The real last straw, however, was Playmaker destroying his Sunavalon Dryatrentiay. Ai effortlessly mops the floor with Spectre and the three lieutenants, establishing the threat the former Ignis poses towards humanity. Like all ISFJs, he is incredibly loyal to his friends, and he does whatever he can to protect them and make sure that they’re happy and safe, even when it appears to be beyond his capabilities to do so. Lightning confesses that he himself was responsible for the deed. He can do little but apologize to Revolver before getting his consciousness data taken by Lightning. However, with help from Kogami, who offers the last of his strength to Revolver and regenerates his hand, Revolver is able to enter the Data Storm without issue. Lightning and Windy plan to kill and enslave humanity in season 2, but it was their raid of Cyberse world that was the catalyst. He’s also very interested in TV and social media, consuming as much understanding of the world as possible. Akira Zaizen is not always a nice guy. He is secretly working as a hacker and prefers not to stand out in his environment or socializing with others for this reason. Aside from those, his other Link Monsters include the "Borrel" dragons. When he visits Café Nagi in episode 73, he's less polite to Kolter and amused that still has time to cook even if the world is at stake. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Revolver had roughly a thousand underlings, Kengo on the other hand either operates solo or in very small groups. Lightning and Windy are both working together to rule over humanity from a Cyberse World beyond human reach, and Revolver instigating a Duel against Windy only adds fuel to the fire, regardless of the outcome of the Duel, countering Ai's "Judgment Arrows" during his final showdown with Playmaker, Ryoken took the time to code a program that would protect Yusaku from being attacked, He's the last major enemy faced in the first season of, Yusaku a program that would protect Yusaku from being attacked by Lightning. He’s very quirky, and he shows particular excitement about seeing and experiencing new things, particularly when it comes to human experiences that he hasn’t seen or gotten to participate in before. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! He does play fair, which shows just how good he is and how he’s able to use his skills to face different kinds of opponents in a Duel. Like Playmaker, his skill is Storm Access, allowing him access to Cyberse-type Link Monsters from the Data Storm when his LP is 1000 or less. Like many INFPs, Miyu is kind and always there for her friends, like Skye. Until Episode #42, where a young Revolver's face is fully unveiled and in episode #43, where his face in present-day is completely revealed. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Liz Adler is a writer and editor based in San Diego, CA. But he banished his own monsters with Zeroboros in order to clear the board, giving Soulburner the chance for his comeback with. Subverted in his second Speed Duel against Playmaker in that he forces a DRAW, and appears as if both of them will be sacrificed to the Tower of Hanoi, but are forced out of LINK VRAINS instead because of a Data Storm shockwave. Even their parents, for that matter. His ace monsters, Topologic Bomber Dragon and Borreload Dragon, are this to Firewall Dragon. He was even shown buying hotdogs in Episode 30. Unlike Playmaker, his Cyberse-Types are all "Topologic" cards with powerful destructive effects. She uses a Virus deck which focuses on disrupting opponents plays by activating a Virus card as soon as possible. Spectre was returned to normal at some point after Revolver lost to Playmaker in their second Master Duel, and remains dedicated to the Knights of Hanoi's mission. In a sense. Soulburner convinced them to bear their crimes and protect LINK VRAINS to atone instead. A former researcher for SOL who invented the Ignis, SOL saw the Ignis as an opportunity for big money, and, fearing that they would be seized by authorities, SOL covered up the Lost Incident and put Kogami into a comatose state. getting his father imprisoned because he had reported the Lost Incident. Kengo's mother is heavily implied to be a simple middle-class single parent near retirement. It’s broken up into 16 different potential character types based on different attitudes toward work, relationships, hobbies, and their approach to dealing with change. Attach your videos and images! Yu-Gi-Oh! : 10 Non-Meta Decks That Players Still Love, 10 Hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh! 6 characters assigned. Yusaku Fujiki is a serious-minded person who doesn’t have a positive outlook on life. Both of their parents they've loved very much were rendered comatose as a result of an incident involving AI; Revolver's father after trying to create the Ignis in order to make the world a better place, unlike Kengo's mother who ended up hospitalized due to an AI malfunctioning. He’s good at understanding situations and estimating how something might come to fruition based on his knowledge of what’s happening. The enigmatic scientist that works alongside the Knights of Hanoi, and Revolver's bedridden father. Spectre, While it doesn't get as bad compared to his Duel with Playmaker, Spectre nevertheless loses his composure and curses. VRAINS. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This is the character page detailing characters associated with the Knights of Hanoi, a mysterious hacker group that hacks in LINK VRAINS via Dueling.

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