It’s best for your wallet, it’s best for the planet – eat it. Halve the avocado, remove the stone and scoop out the flesh. Meanwhile, lightly fry the eggs and serve the hashes with the egg on top. A compromised can will be cause for concern. Our cabinets are full. Also went thru Basic in late 70’s–79 to be exact–when your hungry that 1959 packaging date didn’t mean anything–crackers were more than a tad stale and the john wayne bars were at best horridly waxy tasting AND I never could gut the green eggs and ham , lol–all the rest of it warmed up on the exhaust manifold of the old jeeps tasted pretty good. Season to taste and finally, if you are using it, stir in the cream. • If a can is bulging or leaking it should be disposed of without consideration. Eat food with potentially leached “junk” or starve, no choice at all, yet still worth a thought. My kids enjoyed them, for something different, and they weren’t bad. That’s why obesity is epidemic here. Some people believe the best way to explode the food expiration myth is to commercialize it. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? The rest she will give to us and we don’t know what to do with them. There is only one thing that will impact the safety of the food consumers eat – contamination. Chop the parsley leaves and add to the soup with the pieces of fish and heat for another minute. Sell. Their’s were mostly rice, but they had a lot of spicy flavor. If you keep raw honey in the house it is the best antibiotic out there and won't expire. If I suddenly stop posting, you will know the reason why. And you are worried about the expiration date on the canned goods in your pantry? I have only had a can or two of tomatoes, one can of evaporated milk, and one jar of mushroom gravy go bad in a 4-6 yr span after the dates. We traded MREs with the Koreans during one exercise. Many items were there many, many years. Stuff was rotated, new in back older in front, even before dates on items. How Will You Treat Your Current Ailment When The Medical System Collapses? Same comment. This date is the manufacturer’s suggestion to the consumer of how long the product will be at peak quality. Some day soon they may be looking to buy back canned food in private pantries. More likely to be in home canned items than commercially canned. I read a recent survey that said that, on average, families waste about £60 a month on food. I am from a BIG family and food was rationed and hunger a normal condition. I’ve eaten many 10 year old canned goods with no illnesses, and I save the bulging cans to give to the riff-raff that comes to kill, steal, and destroy! I really didn’t care for the MREs. You can also dig a trench, dump the food into the ground, and cover it up with dirt. But with good planning and crafty thinking you can make your food go further, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. If you have already bugged out, pillagers are less likely to dismember your domicile seeking food when you have left such a visible bounty. And the drier the better. But if they do, it can be fun picking one out together and then putting it together. I have over 300 miscellaneous food items with expired dates ranging from 2015 upwards that I would like to sell. Some of this included tomatoes. Not all food reacts the same way to its canned incarceration, however. The dates stamped on the olive drab cans were from 1958-1961, older than most of us. food that may go bad is like insurance that you hope not to use. I understand that we get confused by sell-by and best-before dates but have we lost our sense of smell and taste? Damaged and bulging cans will never be accepted. 4 medium baking potatoes A selection of vegetables as mentioned above, chopped into small pieces and cooked A couple or so slices of ham – if you have it – chopped Vegetable or corn oil for frying Flour for dusting 4 eggs. Once cool, halve them and scoop out the flesh into a bowl and keep the skins – they can be saved for the next dish. I’d be more afraid of an unknown mushroom than a past date can. For the cooking, you'll need to have a deep tray such as a roasting pan > larger than the pudding dish.

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