(External morality) A law should be fluid enough to adjust to the dynamic nature of mankind. This chapter discusses Lon L. Fuller's book The Morality of Law. Lon L. Fuller’s The Morality of Law,1 an intellectual battle waged between Professor Fuller and H.L.A. moral for promoting objectives of mankind. They have been preoccupied with substantive natural law, that is, with the proper ends to be achieved through legal rules. 1 H.L.A. HLA Hart, „Positivism and the separation of law and morals‟ [1958] Vol 71, no. Why Fuller thinks we could not meet the ideal of what he calls fidelity to law if laws are just rules, without a significant connection to morality. Hart in his review of the book.2 I begin by providing an overview of Fuller’s dualistic theory of morality and its relationship to the concept of law, adjudicating between Fuller… “Positivism and Fidelity to Law: A Reply to Professor Hart.” Harvard Law … He explains this connection in terms of the idea that law must have some internal morality for it to be law… THE MORALITY OF LAW. New Haven, Connec-ticut: Yale University Press. Lon Fuller, The Morality of Law (Yale University Press c 1964) 33 – 91. ibid. This imaginative, original, and thought-provoking book is richly stocked with a variety of themes, many of which deserve a much fuller treatment than this chapter accords to them. In a lengthy new concluding chapter labeled "A Reply to Critics," Lon L. Fuller extends and clarifies his definition of the relation between law and morality put forward in the first (1964) edition of The Morality of Law.His original argument distinguishes between the morality of duty and the morality … 1964. 4, Harvard Law Review at p. 593- 629 . And, it is only possible if it takes into consideration the 7 Lon L Fuller, The Morality of Law, Revised edition, Universal Law … By Lon L. Fuller. THE MORALITY OF LAW. Lon Fuller Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe THE CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN PHILOSOPHER and legal theorist Lon Fuller argues in this reading that there is a necessary connection between law and morality. Fuller’s criticism of Hart from the perspective of judges on p. 655. References. Professor H.L.A. Fuller, Lon L. 1958. Noteworthy among the many responses to the debate are those that were prompted by its 50th anniversary and collected in New York University Law … the inner morality of law (legal morality or legality) in a casual and incidental fashion. Lon Fuller not only provided an outline of require ments of rule of law, but also he provided two ambitious arguments that rule of law are necessar y for law & morals. Pp. Hart, “Positivism and the Separation of Law and Morals,” Harvard Law Review 71 (1958): 593-629; Lon L. Fuller, “Positivism and Fidelity to Law—A Reply to Professor Hart,” Harvard Law Review 71 (1958): 630-72. Its central theme is the unique virtue of conceiving of law and even of defining ‘law… American society since the early 1930's has been subjected to the stresses and strains … They have tended to think of the principles of the inner morality of law … $5.00. viii, 202.

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