I can’t seem to find my model number on your chart it’s AL 867885 what year was it made? Once you’ve found the number, match it to the date in our chart to discover the age of your machine. While he was not the inventor of the sewing machine, Mr. Singer is credited with being the inventor of the practical sewing machine. I’m so excited because my mom surprised me & had my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine cabinet refinished. So confusing! After opening a local factory in Glasgow, in 1867, the machines were flying off the shelves. Serial No. Machines here in France are generally clones, but there are many very old French makes. Or you can try vintage sewing machine sales and repair shops to see if they carry any. Your charts link doesn’t work and I’m looking to find how old mine is that I have got from my mother, i there are two numbers on mine which I’m not sure which is which, ‘0476 C’ and there is ‘60313092’ I would be very appreciative if you could help. I have a Wheeler – Wilson treadle sewing machine with a # 2582357 . Y781745. I want to know how old is it. Help, I have 7 singer machines and want to find out how old they are.and some have parts made in japan, Trying to find my model and make singer g76 70017 and what’s the difference of the the details and the Machines, How can I find out what my old singer sewing machine was manufactured the only number on the machine are k6099627 or eg885205 BRK thankbyou, I have an antique Singer Sewing machine that I am trying to find out it’s value. Judd, Does anyone know about my Please help. Can anyone help? How old is my sewing machine serial number is SA 584391, I have a treadle sewing machine serial number G9062625 and I’m trying to find out the year of it, I just purchased this old singer. Wondered if you could help me figure it out. It is NOT a treadle. Are there anybody with info for Singer EG580489, My singer model is not on your chart Singers have always been marked with serial numbers ever since production began. Thanks from L. Ben Dov, Same, mine is C22101526, but I seem to have an extra number… can’t find any info on it. Could you let me know what year it is. I’m in the middle of a sewing project. Does it have or supposed to have a foot pedal? Hello, very interesting page. I can’t find it on the chart. Can someone please tell me how old it is as it does not seem to fit anywhere on the chart. If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and Certain vintage models stand out over other ones of their generation like the Featherweights 221 and 222 as well as the 201 of 1939 made a big impression and impact. i just get an Simanco machine with the serial Y7197056, could someone tell me where was it made the production year, please? I can find the letters JC, stating it was made in 1949, but have not been able to find the entire/exact serial number in my internet search. Any help would be greatly appreciated. the page for it is no longer available. The sewing machine as been serviced and is in works good. Isaac Singer boasts a unique story, and was a pioneer of the sewing industry. The serial number is 00491203. My Singer is electric with a knee “pedal” The serial # is not in your chart. There were only about 200 of them. Hello i have a old singer leather machine how many value this machine the serial number is my mother had it in Tanzania East Africa in 1962 and brought it to England in 1970. Thank you! zdravim.prosim vas mam spevaka seriove cislo Y3046488 singer 16k33…..prosim vas nemozem ho najst vo vasej tabulke.mozete mi povedat onom nieco viac vzhladom nato ze onom neviem nic.vopred dakujem, I have an okt Singer sowingmachine the nummer of the machine is F8287288 . These beautiful machines have evolved over the years but are still standing the test of time. However, if you find a damaged machine that can be repaired, it may still be a worthwhile purchase. The machine is very beautiful and I can sew on it. Thank you Is anyone willing to help? Can you help? There are various numbers on the machine 1. Sylvia, My singer sewing was brought 1990 somewhere Wallmart in LA Cslifornia USA made in Brazil Industria Brasiliera with number 3314. no idea its value but it’s in full working condition 230-250 volts, Hi, Thanks for any help. I don’t see that anywhere on your chart. Y1016813 appears to be the serial number – but, I can’t find any match for it. Until 1889 most machines carried 2 numbers adjacent to each other. Up until 1900 a simple sequential numbering system (1 up to #16,831,099) was used. I cannot find my serial number on your chart. I would be grateful if I could replace the plate to bring it back to working order. We cannot list all the models here but if you want a comprehensive list, just click on this link. There has been a lot of speculation about the signifinace of the lower number, but in truth nobody knows for certain. Alan. Jeff, Hi, I have my grandmothers Singer Sewing Treadle machine with a number that looks like either FB830344 OR F6830344 OR F4830344. From 1990 onward to the present day the model number is located near the handwheel near the on and off switch or the electrical cord area. Need to find out where I can get one . It’s number is Y8500431, can you tell me what year that might be? Would you please give me some information regarding this machine? Wondering what age it is thinking by your chart it maybe 1856 or there about?? Thank you have a good day, I have a Singer number #G3768541 need to know year made and the worth of the machine, Trying to find a manual for Singer machine number F7654132, also looking for the date of the machine please. Singer manufacturing co. Table top with peddle and motor for light Also do you know if parts from prefixF would be compatible. I am trying to estimate how old my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine is but did not see the same model in the pictures. Is it possible to have it fixed to running order? It is in beautiful and looks similar to the model on your website above, the one with the red fabric. Then in 1863, Mr. Singer opened an office and factory in Glasgow, Scotland and within 10 years they had to build a new manufacturing facility and hire 2,000 people to help produce the machines. My machine is a G572167, but the chart lists two-letter model numbers. My grandmother has the same serial number, wondering what year is it from. Many thanks Thank you. We can’t speak for the price as each one will depend on its condition, rarity, age, and so on. They were the first to ever introduce electric, zigzag and electronic machines which were targeted to the home sewing market. I have one that predates 1900 as there is no letter prefix in the serial number. Franc, Tengo una máquina con serie G2295111 y no encuentro información a cerca de la misma Mother gave us an old Singer,It is in a cabinet that the top comes off. Trying to find out how old it is. I’m having trouble finding the model and year. Can you give me any information about their value? what is my sewing machine still “Singer ME155791 … Singer 125270” worth? I have an antique machine serial number J1633099 dated 1905. Hi, I have an 1885 singer machine. Can you help? 13 If the company produced industrial machines those models should be able to do the job with ease. My machine still works and I love it. unable to match serial 13608 M would like owners manaul, What happened to 1900 -1943 My machine ag208436. Also have 2 Touch & Sews, a 1926 model with Brentwood cover, a 221 with table, and several newer machines. Hello and thanks for the useful, no, brilliant information. The only information I can find is as follows: NB717773. No. Thanks, I have a machine EG852819 in perfect condition – can you please tell me how old and any history, I inherited my machine but I am having trouble ageing it .I know it to be pre – 1900 and from Glasgow as this due to the family history.as Ayrshire is where they are from. Hello- this was very helpful. My hand crank Singer sewing machine was bought in the 1920′ s. Sometime in the 1940’s or 1950’s it was adapted for use electrically with a foot pedal. My serial number is, AB723180 with a foot movement and an electric power from socket from side of the machine.

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