What color are the stairs?Answer: There aren’t any—it’s a one-story house. It is up to you to unravel the secret and solve the riddles until that “A-ha!” moment that leaves you feeling so satisfied. How can this be possible? ANSWER. A bus driver was heading down a street in Colorado. What am I?Answer: Yarn, 28. What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?Answer: A promise, 9. Riddle: What has words, but never speaks?Answer: A book, 46. 11. Then she holds him underwater for over 5 minutes. If eleven plus two equals one, what does nine plus five equal? Present in sun, but not in rain, Doing no harm, and feeling no pain. There are two monkeys on a tree and one jumps off. What is it?Answer: Dozens, 73. About | Contact | Archives | Blog | Terms | Content Policy | Privacy Policy © Riddles.com 2020. 16. Recipes. Jim immediately used his ticket to go to 10 mins in the past to get a popsicle. How many eggs are left unbroken?Answer: Three, 67. Tips. What was going on here that so infuriated the dog to cause him to bite the man? By January Nelson Updated August 25, 2020. Riddle: Where does one wall meet the other wall?Answer: On the corner, 51. You are posting comments too quickly. Riddle: With pointed fangs I sit and wait; with piercing force I crunch out fate; grabbing victims, proclaiming might; physically joining with a single bite. Some hard riddles trip you up by sending you to the easiest answer first. Solving riddles or puzzles is not only exciting, but amusing too. Riddle: What question can you never answer yes to?Answer: Are you asleep yet? You measure my life in hours, and I serve you by expiring. What am I?Answer: A mirror, 91. What is it? You live in a one-story house. The dog could never catch the boomerang, which always returned to the man after he threw it, thus frustrating the dog who only wanted to play. Popular, brief epigram's, maxim's or sayings which are mutually opposed or inconsistent. Riddle: What gets wet while drying?Answer: A towel, 12. How is this possible?Answer: He was born on February 29. Riddle: The more you take, the more you leave behind. Riddle: What word is pronounced the same if you take away four of its five letters?Answer: Queue, 84. Riddle: What begins with an “e” and only contains one letter?Answer: An envelope, 72. Riddle: Which is heavier: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?Answer: Neither—they both weigh a ton. You seem to be logged out. Print from your device or download PDF. What Am I? Riddle: A man looks at a painting in a museum and says, “Brothers and sisters I have none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is in the painting?Answer: The man’s son, 99. Now, with straight lines, create two squares. Spoilers. 87. The man laughed louder. How many people are in the Mustard family? What am I?Answer: Fire, 97. 89. Riddles - tons of the best riddles with answers for kids and adults to tell, share, rate, comment and submit: hard, easy, brain teasers, riddle of the day +. Flex your mind and have fun at the same time! Yellow walls, yellow doors, yellow furniture. I am seven letter word. These are some of the hardest riddles for ages 18+. Inspiration. Samuel was out for a walk when it started to rain. Riddle: What runs all around a backyard, yet never moves?Answer: A fence, 47. Our collection of riddles with answers makes it easy to share riddles with friends. Riddle: What tastes better than it smells?Answer: Your tongue, 53. Riddle: What can travel all around the world without leaving its corner?Answer: A stamp, 48. Find Out Who Tayshia Adams Eliminated Last Night, 150+ Thanksgiving Desserts That Will Make Everyone Happy on Turkey Day, 101 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Transform Your Holiday Dinner, 200 Best Crock Pot Recipes and Easy Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas for the Family, 100+ Weight Watchers Recipes with WW Points to Help You Lose Weight, Which One of These 100 Diets Could Help You Lose Weight? We encourage you to become a member of Riddles. The room has only two possible exits: two doors. Mr. and Mrs. Mustard have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. Now, if you make it toward the end, you can try the rest, but beware: The hard riddles will put you to the test! A collection of riddles with a school theme. 69. Riddle: What has a head and a tail but no body?Answer: A coin, 50. Get your cerebral workout on with Riddles.com: riddles, quizzes, and bottle cap puzzles. 1000+ Hard Riddles with Answers A man is trapped in a room. I'm a Pandemic Parent—Here's What I'm Buying Today (or Just Dreaming About), 50 Best Elf on the Shelf Memes to Crack You Up This Holiday Season, Ha-Ha-Ha—Merry Christmas! Print riddle quiz or download PDF. 64. Pursuant to U.S. When they were ten a mysterious lady gave them each tickets and said they were time tickets good for a round trip to any time and place. The dog crosses the river without getting wet, and without using a bridge or boat. Riddle: A man dies of old age on his 25 birthday. What am I?Answer: The letter “e”, 75. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry. 85.) Please try again. Then, Carl takes the remaining 3/4 shape and scales it down by 1/4. What am I?Answer: A key, 93. Two fathers and two sons went fishing one day. Not so fast. Say hello to our extensive collection of mind puzzling riddles with answers. 61. Solution #2 - Rectangles There was the father, his son, and his son's son. The woman was a photographer. Then he went on the left side of the road past a cop car. Slow down. Davey bought the parrot and for two weeks he spoke to it and it didn't say a word. First, Carl divides his as to reserve to himself one-fourth in the form of a square. What is it? 88. He went right past a stop sign without stopping, he turned left where there was a "no left turn" sign, and he went the wrong way on a one-way street. Answer: Solution #1 - Squares. Riddle: What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?Answer: Silence. Riddle: A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. Welcome to Get Riddles! Refresh your page, login and try again. How?Answer: The river was frozen. Riddle: What does man love more than life, hate more than death or mortal strife; that which contented men desire; the poor have, the rich require; the miser spends, the spendthrift saves, and all men carry to their graves?Answer: Nothing. Enjoy the Jingle Greatest List of 100 Christmas Puns, Walmart Thanksgiving Hours 2020: Walmart Announces a Big Change for Thanksgiving This Year. Riddle: A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remains. Riddle: What invention lets you look right through a wall?Answer: A window, 30. Answer: Money. Riddle: What has a thumb and four fingers, but is not a hand?Answer: A glove, 49. Uh-oh! Slow down. Riddlers will benefit from the creativity of our members who participate in growth of our online riddles and puzzles resource. Andrew (“and drew his cane”) Posted in Hard Riddles. Sorry, comments are currently closed. Riddle: What 4-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?Answer: NOON, 78. Answer. Take the School Riddles quiz! According to the difficulty, solving riddles and answers can be easy for some, and daunting for others. People are coming up with new riddles each and every day. Riddle: People make me, save me, change me, raise me. I am very heavy. A pet shop owner had a parrot with a sign on its cage that said "Parrot repeats everything it hears". So rev up your mental engine and see how many you can get right and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to help ease the tension and stress in life with these little riddles with answers. Riddle: What month of the year has 28 days?Answer: All of them, 4. Our riddle library contains interesting riddles and answers to test visitors and evoke deep thought and community discussion. Riddle: I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. Riddle: A girl has as many brothers as sisters, but each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. I am white when I am dirty, and black when I am clean. Download a PDF or print. 87.) ", and the dog took off as before, suddenly made a u-turn, and ran back to the man ----- again without having obtained the stick. Riddle: Mary has four daughters, and each of her daughters has a brother. 5. What number am I?Answer: Seven, 59. The article below enlists some brain teasing and funny riddles and answers. Hard Mythology Riddle There is a mythological story of a Sphinx, a monster with the body of a lion and the head of a woman. Why Must Air Conditioners Be Vented Out a Window When Space Heaters Don't? You seem to be logged out. They start off easy, and some are perfect riddles for kids.

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