simple and amazing. If you are a sensitive palate however, stay away from the harissa and stick to the basic flavors of the tomato sauce, playing with softer spices such as paprika and cumin. This was easy to make and so satisfying! Served it with rice and a lemony spinach salad. This was very flavorful! I used 2/3 the amount of date syrup in place of the recommended sugar. I usually cook Indian and Thai food… loved using the Cardamon and Cinnamon and other spices. I’m cooking this right now, and it’s amazing. It was another hit for us. After cooking squeezed in the juice of half a lemon and a handful of chopped cilantro. Added some mushrooms and carrots too. Six 500ml bottles arrive at your door every month. THAT SHAKSHUKA WAS AMAZING!!!! Made this for dinner last night – incredible!!!! To manage your Blue Apron membership, 2. The egg was nice but not necessary. Was delicious! To learn more about WW™ visit our partner’s website at WW.com. Easy and inexpensive to make. Medium dice the potatoes. I was generous with all the spices. Thanks so much! Add the chickpeas and spice blend; season with salt and pepper. : ) This recipe was so flavorful and easy too! This was SO delicious and exactly the flavour profile of the shakshouka’s I’ve had in the Middle East. Thanks! This may be the the tastiest chickpea recipe I’ve ever made. Have a question? Whoop! Both my husband and I make this at home, we take it to gatherings, and we serve it to company. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Really Delish!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I made the Shakshuka and to my surprise my son did not like it. Loved the texture of the chickpeas. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Gizem! I to decided to follow your recipe, reducing the amount of chilli (which I love, but I have two toddlers, so it could be a bit too much). I made it spicier and added more beans to make it heartier and to up the protein factor. These recipes showcase a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, as well as lean proteins and moderate portions of dairy. A tasty, warm, satisfying and delightfully simple dinner to make. I served it over quinoa and I thought that went really well together. Glad I doubled the recipe :) Thanks so much :). Wash and dry the fresh produce. Side. I added som sriracha, because I love it, and extra Kalamata olives. I made several modifications based on the other reviews and what I had on hand. Will making this again! The chickpeas were a welcome substitute for eggs.

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