The Present Participle is formed by adding ‘ing’ to the first form of the verb. The boat ……………………………. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Correcting verb tenses work, Past perfect tense, Grade 7 reading practice test, Name date perfect tenses teaching, 6th grade treasures grammar practice answer key, W o r k s h e e t s, Pronouns review, Grammar practice book. Answer: The Tense of a Verb shows the time when an action takes place. actions that are going to happen in the future. 5. (water) ………… you ………… (go) for a walk daily ? He called me a liar.. 8. He is afraid of the thunder. D. The Past Perfect Continuous Tense Note : Since is used for a point of time. Answer: If you ………… not ………… (obey), you will be punished. 5. agree to pay the amount. Pay attention to the tense; it should remain the same. (i) In Interrogative Sentences [‘did’ is placed before the subject and verb in first form after it ; as—] The cat ………………………….. out of the window. In some regular verbs that end with e, – d is added to the verb to make the simple past and past participle forms. A. It ………… not ………… since midnight. Check out some videos on how to upload papers on ribblu. They saw African and Asian elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes and several species of monkeys there. (for three days) The sun was shining. 5. has, been raining/has, rained Example: The interrogative form of the future continuous tense can be written as follows. Answer: No, it won’t rain tomorrow. 2. That is why she always carries a camera. Do not forget to underline the correction. actions that are regular phenomena or habit. Only the first form of the Verb is used with ‘did’. B. (c) To express an event which occurred at a particular point in the Past. Bruno ……………………………. 2. Answer: (ii) sings 3. The gardener ……….. the plants next month. 4. had died Dinesh ……….. for us at the appointed time. Hi, I am Manjusha. Negative: Amaira did not sleep last night. Pay attention to the tense; it should remain the same. Difference between Present Continuous Tense and Present Perfect Continuous Tense She has written two hundred books. Present Simple 3. (negative) Uses of the Past Continuous Tense 7. had stopped. Both the local football teams have made it to the finals. 11. Then we add the main verb in its base form with-ing. With Press Result, Past action is relation to the past Subject + Had + Participate. (taste). Answer: Countless marine animals and birds ……………………………….. (die) so far due to strangulation, choking and suffocation. 7. Efforts ……………………………….. (go) on to clean up the garbage, but the extent of the patch is beyond imagination. (call) 5. has known The school ……………………………. attack the owner. their lives in the earthquake. ✗, Do not use the present continuous tense with verbs which describe mental states (such as agree, know, remember, think, trust, understand, find, mean). (runs/is running) late today. 3. had gone 10. Difference between Simple Past Tense and Present Perfect Tense The Future Continuous Tense Ritu: Is she? 5. c) isn’t finished. (i) The patient died before the doctor came Present Simple Negation 2. The cattle ………… In the field. Michele: I think you're right. Can I borrow some money from you? Some irregular verbs change their spelling to – ought or – ught. 2. cooks (positive question), Weren’t you waiting at the bus stop? Answer: Note that the simple present tense is used to describe habitual actions, and the present continuous tense is used to describe actions taking place at the time of speaking. 1. 7. They were not making a noise. Some irregular verbs have completely different simple past and past participle forms. What are you writing these days ? India is exporting onions to the Middle East. (iv) both (i) and (iv), Answers: The teacher punished the boys because they are making a noise. 4. the President / the prizes / away / gave The culprit ……………………………….. (be) the same plastic garbage. We are going to stage it next week. (d) beat — beaten 4. 2. Complete the following sentences using an appropriate verb form. He told me that he has solved all the sums. 3. slipped, injured I …………. 4. graze 2. X Examples y She is not weeping. It has been raining heavily for a week. ✗ Question 1. 4. makes Log in, Concise Mathematics Class 10 ICSE Solutions 2018, Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). 5. Question 2. B. 2. She knows that your brother turns with a tide. (i) is going to (negative question), (wh-word) (helping verb) (subject) (verb + – ing). – knew, Question 3. Answer: Yes, they will win the game. D. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with suitable forms of the verb. Mayank: I am surprised. By next year, I ……….. in Jaipur for seven years. (iii) I should go 3. 2. Both the local football teams have made it to the finals. Question 6. The baby ……….. in the room. Question 2. 11. There is an error in each line. I broke the lock open and got into the room. Simple past tense is used to talk about actions completed in the past or about a past habit. (iii) Future Continuous Sonu ……….. his lesson tomorrow at this time. A milliner ……………… ladies’ hats, (sell), The following passage has not been edited. She (absent) herself since Monday last. Answer: He won’t tell us. Answers: The plants died for want of water. The Future : (see) 8. Answers: I have not received any information. The dog sitted in the car quietly. I shall break the lock open and get into the room. Fill in the following blanks with correct tense of the verbs given in brackets. Leslie knows that gentleman. You may use a word or phrase more than once. The mother ………… food for us. 5. He was so thirsty that he drunk all the milk. Had, slept Answer: (b) To express habitual or regular action in the Past. Many expeditions have travelled to the patch for this purpose. (solve) 6. – Milind has given me a really nice birthday present. 9. December 26, 2015 Complete the following sentences using an appropriate verb form. These Papers and worksheets school wise, covers important concepts from an examination perspective. Question 4. (lead) He was so thirsty that he drank all the milk. She ………… meat several times. 1. have (ii). (ii) grow My brother flew to England last week. to Canada. I have prepared well for the exam. He ……………… and ……………… his leg. Do you go to the park every day? (say) The base form of the verb follows will. I have hurt my leg, so I can’t walk now.. 5. He is afraid of the thunder. 5. is flowing He behaves nicely at tables, talks gently, remains cheerful, thinks of others, keeps an eye on the company and tries to be pleasant and polite in every way. (All girls, All guests) ‘All’ can be used before an uncountable noun. Answers: (iii) In Negative form [‘not’ is used between the main verb and the helping verb.] Answer: The sentences should be in the present perfect tense. Mother woke us up. (ii) In Negative form [‘not is placed between the helping verb and the principal verb ; as—] will be lying. Ribblu admin has the power to reject, remove, alter, approve, accept any material that is uploaded by the user without consent of owner. If the verb ends in a consonant+y, the y is removed and – ied is added. Seema is tired but she won’t go to bed. Question 2. If you help me, I will give you a reward. II. ✗. ✓ Examples : Are you going home ? (iii) In Interrogative form [the helping verb is placed before the subject ; as—] (Was/were + Subject + Verb + ing + … ?) 2. (i) In Interrogative form, ‘had’ precedes the subject and ‘been’ comes after the subject; as— You will have really committed a blunder. 5. “You will have discussed the plans how to celebrate the function”, said my mother. 6. ✓ The Kapoors ……………………………….. (lived/have lived) in Landour since the 1970s. We elected Gopal President. Verb to Be 2. Examples : Ask him what he (want). The action could take place in a moment in the past or it may have happened over a short period in the past. You may also want to check out my other blogs IELTS Practice and NCERT Guides. Identify the mistakes in the following sentences. 3. My mother ……….. when I returned home. (Subject + was/were + I form of the Verb + ing…) 1. 4. 1. for something that is happening before and after a given time. Question: Will it rain tomorrow? time. Answers: It is usually accompanied by always after the helping verb. The Atlantic Ocean is not the biggest ocean in the world. He was seventy years old when he ……………… . – sat. action that was going on when another action took place or two actions that were going on at the same time in the past. 9. For the future planned action, we use : Deepa loves skiing. Ann catched the ball. The Future Perfect Continuous Tense is used to express an action that will have been going on at or before some point of time in the Future ; as— Farmers ………… a hard life. No one knew what was in store for him. Anushka has went to Kolkata for the holidays. Answer: Answers: This CBSE paper and worksheet can be instrumental in students achieving maximum marks in their exams. The Present Continuous Tense is used with the words—at this time, at present, at the moment, now, nowadays, still etc. Verb to Be 3.

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