In California I've heard them referred to as "White-cheeked Wigeon", a good phrase to use in a web search. very fast moving virus have conspired to slow down hawk migration posts. Speaking of alternative names, the American Wigeon is called Baldpate in my 1940 Edition of Birds of Oregon by Gabrielson and Jewett. technically live, has barely received a mention. I’m just beginning work on my 11th book, tentatively called An Atlas of Members. Here is the link to my photo. We also raise pheasants, quial, peafowl, bantams and doves. Supposedly shows up with storms hence the name. It is a natural variant American Wigeon with an all-white face rather than speckled gray." hike ... [image: My personal friendly Blue Jay] Flameau's Storm Front Wigeon Floaters have game-changing keels that add motion, versatility and convenience with four tie-off points, a depth-adjusting anchor eyelet and strap-weight storage. Storm Wigeons (sometimes referred to on the hunters’ sites as “White-cheeked Wigeons”) have white or golden cheeks on their faces and white or golden necks. Most people have never heard of a Storm Wigeon. My brother shot this bird on friday afternoon and I had never seen one like it. The wigeon is a medium-sized duck with a round head and small bill. Images made with a Canon 5Diii, 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 ISII zoom lens+1.4x telextender, aperture priority setting, all images shot at ISO 500 and f8. Looking back at this year's blog posts I see that Vancouver, where I  I quickly discovered that Dan was absolutely right, that none of the birding websites even discussed the existence of this unusual looking duck. Chula Vista, California. Organized a bit like a geographic atlas, it will feature birds from  He told me that the term was used by hunters to describe a male American Wigeon with unusual plumage. Log in. Wigeons breed in central … As a verb pigeon is to deceive with a confidence game. share. Wigeon are dabbling ducks and related to mallards and teal but unlike these birds Wigeon spend much of their time out of the water grazing waterside pastures with their short blue-grey bills. Continue reading. ( Log Out /  It is a natural variant American Wigeon with an all-white face rather than speckled gray. In this image you can see that the unusual plumage includes the bird’s entire neck. ( Log Out /  Has the birding really See more.  He asked me if I’d ever heard of the term “Storm Wigeon.”  I had not. I left Portland Learn about more than 50 common and interesting birds and where to find them in 8 different habitat locations in San Diego County. on the s... An unusual setting for a harrier. about 1 out of 500-1,000 male American Wigeons will … Woodard Bay near Olympia. Lived 1980-1984 in Ventura, California, where my 3 daughters were born, before moving back to Oregon in 1985. American Storm Wigeon AMWI. Over my 45 years of birding, people have occasionally asked me what bird Quiet lakes and wetlands come alive with the breezy whistle of the American Wigeon, a dabbling duck with pizzazz.  The first image at 1/800, the second at 1/320, the third at 1/640. Okay, so 2 weeks ago I got grilled on TOF for cleaning a widgeon that some of you were saying looked like a Storm Widgeon, it just seemed like a nice mature Widgeon to me. Click again for a full screen image. This is an obvious color variation on the standard wigeon scheme.  Birding field guides always talk about these hawk color morphs and some birders even argue that certain hawk color morphs comprise separate subspecies. I really want to hear from you!  But, there is abundant chatter about Storm Wigeons on the hunting sites. IRON SWING VS DRIVER SWING - Duration: 11:20. Cute little chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches, and juncos are some of the Widgeon definition, any of several common freshwater ducks related to the mallards and teals in the genus Anas, having metallic green flight feathers, a white wing patch, and a buff or white forehead, including A. penelope of Eurasia and North Africa, A. sibilatrix of South America, and the baldpate, A. americana, of North America.

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