Some of your friends will be your best friends’ people that you each send the most number of snaps to, some will be best friends with you, but you are not with them, and so on. If the snap or message that you sent is pending, there can be other reasons for it. In short: You both share a mutual best friend. If so, we've got you covered in this simple guide for iOS and Android. Plus, you can use these to quickly get the chat going on and increase your points on Snapchat. October 29, 2020 by Meher Angaiz. What does it mean and how long does it last? Well, we will be looking at what s/u means, why it’s used, and how to use it well. This is a guide to the sunglasses emoji, which can appear beside a friend’s name on Snapchat. In other words, the two of you have sent at least one snap to each other for three days straight. On Snapchat, the fire emoji will appear if you and one of your friends are on a “Snapstreak”. For example, if you just won a game against your friend on Snapchat you could send them G.O.A.T! What does ‘ion’ stand for? Ion’s use extends beyond the confines of Snapchat, and can even be found in text messages and DMs. What does the sunglasses emoji mean on Snapchat? Have you had two pink hearts appear next to a contact and been left wondering: "What do pink hearts on Snapchat mean?" Home; About; Contact ; What does the hourglass emoji on Snapchat mean? If it says Pending on Snapchat, it does not always mean that the user has blocked you. Pretty cool stuff for pretty cool people. If the sunglasses emoji appears beside a person’s name, then it means that someone in your Best Friends list is also in their Best Friends list. ⌛ This is a guide to the hourglass emoji on Snapchat (⌛). Menu Skip to content. What Does Hourglass Mean On Snapchat ? It can be used as a brag when someone does something exceptional. G.O.A.T can be used on Snapchat to indicate that you (or your friend) is the Greatest of all time! The most common reason why the status is shown as pending is that the user didn’t add you back on Snapchat. WCW stands for ‘Women Crush Wednesdays’ and is a form of appreciation towards women. Simply put, ion stands for ‘In Other News‘.It is an acronym that has come to be used quite universally. What does ‘WCW’ mean on Snapchat? It can also be used in admiration or appreciation of someone. Just like TBT, this is another hashtag that is used to commemorate women you love and appreciate on Wednesdays. Speaking of acronyms, there are many of them — so, getting a hold of the meaning of the popular terms and emojis shall prepare you well for your Snapchat life. Pending on Snapchat does not always mean that the user has blocked you. If you haven’t known the significance of Snapchat emojis, like hourglass emoji they are a good way to learn about your friends. The hourglass (aka the egg timer) emoji will appear beside a friend’s name if your Snapstreak is about to expire. As a result, “3 ” will appear next to their name. A streak begins when you and your friend have snapped each other for three consecutive days. What does G.O.A.T mean on Snapchat?

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