For further information on our policy on reformed UK qualifications, see, ACT score of 28 in English and Maths (including Writing test). Again, a minimum of 50% of your placements will take place Wales. Additionally, in your fourth or fifth year you will return to Aberystwyth University for specialist clinical rotation training for limited time. Alternatively, the following combinations can be accepted: The RVC's institution code for College Board to be used when sending your results is 7970. All applicants to this course must attend an interview if invited and cannot receive an offer without attending an interview. Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Applied Science / Applied Science (Biomedical Science): D*D*D* overall with Distinctions in: For Applied Science: at least three units from Group A must be taken with Distinctions achieved. Alimentary, Endocrine & Urogenital Systems (Year 2) Competency should be also demonstrated in Physics. Pass the Matura with an average of 4.5 and at least 4.9 in Biology and Chemistry. Applicants should demonstrate successful completion of grade 10 having achieved at least 3 in Maths and Physics. Please see our English Language Requirements page for a list of qualifications which Aberystwyth University and the RVC accept as alternatives to IELTS. Competency should also be demonstrated in Maths (if not included in the maturita) and Physics. Year 5 All applicants must have an acceptable English Language qualification, many of which are listed under 'Academic qualifications' above. As veterinary degrees are often highly competitive, applicants are also expected to show evidence of their longstandi… We welcome mature applicants at the RVC and have many on our programme. Pass the WACE with the following: Year 12 Biology and Chemistry at grade A. I'm a mature applicant. (OIB Anglais: if 14 is achieved in English, no further English language qualification is required.). Lymphoreticular and haemopoietic 10 full days) of work experience (paid or voluntary) in one or more veterinary practices. 7 in L1 English is an accepted English language requirement. A 90% average is required across grade 12 courses, with 90% in Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry. Where an English grade is not specified, applicants will need to meet one of our, Achieve the Świadectwo Dojrzałości (Matura) with 80% average in the, In addition, grade 4/B is required in the SPM in Maths and 5/A in, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our Housing Advice pages provide further information on College and private housing. For all enquiries relating to the course content and teaching please contact Aberystwyth University applications should be made to the RVC and will be dealt with by RVC Admissions. Find out what studying veterinary science is like, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), Apply To Now Teach Network For Teacher Training. Obtain Singapore GCE A Level grades AAA at H2 level in Biology, Chemistry and a third subject. Alternatively, IGCSE/O Levels in Maths and Physics at grade B are accepted. UK Council for International Affairs Brexit pages. Neurology, Ophthalmology & Special Senses Obtain Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) unit 2 grades of I, I, I (one, one, one) in Biology, Chemistry and a third subject, in addition to Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) grade II (two) in English A, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. If you are not sure you have equivalent qualifications, please contact us at A minimum of 50% of your AHEMS will take place in Wales. The programme(s) below are designed to give you that equivalent level of study so you can apply for our programmes: UCL University Preparatory Certificate for Science & Engineering (UPCSE) for International Students. 90% average is required across grade 12 courses, with 90% in Biology and Chemistry. Download our Admissions Policy and Procedures, 0800 368 9520, Offers of ABB (with an A in Biology or Chemistry) will be made to those meeting certain. Neurology and special senses All qualifications below are considered on top of existing Level 2 requirements (e.g. 7.5 required in Maths and 8 required in Year 5 Physics (or 7.5 in elective Physics). Distinctions (D3 or higher) in three Principal Subjects: There is no third subject which is preferred by selectors or gives any special advantage in the selection process. Applications are welcome from those who meet our science requirements and are taking a combination of A Levels and the Cambridge Pre-U. 13 required in Biology and Chemistry, both as Kurse mit erhöhtem Anforderungsniveau/Leistungskurse. Grade 3 required in Maths and Physics. The qualification gained is equivalent to the North American Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)*. These include mixed clinical practice, equine practices, farm/ livestock practices, veterinary research, veterinary public health and policy, pharmaceutical industry, food security and conservation medicine.

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