It's gluten-free, but you can use any flour you like. In this article, we're talking about oregano. This is why they ask, what does oregano taste like? One unique and somewhat unusual use of oregano is common specifically to the Philippines; when boiling water buffalo, the addition of oregano serves to lend flavor while at the same time helping to eliminate the strong odor of the meat. Marjoram can have qualities like oregano, but true oregano is not mild and refined like marjoram. Oregano is a vigorous herb, earthy, grassy and a touch minty. Basil is going to be one of the top substitutes for oregano, especially if we're talking about dried herbs. A savory tart with garden-fresh veggies like this one says summer. Oregano is also used extensively in Mexican chili powders and in the flavoring of chili beans. This is one herb that should be on the spice rack in every kitchen. Some of the most common and well-known include: Most recently, biologists at the United Arab Emirates University conducted studies in which the findings supported oregano as a viable chemo-preventive candidate for breast cancer patients. This is why it can be easily paired up with olive oil, fish, and meats. Oregano is known in Greek as the “delight of the mountains”. The plant has tiny leaves that lend a pungent aroma and strong flavor to a variety of savory foods. In this particular part of Italy, spicy foods are very popular and oregano complements the spiciness and heat that is characteristic of this region’s dishes. Any kind of oregano will add pep to savory vegan tarts, tomato sauces, hummus and roasted vegetables. You can sprinkle it on a slice so you can appreciate the full flavor of the herb and so that you can experience first hand, the level of warmth that it can provide on your tongue. In other countries, oregano has been an important culinary and medicinal herb for centuries. Further Reading: What Does Panang Curry Taste Like? Oregano is a vigorous herb, earthy, grassy and a touch minty. Yes, you can absolutely eat fresh oregano. Even so, it usually doesn't impart any texture you can detect when you cook with it. You may even side with the foodies who'll take the fresh kind over the dried any day. We'll answer your questions about the taste, texture, substitutions and recipe tips for delicious meals. They're easier to chop than they are to tear, though they won't give you a hard time. A sprig of fresh oregano has soft leaves that are a little denser than basil leaves. Whether you’re trying your hand at a particular ethnic cuisine or simply trying your hand at new ways of seasoning your favorite dishes, oregano has plenty to offer. It has a little bitter and sweet flavors, and at the same time, it also gives you a peppery zing that makes a lot of salads and savory dishes taste so much better. If you want to share your first experience with Oregano, or if you want to share your ideas on how to use this herb, give us your thoughts at the comments section below. Unlike its cousin marjoram, oregano is a very bold herb with a potent flavor. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. This aromatic herb can vary in intensity, with good-quality oregano sometimes possessing a taste and warmth that is so strong it almost numbs the tongue. If you make it for family and friends, it's a meal they're going to request again and again. This is because oregano can easily overpower the freshness of ingredients like vegetables or fruits, and because it can add a lot of woody, bitter taste that can easily overpower or completely alter your dish. Any Italian red sauce recipe can be enriched with oregano, but tomato-based sauces of all sorts, including those of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines, are good places to start. Who knows? In fact, studies have shown that oregano essential oil has the ability to kill MRSA, a particularly aggressive and drug-resistant form of staph infection. But fresh basil is robust and similar enough to replace fresh oregano, too, especially in Italian cooking. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Oregano paired with garlic is actually quite pleasant to taste, and its strong flavor makes it a great ingredient to add in dishes like Mexican chilies and rich stews. In Turkish cuisine, oregano is used primarily for flavoring meat—particularly mutton and lamb dishes. Quite often, dried oregano is listed in recipes for tomato sauces, but fresh oregano can be used instead if you love the bolder, brasher flavor. At least, fresh oregano leaves have these qualities in abundance, which some people love and others shy away from in favor of the dried herb. The taste of oregano is quite unique simply because it has the effect of making your food taste more hearty, and warm. While more extensive studies are needed in order to determine just how effective of a treatment oregano might be, the potential is certainly there for a healthy, natural treatment option that might allow certain cancer patients to enjoy a better quality of life by avoiding toxic chemotherapy and its lingering effects on overall health. It basically has a sweet, bitter taste that has quite a straight forward peppery bite. A savory tart with garden-fresh veggies like this one says summer. They're easier to chop than they are to tear, though they won't give you a hard time. Related Article: Why Does My Arugula Taste so Bad? Thyme is also recommended and may even be a better substitute than basil. Used correctly, oregano will not overpower your cuisine, but rather complement and enhance the flavors within any dish. In the traditional cuisines of the Philippines, the Mediterranean Basin, and Latin American, this herb is used widely. You may have topped a slice of vegan pizza with dried oregano from a shaker.

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