Similarly, Age, life cycle stages, gender, income etc can be used for demographic type of market segmentation. For a more detailed analysis, marketers could also look into other geographic segmentation traits such as: When used proactively, geographic segments can be studied to answer the following questions: Geographic segmentation is especially useful for a business with a global presence. This form of segmentation is widely used due to specific products catering to obvious individual needs relating to at least one demographic element. Hence, zurich insurance uses Demographic segmentation to target the right people. Consumers accessing an online phone store via the Safari internet browser might be more interested in Apple products – and can be shown these as a result. This is a targeted segment and Differentiated segmentation will come of use. Instead, you can use direct messaging that speaks to the needs, wants, and unique characteristics of your target audience. What kind of segmentation is prevalent in the healthcare industry?Mass demographic?If so, how would a healthcare startup target individuals to increase revenue?Will having different products for different age groups be a better idea than having a common product for all? Geographic segmentation separates a market into different geographical boundaries which can impact the marketing mix of product, price, promotion and channel to market. Similarly, frequent or regular purchasing should not be understood as brand loyalty. Into which category do you fall? Very insightful. Notice that the characteristics fall into one of four segmentation categories: behavioral, demographic, geographic, or psychographic. It might also be as simple as recognizing the device users access the site from and presenting deals differently. Cost saving part comes when you dont want to waste revenue targeting a particular segment. They are not data-focused and require research to uncover and understand. Learn more about your audience by seeing what other websites they use. Subscribe to our resources. Alcohol industry uses demographic segmentation. The Starwood hotel chain’s W hotels, which feature contemporary designs and hip bars, are aimed at Generation Xers (Miller, 2009). This type of market segmentation requires extensive research to understand individual behaviour and develop an appropriate target market. hi what about pldt, what type of market segmentation they used?thankyou in advance :). Thus in this case, the segmentation is being done on the basis of earnings which is a part of demography. In a saturated market, it’s important to highlight your compatibility with consumers and let them know right off the bad that you understand their needs. If you need help with creating a persona, use this free downloadable buyer persona template to walk you through the process. But still, there are nowadays sugar free sugar targeted towards diabetic patients. Over half of Honda’s scooter sales are too young professionals and older buyers – the over-50 group purchases 15 percent. Thus, by only targeting children they are wasting money. If the consumption is higher, sale will be higher too. So, what would be the best market penetration strategy for new telecommunication company? Thus, many companies use geographic segmentation as a basis for market segmentation. ADVERTISEMENTS: The four bases for segmenting consumer market are as follows: A. Demographic Segmentation B. Transactional segmentation is based on previous interactions your customer has had with your brand. ️ Behavioral segmentation5. You can also create more niche segments within the types below. In market segmentation, the aim is not merely to divide the market into sub-classes based on product differentiation but to distinguish want categories that correspond to the distinct demands of various groups in the market. Being more specific about your value propositions and messaging also allows you to stand out from competitors. Occasion segmentation helps boost product usage. So a geographic segmentation will help you decide your distribution strategy as well. Psychographic segmentation is quite similar to behavioral segmentation. Start by using the Audience Overlap tool to create a list of sites that your audience visits.

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