But this app also allows video to be recorded from external devices, such as a high-end video recorder or network IP camera (surveillance camera). If you want to make instructional or informational videos, this tool is ideal. Our cloud-based software makes it easy to share your work via links that include password protection options, expiration dates, and detailed analytics. Cyber Week Discounts on Pro and Team up to 60% off, Try out Pro or Team during our Cyber Week Offer. It's perfect for those using the Chrome web browser and looking for a basic video recording software — especially if they're on a tight budget. Then keep reading. Let's start with our absolute favorite video recording software, CloudApp. You can then save your videos or upload them to various platforms, including YouTube and Google Drive. It can also assist you in your daily workflow and turn you into a productivity machine at work! The Best High-Quality Screen Recorder Software, Capture online calls in addition to videos, Capture multiple video and audio streams simultaneously or separately, Enables users to create high-quality screencasts, Makes it easy to share on multiple platforms including YouTube and Google Drive, A wide variety of codec and encoding options, Switch control that allows you to switch from the control panel to your PC desktop, Editing options available after you've completed recording, Immediate editing capabilities after recording, Supports many video and audio file formats, Easily switch between your desktop and the control panel, Can only record up to 10 minutes using the free version, Ability to trim files using the preview option, File compression capabilities without compromising quality, Captures high-quality video with consistent quality after compression, A wide variety of recording options including filters and audio mixing, Enables live streaming in addition to recording, Allows for recording along with streaming, Ideal for recording gaming sessions in high quality, Comes with many features to optimize recording and editing, A built-in editor that comes with several features, Ability to record audio with a mic or through text-to-speech, Comes with an editor with multiple features, Audio recording makes it great for adding narration and commentary, No ability to save and only exports to YouTube, Can add webcam footage and voice-over to recordings, Reports that the program spreads malware and viruses when downloaded, Adjustability when recording, including the recording space and timing, Supports various capture cards and webcams, Offline application and web-based options, Can use both online and offline with the paid version, Free version is very limited compared to the paid version. The video recording software we'll be talking about in this blog post is NOT the kind you would use to record and edit a Hollywood blockbuster, or even a silly home movie. Please check your e-mail address and try again. To learn more about the app, follow the link below. Distribute it, of course! We do not charge for calls, but carrier charges may apply. Sure, but after a quick look at the facts, we have no doubt that you'll agree with us in thinking that CloudApp is quite an amazing tool! Copyright © 2020, Movavi Software Limited. If that will be your main goal when using this kind of tool, then you may find this app is exactly what you're looking for. In this post we'll explain what kind of video recording software we're talking about and the eight best options you should consider adding to your technology stack in 2020. This is a valuable, time-saving feature that will keep you from constantly digging through multiple menus to find what you need. Use the app for free. We use cookies to improve the services we offer you. Finally, we should mention the captioning feature. To read a detailed review of the program, follow the link below. Does ScreenFlow sound intriguing? Top-quality "full HD" videos will have a resolution of 1080p, which means they have 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically, while 4K and other Ultra HD resolutions have a vertical resolution of 1440p. Community use cases, case studies and eBooks on best practices, and tools and workflows to help you work at the speed of sight. GoPlay is a screen recording app that allows users to easily create high-definition videos, edit them in a jiffy, and then export the final product to social media with the click of a button. Finished recordings can be edited with annotations and mouse highlights (so viewers always know what you're clicking on), and then cropped and trimmed to perfection. We want to help you do your best work. No problem, simply select the area you wish to record in ShareX and only capture that space in your video. Visual communication is on the rise and is, in our humble opinion, a worthy investment for just about every business. But for a completely free tool, the functionality is impressive and ideal for those on a tight budget, or those who only need basic video recording features. It should be noted, however, that use of this tool for non-personal related reasons will cost your company $39.95. You can easily capture and edit videos using LiteCam HD, and you can extract audio and edit it separately. If you're a gamer in need of a great HD video recorder that can capture top-quality video, with the ability to export compressed files without any loss of quality, LiteCam HD is a good tool. Prices start at $4.90 a month. This app has many of the standard screen recording features we've talked about in this article already, such as GIF creation and image annotation abilities. For example, DVC can be used to capture video … It started as a simple open-source product but grew into one of the most widely used. Although the free version is limited, you can still use it to record high-quality videos up to 15 minutes long and access basic editing and publishing features. All you need to do is download the application and adjust the recording area. Also, high-quality digital videos contain more pixels than low-resolution videos, which makes for a crisp image. You can use it to capture both video and voice recordings through your microphone, or you can add narration via the text-to-speech option. CloudApp packs in a lot of features, but fortunately, all this functionality won't cost your business an arm and a leg. Third, add effects and give your video a professional, polished feel. Just capture, share, and accelerate your workflow. We just gave you a Mac-only application, how about a Windows video recording software next? When it comes to cheap video capture software, Screencastify is a solid option at only $49 a year. You can use it for gaming, videos, or even external devices, and it … For those looking for basic screen recording functionality and a few higher-end video editing options, Camtasia is a good bet and can be had for $249. We suggest you give Movavi Screen Recorder a try for an optimal screen recording experience.

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