Yes it's comfortable.if u want light weight body then u should try scooty or hero pleasure. But If you want only mileage than go for activa if you can ride it under 40 kmph then it will definitely provide you better mileage than Jupiter. However, for the availability of an specific color and variant, we would suggest you to connect with the nearest authorized dealership as it would depend oon their stock book. Yes,inbuilt only in some variants like grande,classic,zx edition etc.. Not available in old, you have to install after perches, provision is new bs6 model usb charging port is given to classic. Moreover, the scooters aren't gender specific and would be a good option for you as well. I sold of my bike just because of pathetic service by Suzuki team.. Overall, it is better to stick to the market leader Activa15G as it is a complete package, sleeker than Access and Jupiter, studier than Fascino, low on maintenance unlike less popular vehicles, and best to go with as a family vehicle. I would suggest jupiter zx.. Classic is just for the trim... What do you mean by automatic. Disc brakes being a new feature, riders (esp. Fuel efficiency on the Activa 5G stands at 60 kmpl as against 62 kmpl offered by the engine of TVS Jupiter. For the cost and availability of spare parts, we would suggest you walk into the nearest authorized service centre as they will be the better people to assist you. I m ok with Jupiter . Because of this, Jupiter is better in maneuverability even in heavy traffic's. front suspension almost same..overall Jupiter is better in ride quality .. Jupiter for sure as Activa tyers are small n less grippy make very hard to manage during rainy.. Jupiter in terms of Mileage and Activa 5G in terms of other aspects, Battary is not good quality it will come 11 to 12 month only, Jupiter STD has a standard engine while Jupiter zx has a turbocharged 110cc 1cylinder while mileage is almost same. BUT THAT FAMILY COMFORT IS IN JUPITER. Jupiter has a very good mileage 60km/l and has a 5l tank. Honda Grazia : 60 kmpl, I am owing Jupiter right now purchased yesterday. Activa 5g some cosmetic changes. Both are good for performance,only difference in instrument cluster.Grande has better one. Pick up is a lk so as it is, and I have spent only on servicing. It's just like this: Jupiter < Activa. In my experience not much happy with front suspension and milage after one year usage. Jupiter zx is comfortable but suzuo access 125 is more powerful. It could easily last 70K to 1 lakh kilometers without any issues (provided all services are done in time). In these three options u choose from Jupiter classic or 5g. Wego plus latest ignition front suspension as in bikes (telescopic) rear suspension with gas adjustable plus led headlamps the Jupiter grand..more comfort less mileage..wego 70km pet litre Jupiter 50 km per litre as per Tvs. Activa looks heavy and is bulky due to which it is not suited for short and lean riders. The premium/power petrol contains higher octane value compared to the regular petrol and it gives the vehicle a marginal bump in the performance and fuel efficiency. for resale. All issues will be resolved, If you have poor service write to TVS or call in TOLL-FREE. Target it. Go for Activa 6G, it's much better in comfort and quality then jupiter, With proper maintenance you will get around 50-52 kmpl. Jupiter is all over best, you can go for any variant.All are best. Jupiter's engine is smoother and offers better mileage when ridden alone. Yeah,like all other jupiter variants. Scooter, as we have to chhange gears which is a headache and improper changing of gears may result in damage to transmission. Because ntorq is a sports scooter. Petrol. Nahi bhai tera hath waha tak jayega b nahi or fir b tune saal diya toh b tu khol paya nahi kyu ki dhakan upar hai mere bhai.neche se hath saal ke kya karega, Vehicle theaf can do anything.. but its not that much easier. It depends on Scotty condition and local market price! I felt some issue with activa regarding pickup power as my brother was at pillion seat. Also wheel size is bigger so it soaks smaller obstacles with far more ease than honda. Chassis & Suspension. Try to negotiate hard with the sales guys and club other offers or freebies to improve the value for money quotient. Also, Jupiter has the best leg space, helping my spouse during weekend shopping :). The vehicle ages pretty well too. WE NEVER EXPECT THIS FROM TVS. My new bs 6 JUPITER model July 2020 gives 53 mileage till 750 kms and now 58 kms. its Has good mileage with great pick up. I bought TVS Jupiter standard yesterday for my father for daily commutation purpose for about 15-20km per day. dealer. this is lik comparing pulsar 220 with splendor, Lol u can't compare a vespa to other scooters, it is in a different level, If you want comfort & speed you can go for jupiter.If you want power,go for activa,activa has more reliable & efficient engine.Jupiter's engine will not last for more time as it has large bore & short stroke. However, strongly recommend usage of bumpers around the body, if scratching and denting are a concern. I personally prefer u to choose Jupiter grand which is advanced in every single way, For first time rider pleasure is good bcoz it's weight is lighter than Jupiter, Juipter is better then hero and as comparatively price is less than hero. In terms or performance both are same but in Grande there are few more features which cost around 4-5 thousand more than Std. 4) Performance : Better Pickup. In all scooters there is no reserve mode. Girls view: do they have x Ray vision. TVS Jupiter. Afterall tvs is indian company and they know indians needs very well. If you are only concern about Mileage then it's ok gives appox. Wht do you want more power or more mileage it's on you. Jupiter can reaches 0-60 km/h in 9.9 seconds with a top speed of 95 km/h. These are scottie not geared scooter of earlier time. Even the latest Jupiter Grande is currently sold with BS4 engine. Yes. Bangalore,mean while for warranty details, kindly check the user manual given by the dealer, Report to TVS at their toll-free number. TVS Jupiter is a variomatic scooter launched in September 2013 by India's TVS Motor Company. My father (aged >75) has a Wego and he loves it over any other make or model. TVS Jupiter is the best bet today considering Riding comfort, braking, decent fuel economy, low service costs, decent looks, larger wheels and telescopic front suspension which offers good ride control. I agree with U.I also own jupiter.But,as U go at maximum scooters engine sound has changed,from when it was new to after using for many months.I drive usually at an avg.of 60 & all the time reach max.speed of 85 .U hve any solution except going at less speed to gain smoother engine sound?. No more fuss. But seat is more comfy not that you are going to sit on it for hours. ARAI certified numbers are more than this but since driving styles and roads differ the below are average numbers users have claimed.10. Those who have reported this thing is inaccurate information. Jupiter engine is smooth, sporty and will return better fuel efficiency than Activa, if ridden single. Rest are same. Digital meter zx , classic is just classic. You'll not be able to change it at authorised service center.

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