!. However in the USA import permits are needed for 13 plants up. Flower colour :  White       Email today aleyagarden@hotmail.com to receive in your mailbox our UPDATED LIST  in excel format with conditions of sale and information : TIME to DELIVERY,  PACKING, GUARANTEE, PERMITS,  AVAILABILITY & PRICES, PRICE LISTS-ORDER FORM, TRANSPORT OPTIONS, PAYMENTS and VISITS. See how much you save on two real examples that compare to bank and paypal : https://aleyagarden-plants-wholesale-shipping.blogspot.com/2020/02/banks-vs-money-senders-fees-and.html Â, ----------------https://aleyagarden-hoya-list.blogspot.com/2019/11/using-paypal-our-client-today-had-to.html, Spelling & data errors in transfers can be rectified fast at no cost with money senders but not at all with cross border transfers operated by banks.. Then you enter in the THB box the amount of your invoice for example 13720.11 THB and the amount in your local currency shows up in the other box ( euro, can $, rubble, zloty, us $, krona etc ) . See how to proceed here. Naiyang extends along the many large trees of a beautiful park. Production ability of 3,000,000 plants per year.  TransferWise, Azimo, Pay Send .. are trusted, After you deposit your local money, if you gave them our email address : aleyagarden@hotmail.com  they will also inform us. Your parcel is then delivered by couriers, from the airport to your door, anywhere in Canada, Europe and Russia. Email to aleyagarden@hotmail.com your request of an updated plant list on excel.  The plants are debagged, washed, treated, wrapped cautiously and fast in an area where light is reduced.   Why do some imports record higher survival rates ?  this concerns humidity control after arrival for a week or two : water vapor in the air is the most important aspect of acclimatization; also there is a real science in bathing plants in solutions that contain hormones such as gibberellic acid. More on rip currents.To this regard Layan or Nai yang beaches have the safest slopes. Why do some imports record higher survival rates ?Â, Warm baths, lower light, controlled temperature, and steady humidity in the air that surrounds the plantsÂ.   We export plants and plant products since 1999, expanding our planting area on about one hectare and a half in the province of Phang Nga, near Khok Kloi town, in an agricultural zone covered with Hevea plantations and vegetable gardens, bordered by forests and rivers, but only 35 km to Phuket international airport in Thailand. The green - yellow label with the permit number is stuck on the parcel which goes directly to the phytosanitary station before being forwarded to your address place ( written on the parcel ). In contrast to money sender companies , banks take huge fees ( about 50 $ in the recipient's country ) to rectify an international transfer that had mispelled names or mistakes ( recipient's data, SWIFT, account number, bank address etc ). If you need to receive your order in Thailand before leaving for the airport tell us when you will leave your hotel. Plus the transfer is slowly sent back  and it must be sent again, with all the costs. Thailand’s unemployment rate was 1.9% at August 2020, up from an average 1.2% for 2019 according to the International Monetary Fund.  Please don't attach a pdf format, nor write your order in the body of your mail we just need back the same excel sheet that we sent you, filled with your quantities in the YOUR WISH LIST. After checking the availability we will fill in the INVOICE sheet with a quote including Shipping cost ( with taxes in it with courier ), phytosanitary certificate / logistics and plants.. Welcome to Asean Plant Export. We offers the best quality of Thai Rosy adenium and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers from Thailand. We are specialized in Palm Trees, Ornamental Trees, and Exotic plants and we have been involved in Plant Export Business since 1998 in Thailand. Buying plants at a nearby shop involves less risks than buying plants shipped by mail.If you feel that you would not cope with dead plants in the mail or with a lower survival rate than you hoped for, we advise you not to buy plants online over long distances. Realizing a lifelong dream, we have sold everything in Europe and moved to Bangkok, to a pleasant tropical climate. After appointment re-confirmed by email one day before, y, for sale : they are mother plants for propagation on the site only.Â, We produce and export mainly Hoya plants , Araceae and Bromeliad,   Deliveries in Canada the European countries and Russia are fast and free of customs hassle with our, Your own registrations or permits are not needed ,Â, and enter on the INVOICE sheet, on top of the page in the yellow area, your name, address and. ( C)  : .. Asean Plant Export  has grown to become one of the World class supplier for Seeds, Rhizome, Tubers, Bulbs and Musa world wide . Flower colour :  White Hardiness/ temp. Our Team speak Thai, English and French. Payment methods : you will need to convert your currency to. We are an export plant nursery in Bangkok, Thailand, selling new and uncommon ornamental tropical plants in retail and wholesale quantities. After you deposit your local money, if you gave them our email address : aleyagarden@hotmail.com  they will also inform us. Asean Plant Export Co.Ltd.  Upon arrival no money is required from you.  In the often cloudy Phuket province the temperature is on average 4 Celsius deg. It was founded 25 years ago a landscaping and garden maintenance company in Belgium. The green - yellow label with the permit number is stuck on the parcel which goes directly to the phytosanitary station before being forwarded to your address place ( written on the parcel ). Public holidays may interfere in your agenda : schedule an appropriate time of shipping. EMS in Thailand  take usually 1 to 2 working days, but delays happen. . Hardiness/ temp. We produce and export mainly Hoya plants , Araceae and Bromeliad. Most banks will not charge you a fee for a local bank transfer to the money sender company, as their account is held in the same country (or banking area, for Euros) as your own, and domestic transfers are normally free. Here in Thailand we won't be charged either.

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