Antonsen, E. Ott, S.M. Rev. 94, 014102 (2005). To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Jen-Hao Yeh, Thomas M. Antonsen, Edward Ott, Steven M. Anlage, “First-principles model of time-dependent variations in transmission through a fluctuating scattering environment,” Phys. Peligrad, M., 2001-b. pdf, C. Kasmi, O. Maurice, G. Gradoni, T. Antonsen Jr., E. Ott and Steven Anlage, “Stochastic Kron's model inspired from the Random Coupling Model,” 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), pages 935-940, (2015). We have also examined the contributions of short-orbits to the impedance (Phys. Pairwise optimal coupling of multiple random variables Omer Angel Yinon Spinka March 2019 Abstract We generalize the optimal coupling theorem to multiple random variables: Given a collection of random variables, it is possible to couple all of them so that any two di er with probability comparable to the total-variation distance between them. $$ We have now addressed this problem experiemtnally in collaboration with NRL, and the results are in the paper by Jesus Gil Gil listed below. %���� Yes, these multiple bounce short orbits are naturally included through consideration of the impedance. A recent review article on the Random Coupling Model: Gabriele Gradoni, et al.,  Wave Motion 51, 606-621 (2014). stream pdf, Jen-Hao Yeh, Thomas M. Antonsen, Edward Ott, Steven M. Anlage, “First-principles model of time-dependent variations in transmission through a fluctuating scattering environment,” Phys. pdf, Gabriele Gradoni, Thomas M. Antonsen, Steven M. Anlage, and Edward Ott, “A Statistical Model for the Excitation of Cavities Through Apertures,” IEEE Trans. If losses are highly localized (e.g. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. N000141410772, AFOSR COE Grant FA9550-15-1-0171, the DoD MURI for the study of microwave effects under AFOSR Grant F496200110374, as well as AFOSR DURIP Grants FA95500410295 and FA95500510240, and the ONR / Maryland Center for Applied Electromagnetics, Task A2, Grant No. Yukich, J.E., Rates of convergence for classes of functions: The non-i.i.d. endobj On a related note, one might also consider adding single ports that represent classes of more-or-less identical objects in the enclosure. Rev. We believe that the most important ports to explicitly include are those that are actively adding energy to the system, and those that represent the sensitive/susceptible object(s) in the system. /Subtype /Form It simply reduces to the radiation impedance. Bogachev has a reasonable general version for perfect measure spaces. Yes, the RCM has been extended to study the statistics of fields in a cascade of connected reverberant systems. By a standard result for the existence of regular conditional probabilities, there exists a probability kernel $\kappa:\mathbb{R}\times\mathcal{B}\to[0,1]$ (the conditional distribution of $X_2$ given the value of $X_1$)such that for every Borel set $B\subseteq\mathbb{R}^2$, we have $$\mu(B)=\int_\mathbb{R} \int_{\mathbb{R}} 1_B ~d\kappa(x,\cdot) dP_1.$$ Let $D$ be the diagonal. Where should small utility programs store their preferences? First of all, the loss parameter is usually not a very strong function of frequency because it depends on the fixed geometry of the system as well as the fact that the quality factor is a smoothly varying function of frequency with small fluctuations (see Fig. How do I know my enclosure is chaotic for ray orbits? How do I know my enclosure is chaotic for ray orbits? Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Rough rule of thumb: Apply the RCM to mode #50 and greater. Rev. If you need to predict the outcome of a specific measurement in a specific situation, then the RCM cannot help. Anlage, "Universal Properties of 2-Port Scattering, Impedance and Admittance Matrices of Wave Chaotic Systems," Phys. Antonsen, E. Ott, S.M. @michael, thanks. In particular, letting $B_2,B_3,B_5,\dots$ be independent, you will just get independent pairs $(A_p,B_p)$ with the prescribed two-dimensional marginals $f_p$. You may have to download the video and play it from your computer to hear the sound. Show transcribed image text. The general expression for the loss parameter is k2/(Dk2 Q), where k is the wavenumber (w = k c), Dk2 is the mean spacing between squared wavenumbers, and Q is the typical Q-factor of the modes (see above). We then have a function defined on the sam-ple space. /Type /XObject Thesis, "RF Induced Nonlinear Effects in High-Speed Electronics," University of Maryland, 2004. Supported in part by a Taft research grant. The Anlage Statistical Methods Meeting presentation can be downloaded here. We We shall apply the coupling methods to derive uniform laws of large numbers for the dependent random processes under various types of dependence. Also, in case $\Bbb P$ is the $\gamma$-coupling does $\kappa$ has a known form? stream pdf An application of the RCM to model fading in communications. The system-specific (non-universal) aspects of the problem are quantified by means of the radiation impedance of the "ports" involved in the problem, as well as prominent short orbits. Compat. pdf This paper also includes experimental verification of the raw-S and raw-Z variance ratios.

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