I think it's the biggest opportunity we have and also one we've signed up for how do we make sure and we bring scale to it. To view the full FY2019 corporate responsibility report, visit TE.com/responsibility. The potential of EVs and autonomous vehicles line up well with TE’s portfolio. We are not a contract manufacturer. So that was really my comment around Europe when you think about a program, a program it isn't just one car or one plant, it really starts at the platform level and those discussions happen as we're in the design element of the electrical architecture with the data architecture and in some cases what occurs is they're taking product off the traditional platform that they say it is good enough that could be interconnect on a life because it change really between combustion engine and electrical vehicle and how they actually start work in their platforms and those can take years depending upon where they get to the platform element and once you're on the platform that can spray how they evolve at the platform and certainly I think when you talk about EV when you have a start-up, they are basically starting with a model. This strong performance is a result of the multi-year transformation of our portfolio and reduction in our cost structure and manufacturing footprint. Do you have any thoughts on what the production number it looks like for your FY '21 and how you see North America and Europe playing out in terms of their catch up on production and also sell-through there. Later we will conduct a question-and-answer session. So let me get out at the industrial margins. The electric connector and sensor solution market is becoming more important to the ever-expanding world of the Internet of Things and automation. Mark Delaney -- Goldman Sachs & Co -- Analyst. Quarter 4 sales of $3.26 billion were better than our expectations and up 28% sequentially. It is essential that monitoring of prototype systems and evaluation of components and performance throughout the test program be the final criteria for judging the adequacy of the filtration system. We have the next question please. While the challenges that we've experienced associated with COVID impacted the second half of our year, I am pleased that we demonstrated a key elements of our business model in fiscal 2020. TE Connectivity Now let's open it up for questions. Every open- and closed-circuit hydraulic system is unique, and the filtration requirements and performance must be determined by test. As you can imagine, that had a couple hundred basis points of pressure to our margins as we got the inventory right sized but I feel good about the impact it had on our cash flows. A 125 µm (150 mesh) screen protects the pump from course particle ingression. Your transport revenues were almost flat on a year-on-year basis, but you had big negative leverage. Contamination can come in many forms, including water or other fluids, air, solid particles, or corrosive agents and heat. On your first part of your question, when we look at the first quarter, though where we are guiding there is element that even in the first quarter at the 21 million units that will still be down year-on-year versus around 22 million units last year. It looks like we're having an issue. For the 4th quarter, our orders were over $3.3 billion and our book-to-bill improved to 1.03 as I mentioned earlier. I would ask you to keep in mind that content growth can vary quarter-by-quarter, but we continue to expect 4% to 6% content growth in auto over the long term. But certainly, adoption will be important. We believe this is a short-term dynamic in our medical business as consistent with what our customers are seeing and we expect this market to return to strong growth as elective procedure start to increase. That's why we get such content opportunity over the combustion engine as well as the electrical powertrain. Can you see something like EM coming out with the big new EV platform and plan to spend a lot of money. For the second consecutive quarter, we saw an increase of orders in China, which were up nearly 25% year-over-year in the 4th quarter with growth in each of our segments but particular strength in transportation. Full flow filtration has the charge pressure relief valve downstream of the filter element. All right. We continue to see weakness in our medical business with ongoing delays in elective procedures caused by COVID. Our book-to-bill was above one in transportation and below one in our other segments supporting our sequential revenue growth in quarter one in our Transportation segment and the declines we expect sequentially in Industrial and Communications. We'll have the next question please. Good morning, Terry. TE reports to the SASB standard specific to its industry as identified in the Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®): Resource Transformation Sector — Electrical & Electronic Equipment Sustainability Accounting Standard. In his presentation at Investor’s Day, Steve Merkt, President of TE’s Transportation Group, stated that the China market had the largest growth potential due to government incentives, the need to lower pollution, and a strong emerging middle class. TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE:TEL)Q4 2020 Earnings CallOct 28, 2020, 8:30 a.m. This is now confirmed with 40% improvement in sequential orders in the 4th quarter along with sequential revenue and EPS growth, both in the 4th quarter as well as what we expect into the first quarter. When you look at TE and you think about TE, other than on the engine, other than where you get into the ECU element, powertrain is not as big of a content element for us, as other things like you have on an EV platform. 1050 Westlakes Drive Sales up 28% sequentially, exceeding company's expectations; strong cash flow performance for full year TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL) today reported results for the fiscal fourth quarter and year ended … So with this overview of segment performance, I will turn it over to Heath who will get into more details on the financials, as well as our quarter one expectations. Our adjusted operating margins were 14.5% and expanded 510 basis points sequentially as mentioned earlier, while we anticipate it to our operating margin performance due to the planned inventory reduction we highlighted last quarter. Examinations have revealed that a filter in the suction line with a β35 – β45 = 75 (β10 ≥2) at a differential pressure of 0.25bar achieves the required cleanliness of 18/13 under normal operating conditions. Companies like Ford and GM are also committing to produce more electric cars for their fleet, with Ford committing to launch 13 EVs by 2020 and GM committing to 20 by 2023. We'll have the next question please. So I've already summarized some of our financial assumptions for the fiscal year on the slide. Let me turn to the Industrial segment. Partial flow filtration refers to the charge pressure relief valve located upstream of the filtration. I just wanted to get a feel for some of the opportunities that are in front of mine for TE into a new year with hopefully some continued ramp toward normal. So there are some pieces there, but we feel very good about the actions we've taken to date and what that allows us to do on the incrementals moving forward and again we've kind of stepped up our dialog there from I'll say pre-COVID activities in terms of what we think the incrementals could look like. Your next question comes from the line of Luke Junk with Baird. We've been talking about that and how do we couple that with the content opportunities not only in automotive but in medical and also what we've done in cloud or things that we get really excited about and we have the engineering wins that support that. Thank you, Joe. We do not view ourselves as a tier 1. Thank you and have a nice morning. The inventory reduction primarily impacted the Transportation segment. As we look into the first quarter, the business is returning to prior year levels with expansion of adjusted margin and earnings per share and while auto production has come back a little bit stronger than we expected, we are still well below 2019 production levels of 88 million units on an annual basis and we still believe the shape of the recovery will continue to be gradual and dependent on the global consumer. Well, it's really 2 factors. What once was considered solely mechanically driven spaces are now being integrated with electrical connections, sensors, and wireless systems. The suction filter is placed in the circuit between the reservoir and the inlet to the charge pump.Danfoss.

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