Light Pen. You can also use your finger or stylus pen to control it. Scientific and Industrial Input Devices. different types of input devices of computer - keyboard Due to its shape like a pen, it is very easy to use. Joystick use in: The joystick is used to handle all these machines. Light Pen: It is also a pointing device. Therefore it is also called a pointing device. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. on a touch screen computer. A scanner is used to scan documents and input them into the computer in digital form. Suggested Videos This is different from scanner because the scanner scans your document and stores it in the form of an image in the computer while OCR reads the text written on your document and enters it in the computer which you can later edit in the word processor. A web camera is called a camera that you use for image capture or video conferencing by connecting it to your computer or laptop. The Input Devices are the hardware that is used to transfer transfers input to the computer. What are the types of input devices? The use of mouse has increased a lot with the introduction of GUI (Graphic User Interface). You can connect a web camera to the computer through the wire or you can also use a wireless web camera. different types of storage devices, Perfect Programming Tutorial on Java Python C++ C on, Electricity Bill Calculator Formulas in Excel, Explain Different Types Of Output Devices, What are Dual Devices or Both Input/ Output Devices, Define Data and Information With Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages of LAN Local Area Network, Explain different types of storage devices, Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions Fast and Easy Way -1, Using Simple Formulas in Excel With Arithmetic Operators 2, How Functions are Used in Excel Fast and Easy Way 3, Create Bar Chart in Excel Easily by Example, Employee Pay sheet Formulas in Microsoft Excel, Students Test Score Grades Result Sheet in Excel, Microsoft Office Word Processing Practicals, different types of input devices of computer - keyboard, Track ball - a type of pointing input device, Joy stick - example of input device used for playing computer games, Microphone: input device to enter sounds and voice in computer, Scanner - another example of input device, Touch Screen - Input/Output device - Dual device - Performs both input and output functions - I/O device, Input devices Receive data from user. They mainly cover devices like mouse, keyboard, printer, speaker, joystick, etc which can be used with a computer. Which is used to do graphic design, text message, etc. It is used to select a displayed menu item … More specialized applications often call for more specialized … Key – Board: In case of small computers called Personal Computers (P.C.’s) and in case of mini-computers operated from a number of terminals, the Key-Board is used as the input device. To work with these data, we require different types of devices. The touch screen is called a screen that you control by touching with your finger. Computer Input devices act as a medium of communication and correspondence between computer and the outside world. Therefore it becomes important that you should know about the basic devices used in the computer. Input devices are required components in control systems especially when it comes to automation, ... First, let’s talk about the type of system that is the ONLY type applicable to Automation—Closed Loop Systems. So I thought about why to give you information about the input device. on a … These devices can help us enter data into the computer. The most commonly used input device is a keyboard or mouse. If you have ever seen the cheque provided by banks, then you must have seen a number printing from the lowest computer, which is written by magnetic ink as you can see in the image below.

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