Sufficient number of shelves also needed to be provided. Customization Ideas to Add Unique Features for Your Forever Home! A friend of mine lives downtown in St. John’s NL where I am from. We know this room very well. An ideal size for the formal living room is often dictated by how you want to plan the sitting locations. He is a voracious reader, edited 4 books, and pioneer of book reading movement in Gujarat, India. But some prefer to have a separate office room in an apartment. The recommended standard dimensions for dining room of various sizes are as below: It should be provided in rear corner of the building but NE corner is the suitable one. 5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Wireless Security System! I construct rooms size based on human anthropometric. Location of living room: During locate living room in your apartment, keep the following things in mind –, Standard size of living room:  the standard size of a living room should be as below –. However, the standard size is. So, locate this bed room in such a way that it can get enough ventilation. So, when I’m asked about the standard size of rooms in a residential building by my relatives or clients then I always confused that what I should say. It doesn’t hurt to know your rights. The minimum window area with respect to floor area should be 1:10th. Sthapati Designers & Consultants Pvt. It should be well-lit and ventilated. – Know More! Bedrooms are dictated by the size of the bed and also the functionality of the bedroom itself. Foyer is a lobby or corridor used in an apartment of a residential building to separate the entrance from living room. But some prefer to omit the foyer and use the living room as an entrance of the apartment. 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Sometimes, living room is used as dining room. Landlords should be updating those things when possible. Steel Calculation For Beams: The Easiest Process, Column Reinforcement Calculation: A Step By Step Process, Pile Reinforcement Calculation: An Easy Process, How To Calculate Concrete Quantity For Slabs, Minimum Concrete Cover For Rebar: A Guide For Construction Professionals. Copyright 2020 GharPedia. Besides being the Editor in Chief, he also mentors team at GharPedia. Location of master bed room: keep the following things in mind during locating master bed room in your apartment –. As an industry, we use various benchmark figures for initial calculations based on square metre prices which are useful as an initial check to see if the overall aims for the project can be realised (check out our Build Cost Calculator). Adequate and proper lighting and ventilation should be provided to prevent from foul smell. In this post I’ll answer this question from my experience which I gained from last 14 years of time working with several architects and clients. Guest room should be located in the front of the apartment and beside the living room. Size of child bed room: Child bed room is not as big as master bed room. Many homeowners think that their new house needs to be at least 232m² (2,500ft²) but ideally 282m² (3,000ft²). If you fancy a square kitchen with three sides of units/worktops and a central island, then a size of around 4.8 x 4.2m (20.16m²) is ideal. Master bed room should be well ventilated. This will be very useful when you have many guests during some occasion or a particular festival. In that case, you need to deduct some facility. The master bedroom is likely to feature either a king size bed (1.5 x 2m) or a super king size bed (1.8 x 2m) plus any wardrobe space. Need more expert advice and inspiration for your project? We can also have an attached bathroom with child bedroom. You don’t have to build the rooms in your apartment as standard sizes. A 1.8m width will allow the inclusion of a 60cm-deep unit/worktop with a walk-past space of 1.2m and the 2.4m length will allow four 60cm base units to include space for a washing machine, tumbler dryer and storage space. Subscribe to our newsletter and get a free "estimating Cheat Sheet", © 2020. Interestingly, the size of the great room does not substantially change with the home’s size. But, the guest room doesn’t need to have attached bathroom. Locate the master bed in such a way that it provides privacy. The size of a room is determined by the function of the room and by the furniture that go into the room. And oddly enough, there’s only room that builders report including in a house 100 percent of the time: the master bedroom. Standard size of kitchen room: Although some prefer to make a big kitchen room, the standardsize of it is.

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