What’s Your Excuse? Conflict will arise in your classroom. Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information Back to School National Broadcast, Youth Benefit From HEART/NTA Art And Craft Workshop, Gov't, OAS Partnership To Establish Youth Innovation Centres, PEP Will Help Tailor Learning to Meet Students’ Needs – Senator Reid, Education Minister Hails Council of Community Colleges, PM Says He Supports Concept of Occupational Degrees, 79 Receive PM Youth Awards for Excellence, Young Persons Guided to Areas Where Employment is Being Generated – PM, Education Ministry Introduces Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, University Establishes Scholarship in Honour of Education Minister, 61 Nominees Shortlisted for PM’s Youth Awards for Excellence, Manchester Educators Named Teacher, Principal Of The Year, Ministry Releases Ebooks For Early Childhood Learning, Education Ministry Committed to Transformation – Green, Education Ministry Signs MoU With BAU University to Provide 107 Scholarships, Gov’t to Invest $20 Million in Sixth-Form Block at Mount St. Joseph High, Schools Being Retrofitted to Improve Disabled Access, Youth at the Centre of Development – Senator Reid, Calmer Students - New Report Shows Drastic Reduction Of Violence In Schools, Child Abuse Prevention and Parenting Education Campaigns to Roll Out, Youth Ambassadors Receive Instruments of Office, Youngsters in State Care Awarded for Their Achievements, Discussions under Way to Broadcast Stem Content to Schools, Education Minster Pledges to Assist Alpha Institute, Gov’t Committed to Ensuring Access to Tertiary Education – Senator Reid, Government Lobbying Diaspora’s Support for National School Bus Service, MoU Signed to Further Boost Child Protection Services, State Minister Green Wants to Reach More Young People, Green Expects Improved Accountability With Merger, Fearsome Four - MOE Fits First Set Of Violent Schools With Metal Detectors, National Mathematics Programme Yielding Results at Green Island Primary, 100 Young Persons to be Appointed National Youth Parliamentarians, Parents to Learn Effective Disciplinary Strategies, Deputy Chief Education Officer Urges Jamaicans to Do More to Protect Children From Abuse, NYS Launches Volunteer Project Competition for Upgrading of Basic Schools, MOU to Better Align Education and Training with Labour Market Needs, Work of Parenting Support Commission Key in addressing Crime – Senator Reid, HEART TRUST/NTA Develops Bamboo Training Courses, Reid says Government to start procuring CCTV for schools, New Child-Protection Agency Formed From Merger Of CDA, OCR, Education Ministry To Lead Crime Fight - Reid, Parents Urged to save for Child’s Tertiary Education, More than 250 Youth Trained and Certified, Youth Urged to Focus on ‘substance Ova Hype’, Education Minister Says More Persons Should Become Multilingual, Nominations Open for Math Teacher of the Year Competition, Applications now Open for Occupational Studies Associate Degree, Education Ministry Wants to Increase Uniformed Groups in Schools, Parent of Hearing-Impaired Teenager Welcomes Literacy Enhancement Project, UWI Develops Material to Improve Media and Information Literacy in Schools, Parents Urged to be Main Influencers in Children’s Lives, Use technology for teaching and learning, educators urge, High Schools Receive Vocational Education Grant, Third International TVET Conference Slated for November 29 to December 1, Universities Urged to Ensure Degrees are in Line with Country’s Development Goals, Blended Learning - Integrating Technology In Classrooms, Reaching Vulnerable Youth Through Art On The Street, Teachers Use Drama To Foster Creativity And Writing Skills, University Graduates Urged To Pursue Political Office, Vocational Training To Strengthen Regional Economy - Reid, Trench Town Polytechnic Looking to Attract More Students, State rebuilding youth clubs to promote peace, Teachers Trained To Assist Students With Behaviour Issues, Use information to make a difference in the world — education minister, Seminar To Help Boost Parent-Child Relationship, Cabinet Approves Final Draft of National Youth Policy, More Students Achieve Mastery In Literacy And Numeracy Tests, Jamaica to Benefit from US $4-Million Safety and Security in Schools Project, Reid: Grade Four Literacy And Numeracy Test Scores Up, All Young Persons Should Have a Pathway to Higher Education – Minister, Japan Hands Over Calculation Time Booklets To Government Of Jamaica, Online Video Resource Tool Pitched To Teach Students Maths Basics, Education Ministry to Place all GSAT Students in High School in 2018, Teachers Benefit from Summer Skills Training Programme, Students to Pay for Damaged, Lost Textbooks, All Primary Students Must Matriculate to Secondary School – Minister, Gov’t Committed to Free Flow of Information – Minister Reid, Education Minister Pledges $6 Million to Improve Industrial Arts Department at Wolmer’s Boys, Government to Stand Surety for Bonded Students, STEM has gathered steam ...increased ministry funding; the arts now included, SLB on education minister's radar - Reid hopes to increase service delivery at financing agency, Training and counselling for staff of childcare facilities ministry, High schools receive $34 billion for academic year, Parents Urged To Dialogue With Children To Tackle Bullying, Maritime Institute to Officially Become University on September 28, Education Ministry To Make Physical Activity Mandatory For Schools, Youth Climate Change Conference Slated for October 10 and 11, Education Ministry Committed to Ensuring that all Students Attain Qualifications, More Schools For JA - St Ann Ranks High On Ministry's Three-Year Expansion Programme, Deaf Students to Benefit from Literacy Project, Students Must See Investment As Push To Achieve Greatness – Education Minister, Placement of All Students in Full High Schools Next Year, Jamaica Urged to Adopt Singapore Math Model, Grade-Nine Students Create History at Mico Practising, MOE Gives Helping Hand To Mount Salem's Youth, Government Unwavering in Commitment to Education – Reid, Education Ministry Sets Up ICT Steering Committee, September 8 is International Literacy Day, Ministry Allocates $698 Million for School Upgrading Projects, Educators Optimistic About National Standards Curriculum, Schools Report Smooth Transition from Shift System, School Administrators, Parents and Students to Be Prepared For PEP, Education Minister Opens New Sanitation Facility at Mona Heights Primary, School Grooming Policy Expected This Month - Reid, Back-to-School Message by Senator the Hon. It won’t help to fix the problem,” Hagerty explains. One way to avoid any kind of conflict is to not gossip, whether you're gossiping about your teachers, your classmates, your friends in the neighborhood, or even your cousins. All rights reserved. It is always best to avoid conflicts because once they have started; they are very hard to control. Help your students understand the value differences between cultures. Oops! Maybe the sick kid is there because the parent had no choice but to work and had no one to take their kid. Many times there are reports of students fighting or verbally abusing others. It all challenges the parental imperative to keep a kid safe and touches off deep and primordial instincts. 10 Strategies For Avoiding Conflict 1. It might cost you a few extra minutes to change directions, but it could also help you avoid a fight. How to Proceed. Teachers, parents, students, and administrators - we are all on the same team. Please contact. If a conflict arises which you have not initiated, make sure you inform your teacher or Dean of Discipline or someone in authority immediately. Never play with words and the content of your communication has to be specific to avoid conflicts. Have you ever gotten into a fight because you were upset about something else? “Literally step back. Avoid conversations that deal with sensitive issues such as your religion/denomination, people’s appearance, economic situation, political beliefs, etc. Also, I am not a trained counselor, so please consult your school administration and school policies. “Make it a lesson for your own kid, of dealing with the problem and not jumping on the problem and acting irrationally.”. 1. Whatever the reason, you can overcome cultural clashes if you remain calm and address the situation in a sensitive and careful manner. How to Avoid School Conflict With Other Parents When parents come into conflict at school, the best idea is to take a step back and put the administration in the middle. Unfortunately, some of these situations have led to the death of some of your fellow school mates. I Got a Vasectomy in the Middle of a Pandemic and a Wildfire. Don't gossip. It’s something that makes us different from lower animals because we take a pause before we act,” she says.

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