Conventional rollators have rock-hard solid tires that offer nothing in the way of comfort when you are walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground. Foldable frame and detachable wheels with quick-release axles. The new Trionic Walker rollator is equipped with a synchronized steering feature that eliminates the problems with shimmying and skewed swivel wheels. Goes where other walkers … As a result the rollator often comes to an abrupt stop, and there is a considerable risk of the user tripping or even falling over. On uneven ground it constantly pivots and suspends the ride. The suspension, airfilled tires and the 3-wheel-design offer unbeatable comfort and consistent ground contact. You can exercise a little longer each time, and instead of wearing yourself down, like with more intensive workouts, you will enjoy faster progress when working towards your personal goal. The wide “cheek” of … Go grocery shopping, visit friends and family or simply enjoy the city on foot. The Veloped offers you greater access to the outdoors, and it enables you to perform physical activities that you wouldn't manage with a conventional rollator. Walker 14er with 14"/36 cm big wheels and pneumatic tires. Trionic Veloped and Walker rollators promote activity and quality of life. A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel, especially outdoors. And looking cool when out walking doesn’t hurt. Trionic offers the best outdoor walkers, rollators, and walking aids. The Veloped also has a postive influence on your health. The seat cover, basket, seat bag and backpack are made from sturdy and water-repellent 600Dpolyester, with reflective lining for safety when walking in traffic at night. The roomy basket loads your groceries from the supermarket, and bringing them home is a joy with all the benefits of the climbing wheel and air-pressured tires. As Trionic designers we don't settle for anything less than excellence in everything we create. At Trionic, you'll find premium rollators and wheeled walkers with pneumatic tires, rollators with hub brakes, and patented solutions like the Trionic Climbing Wheel and the Trionic Syncro Steering. Click here and enter your address and we will send you a free brochure. The tires are about 50% softer than the competition, and this of course raises your level of comfort when you for example hit obstacles or walk along cobblestone streets. An additional central pulley guarantees that you will enjoy the same type of steering that your car offers, called the “Ackermann Steering Geometry”. Leave your phone number and we will give you a call. We call it the “terminator” as it leaves all other rollators trailing behind it. Now you can fully enjoy fitness walking – feeling safe and free to go wherever you want. The 12er is your perfect companion for going grocery shopping, for taking daily strolls and for enjoying the outdoors. Trionic Sverige AB The Walker 9er is the most compact model and it’s light and compact for easy storage and transport. Somewhat bigger wheels and/or somewhat softer tires simply aren’t enough to turn a rollator into an off-road vehicle, and conventional 4-wheeled rollators are simply not off-road worthy. It offers a multitude of options to carry all your gear when you are heading out to explore the world. The pivoting link arm also provides suspension. Your MP3-player fits into the small top zippered pocket, and there is a sleeve for your head phones. The city environment is no dance floor, instead it's crammed with kerbs, cobblestones, potholes and obstacles. An ultra lightweight 3‑leg walker featuring a built in rest seat. It has three separate inner compartments, with plenty of room for your camera, maps, your valuables and a water bottle or thermos. Walker 12er with 12"/31 cm big wheels and pneumatic tires. Many rollators users are forced to plague themselves just to get to the supermarket, and the use of a rollator frequently causes severe pain in the hands, elbows and shoulders. Sweden. Thanks to its hub brakes, the 9er is equipped with solid PU-tires of a much softer compound than other premium rollators. 753 23 Uppsala Thanks to its climbing wheel and air-pressured tires you can walk through the city both faster and with greater comfort. If you like walking with your walker on rough terrain, a walker with pneumatic tires is the best choice. If one swivel wheel suddenly loses contact with the ground, the other wheel will still keep it positioned in your desired walking direction. It greatly reduces the impact and stress on your body that can be caused by fitness walking. Spending time in nature loads your batteries, and it gives you positive and green energy to manage your everyday life in an easier way. Only a 3-wheeler design, with 3 points of support, offers permanent ground contact and true off-road driving characteristics on rough ground. Our rollators are specifically designed for the outdoors and they promote both your mobility and your health! Walker Brake Level and All-Terrain Brakes, Trionic Walker - Multitude of Adjustability, Dimensions & Weights / Veloped Model Comparison, The All-Terrain Capable Alternative to the Rollator. The Veloped offers you major benefits also in urban areas, and it's not a walker only intended for off-road use. The Veloped Trek is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). Foldable frame and detachable wheels with quick-releases. The Pneumatic Deck Tires replace the standard semi-pneumatic tires and allow for adjustment of air pressure. Learn more about the only truly offroad capable premium rollator, Explore the different options available for optimizing the Veloped to your needs, Learn all about the unique features of this modern alternative rollator, The biggest differece between the different rollator models are in the textiles. Conventional rollators have rock-hard solid tires that offer nothing in the way of comfort when you are walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground. It also has a CE mark. Thanks to the pneumatic tires, the Syncro Steering and the bigger wheels, the Walker offers you a very smooth and comfortable ride. 753 23 Uppsala [veloped: lateinisch velo- = fast; see velocity + lateinisch ped- = foot; see -ped.]. A top elastic cord holds any extras. The Velopeds are all equipped with air-pressured tires. Thanks to its bigger wheels the Veloped manages gravel, curbs, cobblestones, rocks, roots and wooden trails with both greater ease and higher comfort, in comparison with conventional rollators. Overcoming obstacles like curbs, roots and rocks is a very common problem among rollator users. The Tronic Walker 14er is the world’s first rollator with 14” big wheels.

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