Magnates Magnetes. Christ's gathering of the saints together unto him will be at his second coming, his coming to judgment, the general and final judgment. Read Psalm 47:9 commentary using The Treasury of David. 8.) For the shields of the earth belong unto God. Where do these people get their good spirits? Note; (1.) And let all, whether parents or children, remember that, like other shields, the shield of a happy Christian home is in the hand of God. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. 2nd, If this moment we begin the song, and ceaseless continue it through the days of eternity, we cannot shew forth all the Redeemer's praise; yet the attempt is gratitude, and the service our bounden duty. Often for the saints’ sake. The version of the liturgy is, The princes of the people are joined to the people of the God of Abraham. Especially if the grandees of the earth become religious, and draw on others by their example and liberality? BibliographyExell, Joseph S. "Commentary on "Psalms 47:9". Bishop Reynolds. They that lay hold of the promise by faith, "They that are of the faith, are the children of Abraham" Galatians 3:7 , that have the same spirit of faith that Abraham had. 1801-1803. So the Gentiles, which worshipped stones, and therefore were "like unto them" Psalms 115:1-18 , were notwithstanding raised up to be children to Abraham. "All kings shall bow down before him." the people of the God of Abraham, i.e. Gray.). Oh, glorious vision of a coming era! The words “are gathered together” may refer either to a voluntary or an involuntary assembling; meaning either that they came in chains as prisoners of war, subdued by the arms of the people of God, and thus rendering an involuntary tribute to their power and their religion; or that they came in a voluntary manner, and submitted themselves, acknowledging the God of Israel to be the true God. They are provocatives to temper, impatience, rashness, and sinful pique. The pagan princes flock together to be received among the people Yahweh (Hebrew #3068). BibliographyCalvin, John. “The shield of faith.” Faith gives quietness. The image is that of the assemblage of great numbers of foriegn princes and nobles as furnishing either a voluntary or involuntary acknowledgment of the fact that the God of Abraham was the true God, and that the people of Israel were his people. https: "Commentary on Psalms 47:9". The princes of the people — The heads of the tribes; even the people of the God of Abraham — With all the people that worship him, who promised to give this country unto Abraham; are gathered together — Are assembled at their solemn feasts, without any fear of invasion from their foreign neighbours; for the shields of the earth belong unto God — For God (to attend whose service they have left their own houses unguarded) hath undertaken their protection; and he is infinitely superior to all other gods, who pretend to be the defenders of the earth. It might be matter of national joy, when the ark, restored from obscurity, was carried in grand procession to the tabernacle of David; but this is an universal burst of praise; earth rings with the glory of the ascending Saviour, while angels catch the mighty joy, and, opening their shining ranks, receive with a shout of triumph the returning conqueror, who leads captivity captive. How could any one have thought that we should have been permitted to dedicate this temple under the patronage of the king of Persia? All principalities and powers must be subject unto Jehovah and his Christ, for He is greatly exalted. First, touching the God of Abraham, it is Christ, whose day Abraham desired to see, and in seeing whereof he did so much rejoice John 8:1-59 ; that is, not only the day of his birth, which he saw, as we learn by the oath which he caused his servant to take Genesis 24:1-67 but also the day of his passion, which he saw long ago, and rejoiced in seeing it, when he said to his son Isaac in the mount, "The Lord will provide a sacrifice." A shield is an honourable weapon, none more: taking away of shields was a sign of victory; preserving them a sign of glory. These centres and heads of civil power are in the hands and at the disposal of God, and when they submit the people will follow. The word rendered “princes” means, willing minded, free, voluntary, and hence nobles, princes. II. Lay your unclean finger upon soft and unfinished porcelain, and it will take the impress of your defiling touch. The text is better. They who believe the promises, cannot but rejoice in hope. "Commentary on Psalms 47:9". https: The Psalmist enriches and amplifies by various expressions the preceding sentence. (Heb. Even the people of the God of Abraham. In the first place, we learn from it, that all who would be reckoned among the children of God ought to seek to have a place in the Church, and to join themselves to it, that they may maintain fraternal unity with all the godly; and, secondly, that when the unity of the Church is spoken of, it is to be considered as consisting in nothing else but an unfeigned agreement to yield obedience to the word of God, that there may be one sheepfold and one Shepherd. Hi, ... (Psalms 47:9). The conclusion (v. 11) reminds one of the song of Hannah, 1 Samuel 2:8. The people of the God of Abraham; so he explains the former clause, and shows what people he spoke of; and it is observable, he doth not say the people of Abraham, lest this should be appropriated to the Israelites; but. In youth we frequently find our antagonism in “the lust of the flesh.” Against this all-consuming passion we require a shield I In our prime “the lust of the flesh” changes into “the lust of the eyes,” and perhaps matures into “the pride of life.” Passion is converted into acquisitiveness, and acquisitiveness refines itself into vanity. BibliographyHaydock, George Leo. The protection of the people of all the earth. https: I note from hence. The princes of the people are gathered— The princes of the nations are incorporated with the God of Abraham; Mudge: with whom almost all the ancient versions and more modern translators agree. 3. It is not an acceptable service, if it is not a reasonable service. The sharp gnawing tooth of care. The princes of the people are gathered together. This completes the imagery in the psalm, and gives occasion for the shouts and the joys of triumph. Perhaps better to supply Ellipsis (App-6): "[unto] the People", or "[to be] a People". The unaccomplished purpose becomes a snare. HAIL! The text has a special appropriateness for troublous times, and in troublous times the Church has often remembered and verified it. "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". If we are to resist these fatal fascinations we require a shield. https: The people or the God of Abraham - Who were Abraham's people? Where can we get it? It is God who erects it. We refer to the protective influence of a pious home. Thus universal homage is rendered to Him: He is gone up in triumph, and is in consequence thereof highly exalted ( נעלה , 3rd praet ., the result of consequence of the עלה in Psalms 47:6). "E.W. The princes are metaphorically called "shields," as being the protectors of their people, (Hosea 4:18, margin.). King and shield are synonymous, Psalms 84:9.”. The point we should always notice is this, that they are shields in the hand of God. (1 Esdras vi. He shall subdue their affections, and make them a willing people in the day of his power.

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