They have always said Thank you and taken me straight to the front of the Que with the rest of my luggage. And I'm sick of having panic attacks whenever I get on a plane. If the medication is needed while you are in flight, ex insulin, they will allow you to carry on, otherwise almost all liquid is required to be checked. Answer Save. I have Cystic Fibrosis so require alot of tablets day to day. Answer 1 of 8: Looking for some advice/information please. If you are likely to exceed your hand luggage allowance by carrying medication or medical equipment, you should let your airline know in advance. However, as a customer service, TSA now allows you the option of requesting a visual inspection of your medication and associated supplies. Plan Ahead. I have to take medication on planes with me full pot, not once has anyone asked what they are or anything 1 Sams reacted to this Share this post. Diabetics You can carry insulin and a pen injection device in your hand luggage - but you'll need to let us know about it when you check in. In short, yes. All travellers going overseas with medication (including over the counter medications) should check if there are any restrictions on medications they intend to take prior to travel, such as: Taking it out of the UK. Followers 1. Having a medical condition and carrying prescription medication shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a … If the medication you are concerned abptions . Prescription medications for legitimate health conditions may come under intense scrutiny by foreign officials. Parents taking infants on long flights are turning to medication to help their children sleep. Although regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration regarding what you can and cannot take on an airplane are strict, the TSA has leniency in regards to medication, as many travelers could not fly without it. Non-prescription items such as saline solutions or eye drops will also need to pass through the checkpoint. But is the practice safe - or a dangerous abuse of parental power? 7 Answers. Taking it into the countries to be visited (including those being transited). Favourite answer. Choosing bulkhead seats and taking pyjamas on a plane are a great way to make travelling with kids easier. However, you'll need to make sure you bring a doctor's letter or repeat prescription, too - especially if your medication is a liquid, as you'll need this at security. The type and /or amount of medication that can be taken. 16,219 members • 20,821 posts. Taking Diazepam onto a plane Sign in to follow this . 2. Lots of US citizens buy Tylenol #1, 2 2 2, Panadol Ultra, etc.) Taking Diazepam onto a plane. Some countries have restrictions on the medication you are allowed to take in, and you will need to be aware of these restrictions before your trip. DS has antihistermine for his allergies and GP just gave me a quick printed note from his records to take on the plane. I've had a fear of flying for past few years now even though I like to travel and visit new places. Travelling from the UK to European and Schengen member countries has been made much easier thanks to current EU legislation. Relevance. in other countries and sneak them back into the US. We've got lots of information to help you manage your diabetes while travelling, use … A week later, the same subjects were put on another flight without medication. Read our guide to electronics on a plane to get the facts about taking tech on your flight, such as whether you can take iPads on planes. Security or customs officers may request proof of the need for medication.

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