Another reason why your rose might wilt after transplanting is because of a lack of water or excessive water. The leaves are turning yellow and falling. Are you referring to the one in the middle or the one below it? twig and limb dieback. shortened internodes, resulting in shortened branch tips relative to I just watched the Summer Romance because it perked right back up. Gently loosen soil around roots and place the rosebush in a bucket of water while you prepare the hole for transplant. The leading cause of transplant shock is transplanting the rose at the wrong time. Overall plant growth is greatly reduced, which is reflected in Good luck. Honestly struggle at this point in my life I prefer flowers. Then has a chance for the roots to dry a bit between waterings. Q:  I understand the shock part, the plant actually continued to thrive and bloom flowers for two weeks, now it’s having the problems. fragile and are more susceptible to other stress factors. Many gardening books suggest adding Special note: This person is in Tampa which is not as topical as South Florida but is still south of most states which gives Tampa a longer growing season. I'm in Zone 5 too. I also looked at the narrow blue spruces for the outside corner on the house, but a tree form hydrangea or a star magnolia are calling out to me. HalloBlondie has a good idea about posting a photo of the other plant it is quite helpful to see what is happening. effect." And as a result, the roots will cease functioning, which will also affect the leaves and cause the plant to wilt. center or nursery if you are unsure which plants are best suited for If the infestation is small, you can remove it using hands. susceptible to injury from other causes such as the weather, insects, Ensure it is well-drained. Leaf scorch first appears as a yellowing or bronzing of tissue between the veins or along the margins of leaves of deciduous plants (those that lose their leaves in winter). Types of mycorrhizae Endomycorrhizae Endomycorrhizal fungi is one of the major types of known mycorrhizae. Once established, rose of Sharon is somewhat drought tolerant. 2nd option is to get a wider pot but not deep (Bonsai) and spread out the roots more to create a wider caudex. This is not Transplant Shock from Repotting It is the policy of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, Some of the causes of wilting in roses are transplant shock, under watering, overwatering, adverse weather conditions, feeding the rose fertilizer very early, pests, and much more. Nevertheless, you can fix transplant shock in many ways. I have just cut away all the rotten part of the roots and remove all the leaves and re-potted it. But if they are many, you can use a mild insecticide soap. That one doesn't seem to ever disappoint me. Thank you in advance. However, I have planted multiple other roses, usually Weeks roses and those don't seem to have much of a problem, though are a bit spindly. I been given a very big,bushy and over grown roots adenium . Apparently it was originally 5B in 1990. Also, you are getting into the slow grow season so it will not grow as fast as it did in the summer. If you seen any soft mushy brown or black areas they need to be cut off the adenium plant. If not healed over yet give a few more days. }. Also own root roses, take longer to settle & become vigorous growers like grafted ones. The most straightforward remedy for this condition is to wait until your plant shows the first growth. I would not recommend adding fertilizer or anything else besides water at this point. Such plants often have roots that are coiled around the or along the margins of leaves of deciduous plants (those that lose This can cause dropped or yellowing leaves, failure to thrive, or plant wilting. When you transplant adenium plants you need to give them 1 week without watering and protected from the outdoors. I would first suspect water issues. Young plants- seedlings?? Q: One more question in addition to my last email, what are some things I should look for in the plant and roots when I remove it to make sure it’s ok and no damage that it’s healthy?

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