Le impostazioni di frequenza di campionamento e di attenuazione bit sono disponibili in un menu a discesa nel pannello di controllo dell’audio o del suono sul computer in uso. Premium digital stereo condenser microphone for mobile high-fidelity video and audio recording. Many people say that the AT2020USB+ sounds a lot warmer than the Yeti Pro, which is the result of Audio-Technica’s many years of developing their signature sound. It’s similar in design to the Sennheiser MK 4 digital, but has some added features that are definitely handy when podcasting or streaming. If you find that it’s lacking in the high end, a high shelf filter will fix that. The mix control blends the audio post microphone and the pre recorded audio. Cinque modalità selezionabili ottimizzano le impostazioni di guadagno, ampiezza stereo, equalizzazione e compressione. Selezionate una frequenza di campionamento più bassa per registrazioni podcast, nelle quali è importante disporre di file di dimensioni ridotte per facilitarne lo scaricamento. The microphone itself is a cardioid pattern, making it one of the best USB microphones for singing or just for recording in general. I would say it is one of the best USB microphones for recording podcasts or for recording voice-overs because it’s warm and natural sounding without being too muddy or boomy. With USB and Lightning connectivity, this large diaphragm condenser microphone gives you both computer and phone compatibility -- so it’s as effective in the field as it is in the studio. Plug-and-play is only part of the story. Realizzato interamente in metallo per garantire una lunga durata e con un design elegante, questo modello consente sia l’utilizzo da tavolo grazie alla dotazione di un supporto regolabile che il montaggio su un’asta per microfono. The Go Mic from Samson is an extremely small microphone, small enough to fit in your pocket. Use the kickstand to record a living room jam session, or mount it onto a mic stand to lay down a demo. Steeped in tradition The MV51 packs the power of almost a century of audio experience into a portable microphone that uses pro components. Conçue pour une utilisation avec les microphones numériques MOTIV™ et comme solution d’enregistrement, l’application d’enregistrement mobile ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ permet des ajustements en temps réel des paramètres et le partage de fichiers. Deny distortion and enjoy sound excellence in every environment, from demo sessions to field recordings. Questa modalità è adatta a tutte le applicazioni in cui desiderate escludere le preimpostazioni di equalizzazione e compressione ed è ideale quando l’elaborazione del segnale viene applicata ad una registrazione in una fase successiva. Looks like the past, sounds like the future. The sound of the Go Mic is very natural and doesn’t seem to be colored, it’s transparent but still has a good amount of liveliness to it. Per altre sorgenti a volumi alti, come un amplificatore per chitarra elettrica, rivolgete il microfono verso la sorgente sonora ad una distanza di 0–45 cm. It is also a very suitable USB mic for podcasting or even streaming while gaming. He is an experienced guitarist and enjoys listening to and playing many different genres of music. Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver. It also has a bass reduction/high pass filter switch to roll off the low end frequencies of your audio source that make recordings sound muddy, boomy, and it also helps to reduce room noise if your audio source wasn’t close enough to the mic when recording. Shure MOTIV MV51 Digital Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone play_circle_filled 0:57 With striking vintage design and 24 /48 digital recording, the MV51 provides a complete recording solution. Per registrare un segnale senza elaborazioni, impostate il microfono sulla modalità Piatta. Features include 5 DSP preset modes for EQ, compression, limiter settings, gain control, mute, and volume, and phantom power. I strongly recommend it to those who don’t plan to upgrade their mic from a USB mic to an XLR mic since it is really high-quality. I recommend you get this mic if you’re just starting out and have no gear yet since this mic has everything you’ll need with its built-in audio interface, mixer, and line input. It also has a mute button to mute the mic. (382 KB), Download PDF State of California regulation. Digital audio interface connects a professional XLR microphone or 1/4" instrument output to a computer or mobile device. Se il suono è udibile significa che il microfono funziona correttamente. Quindi, regolate il livello della cuffia sul dispositivo per un monitoraggio più agevole. The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is another higher-end model that also sounds fantastic and is one of the best USB mics for vocals. Il modello MV51 è compatibile con la maggior parte dei dispositivi dotati di connettore USB o Lightning. Detailed policy information regarding customer service numbers, service modifications, and replacement parts. Éliminez la distorsion et appréciez un son d'une grande pureté, quel que soit l’environnement, des sessions de démo aux enregistrements nomades, sur le terrain. High-quality mobile audio just got easier with the MV88+ Video Kit. Because of its simple, buttonless design, the MK 4 digital would also be great for beginners or those who might be technologically challenged. L’MV51 richiede 250 mA per porta. You get sound quality, squared. Per captare sorgenti acustiche, come canto, chitarra acustica, percussioni morbide o altri strumenti musicali, collocate il microfono vicino alle sorgenti stesse. Get the free ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ audio app for sharing on the fly, and the MV51 becomes the ultimate accessory, at home or on the go. Consultate la guida utente del software in uso per informazioni sull’assegnazione delle sorgenti di ingresso. Features include 5 preloaded DSP settings, Lightning Connector compatibility, and iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app editing. Another feature that it has that is incredibly handy is the mix control. The AT2020USB+ offers the clear, balanced tone of the original AT2020 and captures all the nuances in vocals that help your recordings and performances stay detailed and rich in character. L’MV51 è inserito, ma il misuratore del volume non registra alcun segnale. Le micro MV51 est aussi performant qu’il en a l’air. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65warnings.ca.gov open_in_new. The Yeti Pro USB microphone made by Blue is one of the best USB mics on the market, and probably is the one you think of first when you hear the words ‘USB mic’. Le modifiche di equalizzazione vengono visualizzate nell’immagine dell’equalizzatore. Rivolgete il microfono verso la sorgente sonora agendo sul supporto. The AT2020USB+ is also a lot smaller than most USB mics, making it easier to transport. It has a hi-fi analog to digital (A/D) converter and processes all audio through the converter internally, completely bypassing your computer’s sound card which is much lower quality. With pristine sound recording and intuitive app controls, the MV5 offers digital USB simplicity that’s travel-worthy. Get out there. Apogee used their PureDIGITAL technology to integrate the mic with a mic preamp and D/A and A/D converters to ensure that you get the highest quality possible of audio recording with very low background noise. I highly recommend the Rode Podcaster to those of you who are into podcasting, streaming, and recording voice-overs. 簡要說明. Similar to the Blue Yeti Pro, the AT2020USB+ has a built-in headphone jack and a volume control to allow you to listen to your audio signal without any latency issues. Additionally, like the Yeti Pro, the AT2020USB+ also comes with a stand that will fit well on a desktop. Premete per selezionare i comandi dei livelli della cuffia (barra LED arancione). Aumentate il volume del computer e regolate facilmente le cuffie tramite le impostazioni delle cuffie sul dispositivo MV51. Looks like the past, sounds like the future. Plus, it’s compatible with desktop and floor stands. Consordini is a participant in the Amazon.com Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. He has been producing music and engineering live performances for over 7 years. Unparalleled audio in all-metal construction make this mic the go-to. With USB and Lightning connectivity, this large diaphragm condenser microphone gives you both computer and phone compatibility -- so it’s as effective in the field as it is in the studio. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

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