I purchased a 75in Q90R tv. Netflix et disney+ sont installé sur la tv, le blueray est connecté à la tv par un cable hdmi 4k qui elle meme est relié a la barre de son en arc (et hdmi 4k aussi). Les dialogues sont toujours parfaitement intelligibles tandis que la scène sonore se fait ample permettant au spectateur de s’immerger dans le spectacle. QResolve a Soundbar Out of Sync with A Samsung TV. Currently no eARC update but I still enjoy the Dolby Digital Plus (Compress Atmos) for now until the eARC update for my TV so I can enjoy the Uncompressed Atmos. After manually syncing all of the additional speakers I decided to test Atmos by streaming a “Dolby Atmos” movie on Netflix. I have some questions regarding it. I just brought a 2020 Samsung Q80T TV which says it has EARC and is plugged into the EARC HDMI port to the 2020 Q90R soundbar attached. I enabled EARC on the TV and the soundbar now shows earc. Can anyone help me out at all with testing Dolby Atmos? If you have Netflx or Vudu that has 4K with atmos you can still get great sound. Set it up to a Samsung 75” SMART TV. I purchased this tv partially because of a promised Samsung firmware update to enable eARC on this tv. Meaning, if connected to a soundbar (eg. Would appreciate some input 1) according to a Samsung Customer Care dude, Samsung TVs are not Dolby Atmos compatible. I then go to Disney+, Apple TV+ or Amazon Prime on the native apps provided on the Samsung TV and chose a movie with Dolby Atmos listed in details. Once the movie plays I go to the “about my system” on the new Sonos S2 app and select the Sonos Arc to verify the audio output codec. I have a 5.2.4 home theater. Q90R soundbar), the TV … I own a Samsung Q90R 65". Then about 2 … QSoundbar Audio Connectivity. Just purchased the HW-Q90R soundbar today. La seul chose que j'ai c'est "tv arc" qui s'affiche sur la barre de son mais elle ne m'a jamais affiché de 5.1 ou biensur le graaal qui est le dolby atmos. Hi guys I have a Q9FN TV and planning on getting the Q90R soundbar. I just bought and setup my Sonos Arc, Sub (3rd gen), and 2 Sonos One SL. QConnect a Soundbar to the TV via a … My Pioneer svx-lx503 AV receiver was upgraded to eARC capability for lossless Dolby Atmos sound via a firmware update from Onkyo. QUpdating the Samsung Series 9 HW-Q90R Soundbar. Enfin, nous avons testé la Samsung HW-Q90R en mode Home Cinema avec une source Dolby Atmos native sur plusieurs films récents. Both are updated to latest firmware. Once started “Dolby Atmos” appeared on the soundbar. I have the arc and samsung d900r and can confirm dolby atmos works with netflix (all be it quite buggy to get going)which passes atmos via DD+ but will not pass it through any other native apps, apple tv or any external devices such as games consoles or UHD players.

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