Scholars assert that one of the main effects, ). These, approaches reject neoclassical theory of devel-, gross national product; they also reject the, empirical results by Chenery about some char-, acteristics of development that poor countries, These international-dependence models stress, between rich and poor nations. /F5 18 0 R • Insights and understandings are continually evolving.. • Each theory has some strengths and some weaknesses. European countries within and outside the monetary unification for the preceding and 37, November-, Coccia M (2017a) Asymmetric paths of public debts and of, nomic policy of debt dissolution, The Journal of Eco-, Coccia M (2018a) A theory of the general causes. Human society should focus on patterns. - When is it moral panic? change to support wealth of nations and a comprehensive The second is to suggest an alternative hypothesis that intentional homicides can be explained by the level of income inequality, even when controlling thermal climate and other factors. increasing needs of people and/or to solve complex The purpose of this study is to analyze the rates of R&D investments and taxes levied on profits of firms that can optimize the labour productivity of nations. ������z��[z�������`?4�|�')�{���W߿���Bmۭ�*!uQ������F��Aչr���S+�Z�j׶�`���QϝC|U��.%�o����. This paper here proposes a theory of classification and evolution of technology based on taxonomic characteristic of interaction between technologies that is an under-studied field of research in economics of technical change and management of technology. is a multidimensional process that generates economic, Others believe that it is more accurate to evaluate development economics as a general provider of organized systems (Todaro 2000). (1) During the 2003-2008, from the national scale, the interaction between construction change and GDP growth varied from weak decoupling state to the weak coupling condition. It is thoroughly a theoretical composition and therefor has exclusively secondary material been used. Solow RM (1956) A contribution to the theory of eco-, ... To begin with, presenting a simple definition of economic development is required which is fulfilled by, ... To begin with, presenting a simple definition of economic development is required which is fulfilled by Coccia (2019). Nations within the European monetary unification seem to have, from /F1 6 0 R A fundamental problem in the field of the product innovation management in biopharmaceutical industry is how to explain the general source of drug discovery and radical innovations that sustain the competitive advantage of firms and technological progress in medicine. developing countries in a relationship of, dependence with developed countries. has the, In order to analyze the relationship between urban construction land and economic development, and to know the similarities and differences of the relationship in different province in China, decoupling theory was introduced to analysis the relationship between construction land change and GDP growth. 5.Theories of Development: Reconciling the Differences • Development economics has no simplistic and universally accepted paradigm: But it is also not the case that any policy or strategy will work! growth of systems. This document has some interesting perspectives of the role of child development and developmental norms. The purpose of the present study is to explain the relationship between climate zones and innovative outputs in order to detect factors that can spur technological change and, as a consequence, human development. His interests focused on childhood development, evolutionary theory, and their applications to education. /F3 12 0 R following framing questions: - Is it possible to decide if a phenomenom in society are moral panic? and predict which innovations are likely to evolve rapidly in society. considered as rules and/or expectations European countries. /F6 21 0 R In fact, high investments of physical capital in, many developing nations have not generated, because of lack of other socioeconomic fac-, tem and good economic governance. This study endeavors to explain the relation between air pollution and particulate compounds emissions, wind resources and energy, and the diffusion of COVID-19 infection to provide insights of sustainable policy to prevent future epidemics. This dissimilar evolution of public debts measuring efficiency of labs, 2001, deteriorated trends of sovereign debts and government deficits in comparison with /Contents 4 0 R Hence, cities with pollution industrialization and low renewable energy have also to consider low wind speed and other climatological factors that can increase stagnation of the air in the atmosphere with potential problems for public health in the presence of viral agents. /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] wellbeing of people in society. The first is to show that the heat hypothesis provides a partial explanation of violent crime in society. We compare our results with pioneering studies carried out in the 1970s and 1990s by applying a standardization method that transforms all fractions of internationally coauthored papers into a comparable framework. /Resources << and smartphone technology. Here we show the convergence of international scientific collaboration across research fields over time. Ital J Reg Sci Sci Reg 8(2):71, Coccia M (2010) Democratization is the driving force for, technological and economic change. new technology in democratic contexts, etc. A prediction of this theory here is that societies with low socioeconomic inequality, independently of thermal climate, are not likely to produce high levels of intentional homicides and violent crime. This study shows, using global data of countries, that institutional change, based on a progressive democratization of countries, is a driving force of inventions, adoption and diffusion of innovations in society. surplus across European countries within and outside the monetary unification. In this theoretical, framework, technological progress is the resid-, ual factor that explains long-run economic, output growth is due to increases in labor quan-, tity and quality (population growth and educa-, tion), increases in capital (through saving, and investment), and improvements in technol-, convergence at higher levels because capital, where capital-labor ratios are lower and returns, on investments are higher. These findings can clarify whenever possible, some sources of labor productivity and suggest a research and industrial policy of optimal rates of R&D intensity and tax on corporate profits (as percentage of GDP) directed to support competitive advantage, technological innovation and wealth creation of nations over time. empirical data of of product and process technologies: farm tractor, freight locomotive, electricity generation Technol Forecast, Coccia M (2011) The interaction between public and. The statistical analysis here focuses on case study of Italy, one of the countries to experience a rapid increase in confirmed cases and deaths.

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