With hundreds of melee weapons to choose from, Warframe can feel a little overwhelming at times. Melee weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in the entire game, taking out the toughest of targets in a couple of hits. Since the weapon has a major bias towards Slash, using Weeping Wounds is a must. Warframe gives players the chance to master guns and melee weapons, and both are highly effective. It can hit 100 percent status chance with the four Dual Stat mods, and then standard damage build combined with Fury or Primed Fury for attack speed. Sign in. Is that annoying? This Infested sparring weapon was sadly overlooked by many due to it releasing before Melee 3.0. Playing Inaros goes like this: drop into a mission, dump most of your health into Scarab Armor, use Desiccation to stun enemies, hit them with finishers to regain your health, and become an unkillable Egyptian God Card. en. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology. The huge variety of potential builds means you can build a Zaw for every occasion, and get some amazing damage numbers from them. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Khora is a fast-moving, hard-hitting Warframe with a great companion in the form of her Kavat Venari. When this weapon is built around heavy attacks, nothing within the player's close proximity will survive. The summoned pods are indestructible and last indefinitely, making Wisp especially useful in defense-style missions. From gunblades to heavy blades, here are the 15 best melee weapons players can currently use in Warframe. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! A base range that can rival most heavy blades is complimented with high base damage that is biased in Slash. en. It does innate Heat damage and combines perfectly with Bezerker and Blood Rush. The Gram Prime is a Heavy Blade with high Slash damage, the best critical chance and status chance in the Heavy Blade class, and can take advantage of both the Cleaving Whirlwind and Tempo Royale stance mods. Nikana Prime is the king of the Nikana weapons. Many of the combos result in automatically status procs, so modding for three different damage types and Condition Overload can amp up your damage. As with most top-tier melee weapons, the Kuva Shildeg has incredible status and critical stats that a player would expect. Claws aren't known for their range, hence why so few players decide to use one. The Shimmering Blight stance will allow for rapid and fast attacks, allowing you to rapidly build your combo, and force plenty of critical hits on large groups of enemies. You will need to be Mastery Rank 12 to use it, but taking this for a spin will make you understand the insane power it can unleash. Heavy blades saw an overall reduction in their damage with the Melee 3.0 update, gaining extra base damage but losing the absurd combo and Blood Rush scaling from before. Primed Reach is mandatory to make the Venka Prime a room-clearing machine. Redeemer Prime is Warframe’s ultimate Gunblade. Once installed, players can enjoy a weapon that builds melee combo multiplier up to a cap of 13x instead of 12x, although players should know that Mods which rely on combo such as Blood Rush cap out at 12x no matter what. Lich weapons come with an elemental damage bonus that is based on the first Warframe that vanquished them, so it is possible to get upwards of 300 base damage with a third of it in an element of the player's choice. Build this weapon for critical hits and range to become a whirlwind of death in combat. The Nikana Prime was always good. Frequently forgotten about when discussing dual swords, the Prisma Dual Cleavers are a great option for slicing targets apart. Find the best Warframe Melee Weapon at Overframe with our Melee Weapon tier list! Finally, Primal Fury is a powerful Exalted Weapon with great range. Gunblades are one of the strongest melee archetypes in Warframe due to their inherent benefits of firing projectiles while benefiting from a melee combo multiplier. Related: Best Primary Weapons in Warframe. Charles Burgar is an expert on all things tech and gaming. Its plasma rounds will disintegrate all but the toughest of foes. Let me know in the comments. Silva and Aegis Prime is another weapon that had been lost to the depths of time in Warframe, but Melee 3.0 brought it back with a vengeance. While most stick with the Redeemer Prime, there is one solid alternative. This power lets her wield her dual Regulator pistols in her best Bayonetta impression, wiping out everyone in sight. Huge Slash damage, critical chance, and critical multiplier values combine to make this a monster. You can lean into status or critical hits, or a hybrid build of both. Warframe Melee Weapon Tier List Beta. That is not a typo; the Redeemer Prime does more damage than a Tigris Prime! Players can even kill bosses using solely a Stance Mod. Equip mods that increase ability cast speed for maximum fun. Now that melee is stronger than ever before, the Hirudo is a solid critical melee weapon for aggressive players. Better yet,  heavy attack Mods allow the Reaper Prime to deal massive damage and powerful Slash procs. Players can view and vote to rank the best Melee Weapon! They also have the highest status chance of any claw weapons. Atlantis Vulcan works wonderfully alongside the Ninkondi Prime's high critical and status chances. Put a few Forma into this thing and prepare to rip and tear. Who even needs a gun when gunblades exist? Updated October 5th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Warframe is an ever-evolving game that continues to change its meta with every patch. When built for status, these tonfas can bleed any enemy to death with its flurry of blows. Her Spores ability is one of the best mass damage-dealing powers in the game, and her ult Miasma makes it even more deadly. The Reaper Prime lives up to its name ever since heavy attacks received their overhaul. Saryn is so deadly, in fact, that playing with one on your team often means your foes will drop dead before you get a chance to shoot them. Warframe Beginner’s Guide — Which Starter Warframe Should You Pick. Yet it tops nearly everything else because of its wide-swinging arcs and incredible stances. The Reaper Prime does everything a player would expect from a top-tier melee weapon. Warframe: Heart of Deimos Takes Stumbling Steps in the Right Directions, Warframe Heart of Deimos Update Is an Infested Open World With Mechs, Xaku Warframe Guide: Unlock, Farm, Release Date & Abilities, 5 Lessons Destiny 2 Could Learn From Warframe, Warframe Pumps Fluid Into the Infested With the Heart of Deimos Update, Numbers Go Up 6: All About That Haunted Energy, Warframe Tips for New Players — 22 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You, Fanwidth (A Fanbyte Podcast) Episode 067: Gary Larson’s Skyrim. While cases can be made that other melee weapons are better, many forget just how strong Nunchaku stances are. They now have an even better range and the best stances in the entire game. Casting her Shatter Shield ability beforehand reduces her vulnerability, and maximizing ability duration helps make sure that when the smoke clears, nobody else is left standing. Stacking mods like Organ Shatter, True Steel, and Primed Pressure Point will give a solid base of critical damage, with Blood Rush and Body Count complimenting it perfectly. When the game mentions that the Tenno are masters of both guns and blade, there is no exaggeration. Glitch is temporarily kicking players out of their own Clubs in Apex Legends, All musical genres you can play as a famous musician in BitLife. Warframe Tier List Beta. merritt k is Features & Trending Editor at Fanbyte.com. RELATED: 5 Ways Warframe is Better Than Destiny 2 (& 5 Why Destiny 2 is Better). This weapon works extremely well with a Condition Overload build propped up by three Dual Status mods to bring the status chance to 100 percent, and a Sacrificial Steel mod to bring the critical chance up to nearly 50 percent. Players should also note the weapon's Justice Blades Mod while leveling it, as this augment Mod provides free AoE damage when the player accrues enough Affinity from kills and objective completions. The best melee weapons to rapidly chop up enemies. Mod for Critical chance, base damage, attack speed, and range to see what this monster can do. Notably, Ivara is … Some consider the Ninkondi Prime to be a lackluster melee weapon due to its pitiful range and diluted damage stats. Here are my picks for the top ten Warframes in the game right now. These dual swords pack a serious punch. That said, the weapon's amazing 3x critical damage multiplier and life steal effect make it a solid choice for aggressive players pushing endless missions. Roar is one of the most useful team buffs in the game, massively increasing ally damage. This weapon does so much Slash damage on a heavy attack that players can forgo armor stripping entirely to kill enemies. Warframe Ember and Frost Prime Vault Dual Pack — Is It Worth It? We take a look at the best melee weapons!

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