Not a few understand the apostle to refer to the ceremonial law, or the Mosaic law in its ritual part or aspect. https: Christ, by bearing the curse of the broken law, redeemed us from its curse (Galatians 3:13). It will not do to say, with Trollope, that “the apostle, in the ardour of his mind, has not attended to the syntax.” What in other places is ascribed to Christ, may be here without any impropriety ascribed to God; for Christ's suffering and death were of His sanction, and with His cooperation. "The Bible Study New Testament". It was the moral elements in the Law that made it the strength of sin. Paul makes it perfectly clear that the Law itself was "holy..righteous, and good" (Romans 7:12). Tittmann explains, 'having a latent contrariety to us:' not open, designed hostility, but virtual unintentional opposition through our frailty; not through opposition in the law itself to our good (Romans 7:7-12; Romans 7:14; 1 Corinthians 15:56; Galatians 3:21; Hebrews 10:3). Sept. Genesis 22:17; Leviticus 26:17; Exodus 23:27; Numbers 10:9; Deuteronomy 32:27; Joshua 5:13; in which places it represents one or other of the two Hebrew terms- אֹיֵב, H367, or צַר, H7639. Others attach δόγμασιν to the participle ἐξαλείψας, and understand it as describing the means by which the blotting has been effected. The Law of Moses was hostile to us in the sense: (a) It demanded flawless law-keeping (Galatians 3:10-13). a manuscript (specifically, a legal document or bond [figuratively]): -handwriting. 2:24’ (Braune). Nailing it to the Cross. Let us remember that all this information is being given to make the point that Jesus Christ provides everything the Christian needs for salvation. "Stanley Derickson - Notes on Selected Books". That to which the process of obliteration is applied is appropriately termed a handwriting- χειρόγραφον, a note of hand, a written bond. Ellicott says this construction “seems distinctly ungrammatical”. But the forgiveness of sin was not secured by the simple abrogation of the Levitical law, for its abrogation is only one, though an important one, of the many results of the death on Calvary. What Christ did, God did by Him. This God cancelled by the redeeming work of Christ. "THE BOND"-5498. cheirographon {khi-rog"-raf-on}; neuter of a compound of 5495 and 1125; something hand-written ("chirograph"), i.e. 2. This is confirmed by Ephesians 2:15, where the similar expression is used, not of what Jews and Gentiles had in common, but that which created the separation between them, viz., the Jewish Law. 1999-2014. It is quite possible, however, that καθʼ ἡμῶν means simply against us Jews. BibliographyHaydock, George Leo. When Christ was crucified, God nailed the Law to His cross. having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. The blood of the New Covenant poured out from the wounds made by the nails. Speaking of the handwriting of our debt as affixed to the cross, he says-quemadmodum per lignum facti sumus debitores Deo, per lignum accipiamus nostri debiti remissionem.The use of this fanciful analogy can scarce, perhaps, be taken as a formal exegesis, though he regards the handwriting generally as sin. (Comp. There is no need to press rigidly this detail of the metaphor. As the cross was the instrument of death, when Christ died it died. BibliographyTorrey, R. A. This is an emphatic expansion of ‘against us;’ doubtless to oppose more strongly the legation of the false teachers. Steiger's notion is evidently based upon a literal interpretation of the last clause of the verse, yet it is wholly out of harmony with the entire phraseology. The act of God is prior to forgiveness-is external in its nature; while pardon, with a quieted conscience, is one of the results of the believing reception of it. None of these meanings are sustained by biblical usage.

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