Thanks for the step-by-step informative hub. Notice how the counter-change of tones between the objects and their surrounding spaces takes over from the use of line to define their forms. Forget about all the fine details and shading in this stage. Voted up :). Plus, gum erasers can molded into any shape which makes it easier to fit in small areas. I appreciate your comments :). Outline first before all the details, it looks like I wanna buy a sketch pad myself start drawing! Answer: Yes, you can. Hello, That's a good question. Yes, taking a photo and working from that is a great way too because you don't have to worry about differences in light throughout the day. -Carolyn. Don’t worry if you need to turn to a new page and start over a few times. Crystal Tatum from Georgia on November 08, 2013: A great hub! This will leave you with an accurate outline of each form and the confidence that all the objects are positioned correctly. Paul Edmondson from Burlingame, CA on November 08, 2013: You've done an amazing job with this. You did an amazing job! Small details like stems on the fruit and spots on the banana were added. Thanks for sharing those tips! Mine wasn't half bad, oh heck, I like mine! Live and Learn! carolynkaye (author) from USA on April 15, 2020: Galaxia_YT: You're welcome. carolynkaye (author) from USA on February 06, 2015: RTalloni, mary615, DreamerMeg, poetryman6969, MHiggins, techygran, Suman Miah, FlowerCS….Thank you all so much for your nice comments :) I'm glad to hear people enjoyed this Hub. I have always wanted to take a drawing class. Stumps and tortillions are entirely new to me, and I watched my mother do charcoals and pastels. The still life drawing combines reflective surface, convex and concave forms with small details and knotted string. This step by step lesson will teach you the drawing techniques used to create a still life with a 2B pencil on cartridge paper. I'm glad you like the article and plan to try some drawings. If you don’t mind sitting on the floor, you can place the objects against a wall and sit in front of them. carolynkaye (author) from USA on October 01, 2014: Thanks for the comments, billycamryn and Kingslayercrow :). It makes it easier to see the shape, position and proportions of each object in relation to its neighbours. Use a flex-neck desk lamp to light your objects. In the places where the light hit the mango the strongest, I left white spaces. Hector Herrera from Dominican Republic on February 05, 2015: Thanks for the great hub. Experiment to see how the light hits your objects from various angles. Yes, still life drawing can be done in color. Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on November 02, 2018: What a fantastic and detailed article! When you’ve mastered pencil or charcoal, try drawing a still life in full color with either colored pencils or pastels. Great job! This will enhance the form of the objects and increase their impact. This helps avoid smudging what you’ve completed. As for me, I can marvel at your work but alas my pineapple will ever remain a sort of melting oval on the canvas..... My art is only accomplished with words...what a gift you have bave an artist's eye and be able to translate it into a finished beauty. I just need to practice more, I guess. Peggasuse from Indiana, USA on February 05, 2015: Great Hub! I thought I knew something about it, but obviously that class back in 5th grade, 50+ years ago, wasn't enough lol. If you change your sketch after spraying it with a workable fixative, don’t forget to re-spray it. I am a lover of pencil sketching. Great Hub wish wonderful photos to explain how you draw like this. Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on November 15, 2013: Miss.

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