From the ring, enter Yanille, and use the shortcut by the farming patch (requires 16 Agility). Travel to Castle Wars (using, for example, a Ring of dueling) and then … A guide to catching Feldip weasels may be found here. Yanille fast tele to lodestone is fastest without use of items or being maxed. You can also hunt in the areas south of Castle Wars (Fairy Ring teleport code BKP). The actual fastest is setting max tele to the garden and having a portal as the fairy ring. Fairy ring code ciq, which arrives north-west of Yanille. Eagle transport system via Jungle eagle. Yanille (pronounced jæniːl; "Yah-neel"[1] or "Yann-eel"[2]) is a members-only town that lies to the south of Ardougne. Fairy ring code CIQ, which arrives north-west of Yanille. Fairy ring AKS is near the Feldip Hunter area. Teleport using the Home teleport to the Yanille Lodestone to the west of Yanille. To start the chompy hunting minigame, come down far south to the Feldip Hills, south of Yanille (Fairy Ring teleport code AKS). It can be reached with code C-I-Q. Yanille is beset by ogres from the south and west, and players find out during the Watchtower quest that this is the reason it is so heavily defended by guards. It is the town of the wizards and contains the exclusive Wizards' Guild. (you can get 84 buckets of sand per day from him after completing the Hand in … The first Fairy Ring can be found North West of the city. Make your way to the Watchtower just north of Yanille. The dungeon has two entrances: The northern entrances is a small house north of the Yanille city walls. Partial completion of the quest, A Fairy Tale Part II, is required to use the fairy rings. Yanille - follow the path east to the bank Nearby locations [edit | edit source] Port Khazard, Castlewars, Magic Guild. The second Fairy Ring can be found directly East of the city, at the end of the islands. Getting started [edit | edit source] Items needed: Armour, weapon (slashing weapon recommended), food, 2 ropes, and dragon bones. Other advantages [edit | edit source] Teleports you close to the Fairy Ring CIQ as well as close to Bert's house. Two burrows are located east of the dungeon icon near the centre of the area. With a noose wand, Feldip weasels may be caught in the Feldip Hunter area south of Yanille (fairy ring aks). Dungeon entrances. Teleporting with the Castle Wars option on a ring of dueling, then walking south, is a quick way to reach the area. Partial completion of the quest A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen is required to use the fairy rings. Fairy Rings Around the great city of Yanille there are two locations which possess a Fairy Ring.Note that partial completion of Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen is required. The ring of dueling teleport to Castle Wars, which is west of Yanille. There is also a fairy ring located north-west of Yanille (code: ciq). The habitat of the chompy birds is shaded in yellow in the map below and the swamps where you can find the needed toads are indicated in green. Tokkul zo to fight caves is the fastest item teleport disregarding being maxed. Teleport using the Ardougne Cape 1 to the Monastery to the north of Yanille. Travel to Yanille (using, for example, a Yanille teleport tablet or Watchtower Teleport) and then walk south.

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