That is not to say that they do not have their fair share of adept warriors. Many Shadow Lords felt the Concord that ended the Impergium didn't address many things that were the catalyst for the Impergium to begin with, planting the first seeds of discontent within the tribe. Black Furies: Their pride is their undoing, and they definitely feel the need to prove themselves. Also, the influence of vampires rose during this age and the Shadow Lords found themselves besieged in their homelands by hordes of Wyrmspawn. It worked and a small part of Bat's psyche has been freed from the Wyrm's influence, showing that the Shadow Lords are willing and capable of addressing their past mistakes. These Shadow Lords taught their brethren many of the tactics used by the Romans when the gross of their tribe arrived with the Slavs during the Great Migration and spread over Europe. A jackal spirit … The same held true for the Mongols, which produced some of the early Hakken. After doing so, dominating the Garou Nation and eventually the human race cannot be far behind. (Shadow Lord Rank 3)The Shadow Lords, never a tribe to play fair, designed this Gift to discredit their rivals. Background Restrictions: Shadow Lords cannot attain the Allies or Mentor Background. Many Shadow Lords see little difference between respect and fear. Nonetheless, the Shadow Lords decided to act independently of the rest of the Garou Nation when the Impergium came to an end. The Beta Wolves to the Fangs' Alphas, the Shadow Lords are the Garou tribe that are masters of stealth, backstabbing, political intrigue, and assassinations. Dominance and submission, mastery and servitude – such concepts form the basis of Shadow Lord society. Get of Fenris: As the saying goes, “Speak of war and they’ll scream for more.” A few well-chosen words, and they’ll fight — and usually kill — anything that gets in your way. To the Shadow Lords, Gifts are spiritual birthrights, not an end in themselves. We try not to think about them, over there in the old world. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. The Hakken are a Tribe of Hengeyokai that closely resemble Japanese Shadow Lords. A Shadow Lord can make an amazing ascent to power, but he is also capable of a maddening fall from grace soon thereafter if he is not careful. Tribebook: Shadow Lords (Revised) - The Gathering Storm For countless centuries, they have endured the rule of weaker Garou. Many alphas prefer to keep the Lords where they can see them, and some root out insurrection merely noticing which “allies” a Shadow Lord speaks to the most. Bone Gnawers: Desperate for help. System: The player spends one Gnosis point. Their greatest goal is to usurp power from the Fangs. The leaders of the Shadow Lords are known as Alphas, referring to the "alpha" wolf that rules over wolf packs in the wild. Focusing on Byzantium (one of its emperors, Justinian, is claimed by the tribe to be kin) and the Balkans, the Shadow Lords consolidated their hold over humanity by dividing them and keeping them confined within their rural villages. JavaScript is currently disabled. As Konietzko has himself proven as more capable than any leader the Fangs have produced in the last hundred years (although Jonas Albrecht might challenge that claim), power within the Garou Nation seems to vex to the Shadow Lords, allowing them to become the Alpha of the Garou. Unlike their western cousins, the Hakken have managed to balance the manipulations of the Shadow Lords with the honor of bushidō. If the tribe ever stops gaining power, it is often because of a struggle for dominance within its own ranks. Lets see.. the Shadow Lords like to think they’re the real power in our world. Alphas, however, are also not opposed to ruthlessly dispensing with a follower who asks one too many … Children of Crow – taking Crow as their totem , these Garou act as advisors and “fixers” to leaders within the Garou Nation, supporting the strong and the wise while plotting the downfall of the unworthy. While the Fangs managed to free the Sept of the Night Sky from Tzimisce hands, the event sparked even greater Leech influence, as many elders turned their eyes to vengeance against the werewolves and began to work against them. Lots and lots of assassinations. This gives them their grim reputation among the Nation. In the eyes of many Shadow Lords, it proved that the Fangs had lost the right to rule and many began to think about taking the mantle of Alpha of the Nation for themselves. Yet this same lust for tyrannical conquest is also their greatest weakness. The Shadow Lords also claim that the so-called Pure Lands were overrun with corruption, most visible in the Aztec Empire that was ruled in secret by a horrible abomination. The Shadow Lords are a fictional tribe of Garou (werewolves) in White Wolf Game Studio's Werewolf: The Apocalypse role-playing game. Many Shadow Lords were impressed by the early advances of Islam and inserted themselves into its ranks, despite the loss of Kinfolk suffered at the hands of the Saracens.

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