These plants are not just things of beauty, some of them are used as medicine, while others play a functional role in maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem, while others, though beautiful, are harmful as well. Numerous plants bloom and wither underwater, which we rarely get to see. 1. They add color while softening the lines between the yard and the pond. There are aquatic plants available that thrive along the shore as well as in the deeper sections of the water. The sea plants names and the list of ocean plants is only a tiny part of the vast ocean biome. Of what has been already discovered, the above ocean plants list attempts to describe the best and most exotic ones. Many plants also help inhibit algae growth as their leaves shade the water so algae can't grow and bloom. Known by several names like water hawthorn, water blommetjie, vleikos, water floret etc., cape pond weed belongs to the aquatic plant family Aponogetonaceae. Cape Pond Weed. They feature among the plants in the Pacific ocean along with algae, sea grass and kelp. Aquatic plants complete a landscape pond or water feature. The name water chestnut is confused with the Chinese water chestnuts that are aquatic plants whose corm is edible.

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