For these budding doctors and biologists, you’ll need something more comprehensive. Our science and technology themed books include leveled readers, chapter books and picture books. It might even change students’ attitude towards chemistry. Like most science books for school geared towards kids, there is a question and answer format to help catch and focus their energy into the projects. Definitely a fun read that will have your child laughing as they learn! And children love it when their books are hands-on and interactive. Your child will be fascinated with all the cool creatures that populate our oceans. Cassia looks deeper into the … National Geographic has already published an excellent book addressing the “why’s” of life, and has followed with one for the “how’s”. While this book is intended for kids aged 7-12, some experiments do require supervision. As any parent knows, there’s a big difference between books for toddlers and for kids, and this book is specifically designed for your younger child. The umbrella of scientific subjects​ is magical to children: animals, space, technology and experiments are all full of wonder to young children. It can be a challenge to find a science book that is appropriate for preschool age kids, but this is a great option for little ones who are interested in all things space related. The step-by-step instructions in this guide explain how to execute 100 experiments in physical, life, and earth sciences. It goes even further than marine biology. The experiment guides are in full color and include background information on the topic of inquiry, some fun facts, and explains the science behind the experiment. The brain is difficult for adults to understand, let alone children, which is probably why this book won the Bronze Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in 2014. Finally, another book full of projects because inspiring scientists do need to practice their skills. And after all, what child isn’t fascinated by robots? As a resource of general outlines of important principles, this book is tough to beat. This book is intended for the ages of 8-12, and fits that demographic nicely. Sure, it isn’t as comprehensive as a university level marine biology textbook, but it covers some serious ground. It's great when children develop a love of books at a young age and book choice is very important in developing that love. For anyone interested in chemistry and physics, this book cannot be recommended enough. The only true failure is quitting. This hands-on science is always a great way for kids to learn, and seeing the real results of their actions helps to keep the knowledge fresh in their minds. If you want to give your child a little bit of knowledge on everything, this can be a great tool. This bestseller not only includes interesting facts about 2,500 different animals, it features over 1,000 beautiful photographs taken by professionals for National Geographic. It will not only be fun for kids but also for parents as they discover physics is not the enemy they remember from high-school.Using books such as this one to expose very young children to physics is a good step towards building a curious individual that won’t be scared of abstract thinking once in school! The book is organized by type of animal and includes a glossary and index. This book is the perfect solution to summer boredom, plus it keeps the kids learning year round. Sometimes the most effective books are the simplest, and this is a great example of that. They can even create their own volcano!Although all the experiments listed are developed with kids in mind, for some endeavors adult supervision is required. $14.99 #38. There are also plenty of colorful pictures throughout the book to help illustrate the information. This reference covers the human skeleton, muscles, circulatory system, digestive tract, and much more. With 272 pages of interesting facts, photos, and diagrams, this book is sure to please any kid interested in ocean life. While this may not be ideal for smaller children, it is fantastic for the more serious learner. Kids love animals, so what better way to spark their interest than give them some information on all of their favorites! Ada Twist comes from the pens of the authors Andrea Beaty and David Roberts, whose books Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect were the New York Times bestsellers.Ada Twist is a story of a young African-American scientist who will take the readers on a fun yet educational journey, introducing them to her favourite areas of science such as astronomy, chemistry and botany as well as teaching them the scientific method.This is a great story which empowers young African-American girls, while also breaking gender and race prejudice (or stopping them from forming in the first place) in other readers. Most children go through the phase when they are interested in everything that most of us consider, well – icky. It can be very useful for entertaining them on a rainy day when they can’t go to the park. This book covers a very significant but often ignored topic (at least in children’s books) – the weather.See Inside Weather & Climate helps with developing awareness of the importance of climate. These experiments were created by experts in the field and are inquiry based so the kids are driven to answer the question posed to them. Luckily, this book contains all the important information in an accessible language that is sure to only awaken deeper interest! If your child prefers a book that is more of a story than a collection of facts, then this would be a great book for keeping them entertained. Children’s science books might cover everything from fascinating facts, to science activities, to quantum physics! This is a great bedtime read, or downtime book, and can also be used as a teaching aid. All of the information on the life, science, and ecosystem of the oceans is vetted by experts in the field. This book provides an introduction of how medicine works and what do doctors actually do when you visit the hospital.Aside for being an interesting read for young scientists, this is a great way to prepare the child if a family member, a friend or themselves have to visit the hospital. We hope our list has shown you some excellent choices for inspiring interest in science to a young child. DK Eyewitness Books: Robot is a bit more serious book than the NG, and it is aimed at children 9-12. This is yet another book in the amazing new series called Physical Science for Kids. Trying things out for themselves, is often the best way for children to understand the workings of the world.Aimed at children 8-11, the projects are creative and fun, but fully safe. Finally, as in other books in the series, the text is accompanied by colorful illustrations that keep the kids’ eyes glued to the pages - well, at least until they run -off to conduct some of the experiments.

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