Kani & Vegetable Tempura - $12.95, Served w. House Salad. Mushroom Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea. Seaweed Salad Avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, craw fish, asparagus wrapped in soy bean paper with eel, spicy mayo, masago and baked lobster on top Baked Salmon - $9.95 (Spicy crabmeat inside, spicy tuna, crunchy & spicy mayo on top) 4pcs salmon sushi, salmon avocado roll & spicy salmon roll Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp - $13.95 Sprite Little Tokyo Roll (Eel and cucumber inside, avocado and masago on top w. eel sauce) Tuna(Maguro) - $4.50 Salmon (Sake) Scallop - $9.95 Shrimp Tempura Roll Spicy Tuna Spicy Yellowtail Roll Salmon Tartar - $7.95 Hibachi Shrimp - $20.95 Chicken Tempura Chicken Tempura Roll Salmon (Sake) Pepper Tuna - $8.95 Tako Su - $8.75 Mexican Roll (5pcs) Noodle - $2.95, Kani Naruto - $7.95 Garden Roll (5)4.50, Alaska Roll - $4.00 Steak & Shrimp Teriyaki - $16.95 Shrimp tempura, asparagus, cream cheese, eel, topped with crawfish, scallops, baked in spicy sauce, eel sauce, scallions, hot oil & miso sauce. Caterpillar Roll - $9.95 Cucumber & Avocado Roll - $3.50 Sliced seared tuna w. ponzu sauce Snow White Roll 2 pcs crabmeat sushi, 2 pcs shrimp sushi & California roll Banana Tempura Pepper Tuna (2) Shrimp & Veg.Tempura - $6.95 Chicken Outside: spicy mayo, Eel, cucumber inside with avocado on top, served in eel sauce & masago, Inside: coconut shrimp, cream cheese, avocado. Yellowtail(Hamachi) - $4.75 Chicken Teriyaki Avocado Roll - $3.25 Diced salmon mixed with masago & sweet chili sauce, topped with wasabi yuzu Mango Salmon(2) Shrimp Tempura Roll (5) - $6.25 Nemo Roll - $13.95 White Tuna (Escolar) (Spicy kani & fried red snapper inside, topped with baked eel, avocado, eel sauce, and spicy mayo), Edamame Dragon Roll Bubba Gump Roll - $13.95 Shumai Kani Naruto (5)

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